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According to WordPress stats, the story you’re most interested in clicking through to is the one about the shark falling onto the golf course. Number two is Ted Haggard endorsing same sex marriage and number three is the new Sim City game.

Y’all crack me up.


Happy Friday, everyone! Here’s your weekly dose of good news.

• The Statue of Liberty’s crown reopens to the public this weekend.

• Iceland produces the world’s first “crowdsourced” constitution.

• Hey, wingnuts: Condi Rice is tired of your politicization of Benghazi:. “It’s not always easy to know what is really going on,” she cautions. “It’s probably better to let the relevant bodies do their work.” So, that’s probably the last we’ll see of her on Fox News for a while.

• More positive news on the economic front, as the U.S. economy grew at a rate of 2% in the third quarter.

• For-profit colleges, aka, diploma mills, are on the decline. Good. Because if you get to count your years as an executive assistant as coursework towards an MBA, then I should be able to count every dinner I’ve cooked for Mr. Beale over the past 11 years towards my Diplôme de Cuisine at Le Cordon Bleu.

• and Coca-Cola have partnered in the green venture Ekocycle, which turns plastic bottles into clothing, handbags and other consumer products.

• The Rolling Stones played a surprise gig to 350 fans in Paris. The show, which was announced on Twitter, was their first since 2007. Tickets cost about $19 (US). Man, those are some lucky Parisians.

• Former Goldman Sachs board member Rajat Gupta has been jailed for two years for insider trading.

• A federal appeals court has ruled that Indiana cannot withhold Medicaid funds from Planned Parenthood simply because it provides abortions.

• A leopard shark fell out of the sky onto the 12th tee of the San Juan Hills Golf Club in San Juan Capitastrano, California. But alert golf club employees were able to rush the shark to the ocean, where it swam away. So, that happened.

• Remember Ted Haggard, the former pastor of that Colorado megachurch caught with a male prostitute and a pocketful of drugs who went through “pray away the gay” therapy as part of his penance? Yeah, well he’s now come out (no pun intended) in favor of marriage equality! No joke! Can’t make this stuff up.

The Pope canonized the first Native American saint: Kateri Tekakwitha, also known as Catherine Tekakwitha, was an Algonquin-Mohawk who lived from 1656 to 1680.

• Support for ending California’s death penalty and three-strikes law has surged, according to new polls. Voters will have a chance to address both issues in separate ballot measures on Nov. 6.

• TSA is ditching its X-ray body scanners at major airports such as Boston Logan, LAX, JFK, and O’Hare in favor of machines believed to be safer.

• Sim City is baaaaack!

• Del Monte Foods’ pineapple farm in Kenya will be powered 100% by biogas, with any excess sold and distributed on the Kenyan National Grid.

• British engineers create gasoline out of thin air. In related news, the U.S. Navy is developing technology that would turn seawater into jet fuel.

Good News, Tennessee Edition:

• While the Tennessee Court of Appeals upheld the state’s photo ID law, which is bad news, the good news is they ruled a photo library card issued by the Memphis Public Library is a valid form of ID for voting.

• I really enjoyed this walk through a Tennessee forest with David Haskell: author, ecologist and evolutionary biologist at the University of the South in Sewanee. It was just nice to see the New York Times talk to someone from Tennessee who wasn’t a wackjob or Neanderthal. See, normal, intelligent people do live here.

• Memphis’ historic Mallory-Neely House, part of the Pink Palace museum family, will reopen to the public on Sunday, November 11. The museum had been closed to the public since 2005 because of budget cuts. The gorgeous, 1852 Victorian is truly a grand lady worth visiting:

Memphis’ Mallory-Neely House: She’s Back!

• Democratic Party challenger Eric Stewart has taken the fundraising lead over Rep. Scott “I’m so pro-life and family values that I slept with my patient and then demanded she have an abortion” DesJarlais. However, DesJarlais has a substantial warchest to lean on.

This week’s cool video is a musical history of campaign finance. The system is broken because the plutocracy wants it that way. What the tipping point will be to force change I have no clue. It might be something as simple as people getting fed up with the all of these outrageous campaign commercials.


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12 responses to “Good News Friday

  1. Linda Featheringill

    Thanks for the good news. Maybe that will carry me through the weekend.

  2. Minor correction on the California ballot initiatives. While Prop 34 would end the death penalty, Prop 36 doesn’t end Three Strikes. Instead, it modifies the rules for Three Strikes so that a felony only qualifies as a third strike if it’s violent and/or serious. It’s still a step forward, but not as big as tossing Three Strikes completely.

  3. JR in WV

    Nice post – I like your perspective and wish you had more commentary traffoc

  4. I’m more interested on green news. Some political news are quite depressing… well, not really, but it gets me worried.

  5. Amanda Reed

    I read the same article about David Haskell. I started reading his blog, Refreshing and fascinating.

  6. Roadmaster1968

    To the defense of the mass volume of people checking out the shark story (I’m one), I’m sure most people wanted the back story on how the shark fell out of the sky onto the golf course in the first place. Most people think of sharks as being these big fuckers that terrorize our oceans, not something that a bird can snatch out of the water.

    • Oh I’m not criticizing. If I didn’t find it interesting I wouldn’t have posted it. I just thought it was funny.

      • Roadmaster1968

        I’m sorry if it came off as I thought it was a critique. It’s good. But it’s not every day a shark lands on a golf course.

        Love the site — keep it up!

  7. democommie

    Roadmaster 1968:

    It was a MIRACLE!! Either that or, if you’re like a disturbingly large %age of the U.S. electorate you believe that it was a “Bruce” sized Great White and it was picked up by….MOTHRA!!!!

  8. democommie

    I did not mean in my previous comment to suggest that Roadmaster suffered “Indignoramus Republicanis”.