He Forgot Iraq


Oh my god. He’s been saying this since February.


This explains it. Apparently everything Mitt Romney knows about Middle East geography he learned from Fox News.


Well, thank God that’s over.

Last night’s foreign policy debate was excruciating. Romney looked pink and sweaty, which I guess was an improvement over the colorless, parched, death-on-a-cracker look he had in the last debate, but not nearly as amusing as the dipped-in-chocolate, say-hello-to-your-new-brown-friend visage he sported on Univision. I swear, a Romney presidency would be interesting for the makeup choices alone.

But no, overall I thought the debate was a hard slog. Any foreign observers watching must have been puzzled, because you’d think the full extent of America’s foreign policy is our military misadventures in the Middle East. And no wonder we’ve had such a hard time of it, when one of the candidates doesn’t even know basic geography. I mean, cripes. If President Obama had said that Syria was Iran’s route to the sea there’d be no end to the right-wing calls for Obama’s impeachment based on sheer incompetence.

Yup, Romney forgot Iraq. I wonder why:

Ah well. Can’t blame a Republican for forgetting Iraq, can you? The debate spent far too much time on the Middle East, anyway. Foreign policy is a much broader topic than that, but we never got to have those discussions. We didn’t discuss climate change, perhaps the greatest foreign policy challenge facing the nation in the decades ahead. We barely talked about China (but when we did, Romney’s record at Bain should have caused Bob Schieffer and President Obama to erupt in gales of laughter. Seriously, the guy who told his high-dollar donors that barbed wire and guard towers were to keep eager workers out of China’s slave factories, not keep them in, has zero credibility when it comes to China).

But I did hear Romney talk about the need for “nation building” in the Middle East — something I thought was anathema to the true conservatives, who want to cut all funding for things that aren’t bombs and waterboarding. I only heard the word “cybersecurity” once, and that was from President Obama — this just days after the Defense Secretary issued a chilling warning about the nation’s vulnerability to cyber attack. This was the fault of Bob Schieffer, who never seemed to get out of the Middle East with his questions — I guess because he was working so hard to keep Romney from turning the foreign policy discussion into a domestic policy discussion.

We never discussed the European banking crisis. We never discussed the United Nations, and other than Romney’s bizarre call for “nation building” overseas, we never discussed foreign aid. There was precious little discussion of trade deals, all of these “free trade agreements” that we’ve signed. Little if any discussion of intellectual property and copyright issues — Romney mentioned that in passing but there was no substantive discussion.

So all in all, a very unsatisfying debate and not all of that was the candidates’ fault. The “horses and bayonets” line was a good zinger but it didn’t relate to anything really important. I wish Obama had called Romney on his Middle East geography flub, because Romney was trying to claim that geography was the reason Iran and Syria are allies — which, let me crawl into my time machine, because isn’t that what we always heard about the USSR back in the ’70s? They needed a route to the sea?

I mean, whatever. The whole thing was just so much Kabuki as the candidates tried to prove who loved Israel the most and who hated Iran the most. It was all about the posturing and the optics, nothing at all about substance. Same as it ever was.


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16 responses to “He Forgot Iraq

  1. deep

    Don’t worry, Donald Trump said he had “big news” about Obummer which he will reveal on Wednesday night. (Just as soon as he lines up a few more corporate sponsors during prime-time.)

    • I guess he finally checked the kerning on that birth certificate. { eyeroll }

      Donald Trump? Really? Can’t imagine anyone agrees to be on his show anymore. He’s a national embarrassment.

    • Mary L. Wilson

      Yeah, and this looney tunes nitwit reminds me of Geraldo and his suspensful opening of a safe in a basement that revealed an empty safe. Trump is a sham, one who keeps filing bankruptcy and getting bailed out by his DADDY. Why anyone would believe anything this creep says is beyond me.

  2. democommie

    Why the fuck does ANYONE listen to “The Dongwald”? He is the Jerry Rivers of the business world.

  3. The debates are about as substantive as the “reality” shows that abound on the major networks. The moderators fail to ask substantive questions about matters such as climate change and the candidates don’t care if they answer the questions that are asked, only that they make points that their supporters will applaud. The public plays a major role in this pretense of doing something meaningful. Far too many people have the attention span of a toddler and only wake up and focus when there is a zinger offered by one of the participants. The media actually writes reviews of the debates analyzing who gave the best zingers.

    • deep

      I love how the media goes out of there way to characterize what the GOP says in a neutral light. I heard NPR doing it yesterday and it had me screaming at the radio.

  4. deep

    This made me giggle….

  5. deep

    Welllll now….

    Click to access 2008_2012_ElectionsResultsAnomaliesAndAnalysis_V1.51.pdf

    Have you seen this Beale? Seems like Welfare Queens and Illegal Immigrants are engaging in a lot of election fraud.

    Oh wait… no this fraud favors the GOP.

    Disturbing to say the least.

  6. *sigh * My family and I did notice about the lightweightlessness of the debate. I also find it funny that hundreds of dollars have already been spent for ” undecided ” voters. I call them low comprehension voters. I couldn’t believe that one of the Undecided one who got to ask a question was a teacher.

    • deep

      FWIW, I’ve heard that the teacher was a kindergarten teacher, so I doubt she spends much of her days thinking about or teaching politics. That said though, she’s hardly excused from hearing about the hostility that the right wing has had towards teachers in the past decade.

      • ThresherK

        A kindegarten teacher?

        I don’t remember anything about that person. However, I’ll bet you a beer that that teacher was in a decent suburb someplace.

        I have only my hunch here, but, seriously, how many teachers of working-class kids are going to vote for Romney?

  7. Mary L. Wilson

    OK, here is my comment on the “Undecided” who were the focus of the 2nd debate…who all looked so stoic, you would think they were brain-dead. I don’t remember the exact question from the ‘kindergarten teacher, BUT our President responded to the issue of good teachers and what all he has done in 4 years to HIRE thousands more good teachers (which Romney ‘denied were necessary’). The President has supported many initiatives, provided millions in education funding to hire teachers who specialize in science, math and technology. And here in TN, Haslam has not supported ANY of these ideas. 1) He sent money from our Race to the Top money BACK to Congress, saying we did not NEED IT. He has fired many good teachers, ruined their access to union membership, and has destroyed their input to their pension issues. This State Legislature will NOT create one job if Romney is elected and this would gut any chance that Tennessee will EVER rank above 45th in Education.