Mark Halperin, Hack Of The Day

Mark Halperin’s “Binders Of Women” Tweet this morning earns him my Hack Of The Day award:

Romney seriously botched a response to a debate question and Halperin knows it. Oh joy, ladies! Romney’s “solution” to the gender pay gap is letting women go home at 5 o’clock to cook dinner! Yay! Problem solved!

Everyone watching knew Romney had messed up. No wonder the meme went viral in seconds. The debate had barely moved on to the next question before the Tumblr site was launched. It’s been a trending topic on Twitter since last night. This was not engineered by Democratic Party operatives, hell they’re not that good. This thing exploded organically across all of the social networks and rightfully so, because Romney screwed up. Poor Mark Halperin is trying to undo some of the damage by pretending it’s not authentic, which is pathetic.

But what I find really hilarious is Halperin’s use of the term “MSM,” as if somehow a Time magazine editor-at-large and MSNBC senior political analyst isn’t part of the mainstream media.



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5 responses to “Mark Halperin, Hack Of The Day

  1. Eykis

    Yep, Halperin is MSM and a lying jackass to boot-just like his Bro’Mittens. Same thing all day, every day at Faux Noise – “MSM” as though those imbeciles are not part of MSM.

    Sick to death of the LIES and MORE LIES spewed by RWNJ and their candidates.

    What Mittens showed last evening is that not only is he a LIAR of gigantic proportions, he believes he CONTROLS THE WORLD. Mittens complete disrespect of the President showed Americans the ARROGANCE of this inherited-entitled SOB who will NEVER be president.

  2. elftx

    Halperin likes to think he is a smug git with credibility.

  3. Anya

    What’s wrong Mark? The group of 500 is not cooperating with you today? What a hack!

  4. Mary L. Wilson

    And his take on ‘gun violence’ was even more hilarious and sanctimonious and fit right in with his REAL CONSERVATIVE Ryan hatred of women. If you listened closely on how he tried to answer the question on preventing gun violence in our cities, he rambled on about he “worships the one true God, and that if families had a mother AND a father, they were more likely to avoid gun violence” or some such. My friend’s take on THAT idiocy: SINGLE MOTHERS are the reason for so much gun violence ! He was speaking as BISHOP Romney, who told a Mormon mother, a single mother of a son, that she should give her son to the MORMON church since the boy needed a FATHER. And his answers on contraceptives were total LIES. He was so pissed that Candy did not let him talk endlessly…I LOVED it.