Enough With The Pink Already

I guess we’re coming up on Breast Cancer Awareness Month because everywhere I look I see pink crap for sale. Can we just stop with the pink already, please? I find it so insulting. You know, pink is for girls and breast cancer is a girl thing (even though boys get it too) so c’mon corporate America! Let’s make everything pink and show how much we care! Pfft. It’s demeaning.

There was a lot of discussion about pinkwashing during the Susan G. Komen flap earlier this year, and from my brief foray into consumerism this weekend, pinkwashing remains popular — today at Target we saw a ginormous package of Bounty paper towels sporting that obnoxious pink swoosh (Also, let me say, if you want Bounty paper towels, Target has devoted an entire acre of the store to this one product. You can get big rolls, bigger rolls, mega-rolls, Super Gigantic rolls, select-a-size rolls, you name it. But it’s all the same thing. Reminds me of when I visited the USSR in the early ’80s and went to a canned tuna fish store. All they sold was the government tuna, identical cans, and people waited in line for hours for it.)

What’s interesting is that the Komen name is no longer plastered all over this pink stuff. The stuff is still pink, and it’s “for the cure” or “for the cause,” but no one tells you where the money goes. I’m assuming Komen, but I’m still pissed at them, especially after Karen Handel’s book reignited every ill feeling I had toward that organization.

Anyway, this whole pink jones corporate America has discovered has led us in some really ridiculous territory. This morning Mr. Beale asked me if I wanted a pink pistol. You know, “for the cause”? Then he showed me all of the pink crap you can get for your next Breast Cancer Awareness wildlife slaughter, which was advertised in today’s newspaper. Because nothing says you care like field dressing a deer with your pink knife. Or how about a pink stun gun? Can’t think of any better way to tell a potential rapist not to fuck with me in that dark alley than pulling out a bubblegum pink Zap Stick.

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13 responses to “Enough With The Pink Already

  1. I built my wife a pink AR15. You are welcome to shoot it any time, Beale. She would volunteer to give lessons, if you need them.

  2. Mary Wilson

    Hey, SB, this one came across as a blank screen…hope you can fix it since it is a subject I can definitely agree with!


  3. I mean what do I really care? The foundation has already been discredited. Politically active Republicans are poison. This does not mean that every American citizen registered as a republican is a criminal.

    These are real people who care as much about life as do your or I. Republican citizens are no more responsible for the excesses of their party than you and I are for the short-sightedness of the democratic party. We all care about our women.

    These are God-fearing and beautiful citizens of our republic. They cannot be held responsible for the excesses and egregious sins of their party leaders,

    God has granted us all a tacet support of Obama from some of the most important, influential and highly moral components of the republican party.

    The lying, fucking shitheads really don’t matter. God-fearing republicans have more or less universally endorsed a second term for Obama. We are talking about the good guys and good girls. This is what our country is founded upon.

    I have said it on this blogsite before. People who hate Obama are the impediment to true freedom in our country.

  4. democommie

    “Republican citizens are no more responsible for the excesses of their party than you and I are for the short-sightedness of the democratic party.”

    Then they should not be members of the party. If they’re not members of the party they should not vote for the party, especially when that vote is out of fear, misplaced loyalty or nostalgia.

    Remember; it only takes the good man doing nothing for the evil man to succeed in his ventures.

  5. democommie

    If you’re hit with a slug from a pink AR does it make you think of unicorns and daisies?

    Pink anything that is only pink so that it will sell better is silly; pink gunz are fucking stupid.

  6. deep

    What I don’t get are the basic principles of marketing and advertising anyway? Am I really supposed to be more excited about a product because an ad features a celebrity? What about the booze commercials with scantily clad women? What about the commercials that make some kind of meta-joke about commercials?

    I’ve never felt the urge to get a Capital One card or to drink the “silver bullet” or all the varieties of sugary sports drinks and yet, I guess these ads work? There are people out there who are weak-minded enough that a bunch of talking frogs can convince them to buy beer? Or pink ribbons to buy firearms?

    It’s just weird. I really don’t get it, but I guess that’s because I’m a white middle-class guy from the northeast with multiple degrees and all my peers aren’t into that stuff either.

    • That’s an oldie, though. Remember Ronald Reagan hawking Chesterfields and Van Heusen shirts? Yes you’re supposed to like a product if a trusted celebrity tells you they like it, too. Get with the program.

      I do think this kind of marketing worked better in the less cynical decades. The internet ruined everything. Kids today are far savvier and I think the obvious marketing/advertising ploy is actually sneered upon by modern consumers. If it’s in a TV ad it’s immediately assumed to be bullshit. That’s why marketers resort to “stealth marketing” tactics.

      There was a good movie about this, fictional but interesting … starred Demi Moore and David Duchovny, called The Joneses. Good Netflix rental or catch it on cable if you get a chance.

      • deep

        Seems to me like it’s still happening. It not like people are flocking to the Apple store because it has something VITAL for their well-being.

        Well. . . maybe.

  7. For some reason, I’ve always looked at anything pink suspiciously….. shades of those We support the troops era. if they really supported the troops they shouldn’t have put them in harm’s way in the first place.