First Draft Tuesday

Another rich asshole threatens to Go Galt and the butthurt rains down on the hoi polloi. Check it out here.


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9 responses to “First Draft Tuesday

  1. Bob

    I find it interesting that the guy leaves out the marketplace in his letter. In other words, that vacation home need is not going to vanish if he gets out of the business, someone else, and quite possibly someone who pays a better salary than Mr. Siegel, will step up and fill the void. Why is it that these alleged “capitalists” never view the big picture and market as a whole when they are crying about paying the proper overhead on the upkeep of their investment? How much are the rest of us paying for the infrastructure necessary to make his investment profitable?

    • Well, what I found amazing is his idea that all he needs is a tax cut to expand his business. He HAS a tax cut, he has his BUSH tax cuts. They didn’t get repealed. Why isn’t he expanding his business? Because he has no fucking CUSTOMERS! Who can buy vacation timeshares in this economy! He seems to have this delusional idea that by giving people like himself ever more tax cuts somehow his timeshare business can be expanded. I just don’t see that happening unless the economy improves for his timeshare customers, and I don’t think multibazillionaires are the folks he’s catering to.

  2. deep

    Reminds me of another blog I read a while back (Gin and Tacos:?) that mocked a guy who tried opening a Frozen Yogurt store and wanted to go Galt because his business was failing and it was all the Kenyan’s fault. Never mind the fact that there are a gazillion frozen yogurt stores in the DC area so it’s not like he really picked a winner of a market to enter.