Still With The Racist Jokes?

You’d think some people would self-edit themselves, but no, not this California rodeo announcer, who thought this joke was too good not to share over the PA system:

According to Wilson, the joke as told by the announcer, went something like this: Playboy is offering Ann Romney $250,000 to pose in the magazine and the White House is upset about it because National Geographic only offered Michelle Obama $50 to pose for them. “I can’t speak for the board, but I myself think that this is unacceptable behavior or conduct by the announcer,” said Mike Barrett, Creston Classic Rodeo board member. “I find it offensive, and I think that it’s conduct unbecoming the rodeo announcer.”

Ha ha so funny I forgot to laugh. /sarcasm

According to the story, audience members were stunned, and rodeo board members are demanding an apology.

Creston, California is in San Luis Obispo County, on the central coast. It’s horse, ranch and wine country — a gorgeous part of the state completely undeserving of such a hateful display.


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14 responses to “Still With The Racist Jokes?

  1. LanceThruster

    I just moved to the high desert (lots of horse owners out here) which I’m told largely votes GOP. I’ve still seen a 5 to 1 Oboma to Romney bumper sticker ratio on my commute into LA. The ‘joke’ was vile on just about every level. How will Rethuglicurs spin this? First Amendment rights?

    • That’s interesting, because I always think of the High Desert as being big military country — so close to 29 Palms and all that.

      It’s beautiful up there, though. If you haven’t been through J-Tree yet, it’s spectacular. We used to camp up there.

  2. Anya

    Disgusting. I guess racism robs you of all sense of decency.

  3. kay

    Playboy would never ask for Ann Romney to pose. Hugh Hefner said the republican party’s anti gay, anti sex agenda is a way to enslave us all.

  4. tech98

    The cities of the Central Coast are fairly moderate-to-lib — Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, SLO — but there are plenty of knuckle-draggers in the rural areas; which are subsidized by the cities and suburbs but all imagine themselves as Clint Eastwood high plains drifters fleeing the yoke of guvmint oppressing them with roads and municipal services.

  5. That announcer is an ignorant oaf. But then most of this type of Republicans are, unbelievably so…. I’ve seen a feature show on TV about these folks, getting interviewed and all that, and I was , like, @____@. We’ve all seen that lady who was shot down by McCain ,about Pres. Obama being Arab and such? That lady is 100 times more intellectual than the people who were interviewed. Unbelievable. And this is the mindset of people who can potentially send Mitt Romney to the White House.

  6. Mary L. Wilson

    Well, it may have horses, wine and ranches, but it has NO class, no character, no integrity, just a bunch of racist fools with money.

  7. I take some hope in that the board is demanding an apology from the announcer and the audience didn’t find the “joke” to be funny. Small steps in the right direction.

  8. deep

    C’mon! It’s just a joke. Jeez lighten up! It’s like when you libruls were complaining about Romney’s birth certificate joke!

    That’s us, the GOP jokester party! Even our candidate is a joke!

    • Mary L. Wilson

      The problem, is, Deep, that since President Obama won in 2008, the racist hatred had initiated insults to his 1/2 black person and these insults have become ACCEPTED as ‘jokes’…when it is really hatred of him, the person, just BECAUSE he was/is a black man. They insult him, degrade the Office he holds, disrespect his wife and daughters, claim he is born in a tent in Kenya, is a socialist, a communist, “different from us”, and these jokes include threats against his life and his family.
      NO, these comments, these jokes are not funny. Our founding fathers had no idea, when writing the First Amendment, that some would use their ‘freedom of speech’ to actually threaten the lives of Americans and others with their hatred…just look at the crazies, Terry Jones, Limbaugh, etc, who hide behind the First Amendment and how they have endangered lives arould the world.

      • deep

        Oops, Sorry Mary, I was being sarcastic. (‘Even our candidate is a joke’)

        Poe’s law at work, I guess.

      • Mary L. Wilson

        Deep, I guess I am now operating on Karl Rove’s law, borrowed from the Nazis…that if you tell a lie over and over, the duped will believe it and repeat it, embellished by their own fanatic hatred. I absolutely love my President, and after 4 years his many accomplishments on our behalf, all that real success has been distorted, derided and covered up with more lies against him.

      • deep

        I hear ya, sister.

  9. democommie

    As if I ever needed a reason to not attend a rodeo.