The L Word

Sorry I haven’t updated in a while, I’ve been busy with some other stuff. And I’m trying to finish up a project this week so blogging may be light.

But I am just really confused about why the press is letting Mitt Romney get away with outright, repeated lies. My confusion is prompted by this post over at Blue Virginia. They link to Paul Krugman telling ABC News that

“The press just doesn’t know how to handle flat-out untruths,” he said.

And, you know, bullshit. Am I the only one who remembers our glorious media calling Al Gore a liar over every little thing he said and didn’t say, but they pretended he said? After Al Gore’s first debate with George W. Bush — ABC News ran this atrocious hit piece. This was 12 years ago yesterday, people. The headline:

Al Gore Prone to Exaggeration

The lede:

This just in: Al Gore has a penchant for exaggeration.

ABC called Gore a liar over that stupid Texas wildfires/FEMA thing. It’s so lame it’s not even worth rehashing, but ABC was wrong and the point is, it’s a stupid thing anyway. But Mitt Romney can outright lie about everything that matters — his tax plan, his Medicare plan, the reason domestic coal production is down, etc. etc. etc. — and it’s fucking crickets.

So don’t tell me the media doesn’t know how to handle lies. They call Democrats liars all the time, even when we aren’t lying and yes, when we do. It seems what they don’t know how to handle are Republican liars. Especially presidential ones.

I’m going to crawl back in my hole now.


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  1. Mark Rogers


    If the political media has not been willing to criticize Romney for his lies, they have certainly been effective in documenting his shifting positions on different issues. Now Romney is certainly deserving of that sort of coverage because his ability to morph from side to side on certain issues makes one think of nothing less than Lon Chaney as ‘The Man with a Thousand Faces.’ Having fixated on that theme, expecting them to add another theme is asking more than they will give.

    The reason is that Romney’s Republican opponents made the issue-shifting into a major component of Romney’s character. Personally I think that is a much more damaging media theme than calling him a ‘liar’ because his own party members agree on the flip flopping but not the ‘liar.’ Besides, partisans on both sides and many swing voters no longer believe such media accusations because they no longer trust the media.

    Regarding Gore, it needs to be remembered that the reason accusation of being fast and loose stuck to Gore was that as early as 1988, when he ran for President the first time, his own staff was concerned about his penchant for distortion. In 2000 a 1988 memo written by a Nashville member of the Gore campaign turned up. That note specifically warned of the problem that the inner circle recognized in Gore’s casual relationship to the facts.

    So it is easy to understand why the media focused on that aspect of Gore’s campaign. It was something that even his friends understood to be a problem.

    Romney will always be bedeviled by his flip flopping. Gore got typecast as factually challenged.

    Hoping the media will write a second negative theme for a candidate is too much work for them.

    • You sound like a genetically manipulated cross between an octopus and Harry Reems that is able to self-fellate with an eight-fingered, wet, suctiony hand underwater!

      What on earth are you trying to say?

      Romney is a lying sack. The media should not be paying any attention to him whatsoever unless he can say something intelligent, relevant and honest. He can pay for his own Stalin/Hitler propaganda machine.

      Gore is a good guy.

      You’re a troll or an idiot.

  2. democommie

    “Romney will always be bedeviled by his flip flopping.’

    Bullshit. Both Mittmoroni and Pauliewingnuts are getting a pass on 90%+ of the bullshit they peddle. The MSM doesn’t want to spend the time or money debunking lies–it’s not sexy enough work–and Ratbert Murdoch wants to help the GOP tell them.

    “Gore got typecast as factually challenged”

    And there was no genuine proof of his doing so on anything that actually fucking MATTERED.

    Mark, honey, go back to your SKKKrotalMurKKKinPatriotiKKK Front handler and tell him that you’re doing good work and need another Nomerit badge.

    • Mark Rogers


      We are talking about the Al gore who ran for Congress from Tennessee as a pro-life, pro-gun traditional values candidate right? Romney’s migration on issues has nothing on Al Gore’s Long March from ‘Lincoln Davis’ with money to the new Republic’s wet dream candidate to the man who blamed Denver’s altitude for the President’s debating failures.

      When you are a candidate for President and a memo comes out that was written by your own staff, particularly someone from Nashville who has know you for some time, that warns about your propensity for exaggerations and distortions, you would be nuts not to think that it would become an issue and be careful not to feed the media beast.

      So insult away. It doesn’t change the fact that the real issue is that the President should have called Romney on his statements during the debate but he didn’t. The President looked weak and all the calls for fact checking only remind voters that the President, sans teleprompter, didn’t seem to be able to stand up to someone that the President’s supporters have characterized as a non-entity.

      You can blame me. You can blame the media. You can blame Denver. You can even blame ManBearPig. But the reason for your anger is that the President made Clint Eastwood into the Oracle of Delphi. Check out the cover of that right wing rag The New Yorker’ to see how true that is.

      Put differently, the Emperor had no clothes and the most powerful man in the world had no teleprompter. And calling for the media to do the job that the President couldn’t do only serves to make Romney look stronger and the President look weaker.

      • ThresherK

        “the most powerful man in the world had no teleprompter”


        Wow. I woke up and it’s still June somewhere. That TelePrompter thing was last seen getting laughs and knowing nods when delivered off a TelePrompter at the GOP convention.

  3. Overused but accurate. Orwellian. There is no longer a common standard from which “The Truth” is measured. We’re screwed.
    Jill Stein 2012. If The Green Party can reach 5% of the popular vote they will qualify for federal matching funds in 2016 so I submit there is reason beyond a simple protest vote to go Green. If my vote costs Obama Tennessee I will submit to whatever punishment the left devises..

    • If my vote costs Obama Tennessee I will submit to whatever punishment the left devises..

      LOL. I’d say Tennessee is safely red. I’m still voting for Obama though. The popular vote matters. But I’m considering voting for the Green candidate for Senate, since obviously our “Dem” is a sham.

      • deep

        Speaking of “safely” a certain color, Beale, what do you think the odds are that my pathetic vote for Jill Stein would hand Massachusetts over to RMoney? Bear in mind that the entire Duchy of Cambridge will probably vote for Stein and/or Paul.

      • I dunno what’s happening in Massachusetts. I just know that there’s no chance, zero, zilch, nada that Jill Stein will win or even get that 6% so the Greens get matching funds. That just isn’t happening. So I wouldn’t risk it.

        There isn’t a Democrat running in Tennessee’s U.S. Senate race, and I can’t vote for Corker, so it’s either the Green candidate or write someone’s name in.

  4. democommie

    “So insult away. It doesn’t change the fact that the real issue is that the President should have called Romney on his statements during the debate but he didn’t.”

    He did, actually. It’s just that the moderator, Jim Lehrer–who used to be a journalist–decided that he would not press Romney oh his bullshit.

    You always give yourself away, Mr. Rogers. You always pretend to being a “moderate” who just wants everybody to have a nice reasonable debate. Well, here’s the deal. Mitt’s a fucking liar, Paul Ryan’s a fucking liar. If you want to vote for fucking liars, that’s your business. I don’t vote for assholes that are lying GOP sacks of shit–you, apparently, do.