Hacking The Vote… AGAIN

You know, if this were happening in a Third World country, we’d all nod our heads knowingly and just marvel that anyone thought they could get away with it, or that the public would stand for it. If this were the 1970s USSR, we’d all know the score.

But no, this is America, and questioning why former Bain Capital executives and Romney bundlers would own an e-voting machine company actually being used in this election is simply not done.

But please, let’s talk about Voter ID some more.

I love Forbes magazine’s “liberal columnist” Rick Ungar’s take on this, too:

Hopefully, everything will go swimmingly in Cincinnati on Election Day. And, if it doesn’t, it will no doubt be the result of honest error.

Oh, no doubt.

Really, guys. You couldn’t find anything else to invest in? You couldn’t donate all those hundreds of thousands to charity rather than put it into political contributions so that your fellow countrymen would have no reason to ever doubt or question the results of so important an election—or any election for that matter, even if it’s the choice of a county dogcatcher?

Really, Forbes? You need to ask the question? Wake up and smell the coffee.

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3 responses to “Hacking The Vote… AGAIN

  1. deep

    Wow, so many articles from that Liberal rag. What does Usagi have to say about this? Has Forbes always been Librul or is this just a recent phenomenon?

  2. Here’s a hell of an article on the BradBlog that goes after Chuck Todd for claiming that this is all a conspiracy theory on the level of Trump’s birther claims.


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