Because Tennessee Just Isn’t Racist Enough

Hey everyone! If you ever wanted to know what a nature walk led by ex-Ku Klux Klan Grand Wackadoo David Duke would be like (and who hasn’t, I ask you?), now’s your chance! Stormfront and other white supremacist groups will hold an international conference right here in East Tennessee next week, and yes, one of the featured events is a Duke-led “informal nature walk through the Smokies.”

Aw that’s so cute. Don’t get your white sheets dirty, folks!

Yes, if you’re going to hold an international conference of white supremacist groups, what better place than Tennessee? After all, we’re pretty much racism central here:

More than 30 white supremacist organizations currently operate in Tennessee, representing the five contemporary strains of white supremacists, according to the Anti-Defamation League. They include neo-Nazis, racist skinheads, “traditional” movements such as the Ku Klux Klan, racist prison gangs and “Christian identity” groups that espouse the belief that God favors white people.

The Stormfront gathering will probably draw from all but the prison groups, Pitcavage said.

I’m hoping that Gov. Haslam condemns this meeting in no uncertain terms. I mean really, we’re not that hard up for tourism dollars, are we?


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12 responses to “Because Tennessee Just Isn’t Racist Enough

  1. Just wondering……if you go on their “nature walk thru the Smokies” and they find out you’re a Lib…….what are your chances of coming back???
    I’ve got RELATIVES here that scare the bejesus out of me!!!

  2. Dru

    Bit of history here: Tennessee is the original home of the Ku Klux Klan. Nathan Bedford Forrest started the Klan in Pulaski.


    “The Stormfront gathering will probably draw from all but the prison groups, Pitcavage said.”

    He just means the current crop, not the ex- or future cons, right?

  4. I’m Asian, and I have an older sister who has a white BF. His family’s republican, but my sis is slowly but surely turning him.., however, his family ( especially the uncle ) are hard core… the uncle showed my sister his Third Reich coin collection. Sis freaked out . There is also a German and Confederate flags at his home. It’s amazing that they seem to love my sister … sheeeesh.

  5. Mark Rogers

    One can only hope that a few are eaten by black bears. Irony can be delicious too. Although in this case, a dish best served warm.


    For what it is worth, many veterans of WWII and their families are proud of their memorabilia. My great uncle Lee was an artillery officer in WWI and brought home nothing. He was pretty matter of fact about his service. His son, my uncle, was West Point Class of ’37 or ’38. He was a tank unit commander in WWII. He had an extensive collection of souvenirs including pistols, daggers, medals and coins, not to mention an amazing library on WWII.

    I never once heard him express anything but hatred of Nazis. He wasn’t all that fond of the Germans he met during the war for that matter. He was a proud southerner who despised skin heads, neo-nazis and the klan. The most anti-government things I ever heard him say related to the feds bringing in the IRS to give him a colonoscopy after he beat them in a major trial.

    He was much prouder of his part in the war than his father was in his. And so was his father. The German Army of 1918 was a hollow shell of itself. The German Army in Western Europe from ’43 to ’45 was still a skilled, dangerous and well-equipped foe. Those trophies were a reminder of what he and his friends achieved, often against tremendous odds.

    I always though the difference between him and his father was that Big Uncle Lee didn’t think that America’s effort in beating the Kaiser was all that extensive or that the stakes in WWI were all that high. I believe that both men felt that WWII was a much closer fight and one that would have had profoundly more grave consequences. Often forgotten today is how real was the prospect from ’41 to ’43 that we would lose the war. That made victory all the more important and more memorable.

    That they love your sister suggests whatever importance they attach to those coins and flags, racism has nothing to do with it. Has she ever inquired about the collection? The story might explain much.

  6. Well…
    They do have poplar trees in the Great Smoky Mountains. It’s not illegal to hang people in effigy. It might be fun to see a dummy of MLK or Jesse or Sharpton hanging from a poplar tree. Reminisce about the freedom that white people enjoyed in days past.

    Southern trees bear strange fruit;
    Blood on the leaves and blood at the root;
    Black bodies swinging in the southern breeze;
    Strange fruit hanging from the popular trees.

    Pastoral scene of the gallant south;
    The bulging eyes and the twisted mouth;
    Scent of magnolias, sweet and fresh;
    Then the sudden smell of burning flesh.

    Here is fruit for the crows to pluck;
    For the rain to gather, for the wind to suck;
    For the sun to rot, for the trees to drop;
    Here is a strange and bitter cry.

  7. poplar trees

    Meant to edit that.

  8. democommie

    “That they love your sister suggests whatever importance they attach to those coins and flags, racism has nothing to do with it.”

    To you, perhaps. I have family that are racists, they do not display their racism in front of the hispanic, black or asian in-laws. They aren’t post-racists; they are aware of the old saw about blood being thicker than water, though. AND, they like to be invited to family events–which, if their racism becomes overt–is not really a possibility.

    • Mark Rogers


      Are you suggesting that because racists in your family who don’t run around in white sheets that Renxkyoko’s in-laws are racists because of a couple of flags and a coin collection?

      All we know for sure is that they are fond of her sister. Absent other evidence, your position seems to be that behavior is lesser evidence than possessions which could be nothing more than family memorabilia. That would suggest that you are looking to find racism where it does not exist.

      Sad. Really sad. There is more than enough real racism without people inventing it to justify their prejudices.

  9. Let’s just hope they get lost in the woods and end up eating each other. Good thing it’s all WHITE meat!

  10. Never Never Land

    Once white people are mixed into brown people, there will be no more racism. Brown is the only color it is ok to be supremacist about. You would think white people would know that by now. Lol! Once everyone is brown, no one will be judged for being brown.