Dog Whistles

People are wondering what this whole Tucker Carlson-Matt Drudge-Fox News fail parade could possibly be about. The video is old, was well-covered in 2007 (even by Tucker Carlson!) and isn’t the shiny-sparkly game changer that had been promised.

But people, it’s not about you. It’s a wingnut dog-whistle for “reparations,” as the Fox chiron Tweeted by Salon’s Alex Seitz-Wald makes clear:

“Katrina victims shortchanged by government”? Oooooh. I get it! It’s another way of saying if Obama is re-elected, he’ll make sure black people get your money because of slavery ‘n stuff.

This is a classic dog whistle and what’s really curious to me is that it’s being used at all. Is the Fox/Drudge/Carlson crowd worred the folks to whom this message is directed — i.e., the racist base — won’t bother to vote? What do they know that we don’t?

It’s really quite puzzling that they keep throwing more red meat to the far right, the folks you’d think were pretty convinced that Obama is a danger to the republic on account of being a Socialist-Muslim-wealth-redistributing-blackety-black man. You’d think they’d be trying to appeal to the less crazy people. But maybe there are none.

Maybe there really are no undecided voters left in this election and all the Republicans can do is try keep their side motivated with crap like this.


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5 responses to “Dog Whistles

  1. R. Manhammer

    I called it for Obama back in August. There is nothing that is going to happen tonight (or any other night) that is going to show Romney as the better choice. One friend of mine suggested that might happen if Obama came out in a shimmery backless little number by a well known designer, but I, for one, would welcome our new cross-dressing overlord.

    Seriously. I can’t see Rmoney making it back, polls or no polls. And I totally get that there are oodles of people all around the country will be voting for Rmoney because, well, Obama’s black. I get that. But, I still think that normal people outnumber the crazies 60-40. OK, maybe 55-45.

  2. I could NOT watch FOX news YEARS ago, even when I was channel-surfing to get to where I wanted to go (you know, before all the neat digital stuff we have now). I felt insulted, like they thought I was stupid (and they’d never met me…) and I thought they were rude SOBs (can I post that?) It blows my MIND that all my FOX watching, conservative, apparently bigoted relatives here in TN swear by this stuff. (I lived in HI, NY and OH before settling here…guess that makes a difference.) I love my family…but …..Bless their hearts!

  3. Jim

    In the end this election will come down to just a few states. Florida, Ohio, and maybe a couple of others will decide who the president will be. Due to the electoral college, most everybody else’s votes won’t really matter. How many Democrats think Obama will win in states like TN, TX, or ND? How many Republicans think Romney will win in states like CA or NY? I won’t bother watching any of the presidential debates because my vote is already cast for Romney along with every other resident of TN simply because we live in TN and there is no chance in hell that Obama will win TN.

  4. D.

    Y’know the reason for all this dog-whistling is that Republicans think…we’re dogs.

  5. max

    Maybe there really are no undecided voters left in this election and all the Republicans can do is try keep their side motivated with crap like this.

    The base really doesn’t want to vote for a Mormon Robot ‘Limosine Liberal’ banker. Particularly the one that invented Obamacare.

    They are having real problems keeping the base onside (as evidenced by the massive amount of ‘helpful’ advice that Romney has gotten). Regardless of what Obama does, if the R’s can’t even turn out at 2008 rates, it’s over.

    [‘It’s probably over anyways, but these guys need pagehits, particularly during election season, so there you go.’]