Desperate For Attention

You guys, you are totally not paying enough attention to Brad Staats, the latest Teanut to challenge Democratic Rep. Jim Cooper for the 5th Congressional District’s House seat. So Staats has decided to post a picture of a gun on his Facebook page with the ominous words…

“Apparently Tennesseans are part of that crazy crowd that Obama says ‘cling to (their) religion and guns.’ Well, then I must be part of that crazy crowd. Here is something that I usually have with me. Welcome to Tennessee Mr. Obama.”

Crazy? You said it, I didn’t. So yes, this ought to create some attention for Mr. Staats, maybe even a good mocking over at Colbert Nation. That might even be good for some donations from the knuckle-dragging NRA Neanderthals and UN conspiracy nuts he routinely strokes over at Facebook. I mean hey, crazy worked for Basil Marceaux, right?

And hey, that’s fine with me. Jim Cooper has a 99.999% chance of winning. The chances that the Fightin’ Fifth will send a Republican to represent them in Congress for the first time sine 1874 is nil.

I just don’t understand why Republicans think crazy is the way to go.


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7 responses to “Desperate For Attention

  1. deep

    The civil war never really ended, did it?

  2. One hopes the Secret Service will be knocking on Staats door very soon asking him “Are you sure putting a picture of a handgun with a threatening message to a President of the United States is a good idea?”

  3. democommie

    “The civil war never really ended, did it?”

    Can you imagine the hellish life that any black american would be living in places like Alabama if the CSA had won?

  4. Randy

    Y’all just had to bring up Alabama didn’t you.
    Morning Headline:
    “Alabama Governor Bentley refuses to comply with Healthcare Exchange deadline.” (BC/BS thanks him.)
    Roll Tide anyway.

  5. R. Manhammer

    “I just don’t understand why Republicans think crazy is the way to go.”

    Because it works for them. They like crazy. They adore crazy! It’s kind of who they are: insane.

  6. democommie

    BTW, the Limbaughcoulterhannity defense applies here. He’s deadly serious, until someone acts out his fantasy and makes another person seriously dead. Then? well, it was just a “joke” and he can’t be held responsible for what KKKrazzeepants assassins might do.