Scott DesJarlais Has A Bridge To Sell You

Oh, puh-leeze:

NASHVILLE — U.S. Rep. Scott DesJarlais, R-Tenn., a physician, said Friday he was convinced a woman he had sex with a dozen years ago wasn’t actually pregnant despite her claims he was responsible for impregnating her.

“There was no pregnancy and there was no abortion,” the 4th District representative told the Chattanooga Times Free Press.

A freshman lawmaker from Jasper, Tenn., who touts his opposition to abortion rights, the lawmaker is battling a controversy stemming from a recorded 2000 conversation in which he presses the unnamed woman to get an abortion.

“I was attempting to use strong language to get her to tell me the truth,” said DesJarlais, who added that he didn’t record the conversation and was unaware it was being recorded.

Give me a fucking break. You think anyone buys that nonsense? Read the transcript of the entire recording. The only “question” in DesJarlais’ mind is weather the kid is his or not. And I love how he’s all put out that the woman can’t meet him for half an hour because she’s got to deal with her children and school, but his friend’s birthday party and attending a football game are sacrosanct activities that simply cannot be budged.

What an ass.


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9 responses to “Scott DesJarlais Has A Bridge To Sell You

  1. And his story keeps changing each time he tells it. But of course that old Republican stalwart JOHN BOEHNER is in his corner!!! These Repub men are quite the bunch, aren’t they???? And women still vote Repub……..

  2. “Republican stalwart JOHN BOEHNER”

    He sure is some kind of wart, isn’t he? I can’t understand why any woman would have anything to do with the Republicans, but they do and when I see these usually giggling and always condescending women on talk shows it can be a struggle to keep my lunch — and my temper down.

    It’s the kind of smug corruption you might expect in some banana republic or in a formerly Soviet, currently third world hell hole and I’m convinced that there’s nobody in that God forsaken party with a moral or a scruple or an excuse.

  3. Mary L. Wilson

    And what is such an embarassment to Tennessee is the FACT that his GOP backers and the billionaire goons like the Governor who gave him donations to put him back in Congress have NOT said one word except that they were pissed as hell that all these ‘rumors’ and ‘gossip’ messages were exposed so close to his ‘re-election’. Never MIND the 4 OTHER friggin’ ‘affairs’, the 3 marriages, the poor first wife who was humiliated, insulted, told she would not get any child support, and had to put up with his waving a GUN around in their home where their little GIRL lived. And the Governor??? His only comment (Daddy Haslam is the STATE CAMPAIGN manager for Romney) was: “I do not know enough about this situation to comment”!
    WE HAVE A GREAT DEMOCRAT running against this slug. ERIC STEWART has already held two elective offices, has integrity, proven good character, and he WILL represent the citizens of this District in Washington with goals like finding JOBS, increasing funding to education, and public schools. And he will work WITH our President Obama on increasing benefits to ALL Tennesseans from our ACA.

  4. Amanda Reed

    This guy makes me think of the past (or present?) Baptist preachers that preach against fornication and the sin of sex before marriage while they molest minors.

  5. Min

    How’d he get to be a politican? He can’t lie for sh*t.

  6. Eykis

    Why is the governor NOT attempting to get this PIG out of office?

  7. deep

    Saw this great comment on another board…

    I see no hypocrisy. In 2000, he told one woman that she must have an abortion. In 2012, he wants to tell all women that they must not have abortions. Scott DesJarlais has been remarkably consistent in his belief that any intensely personal decision about a woman’s own body is best left up to Scott DesJarlais.