Good News Friday

Good News Friday is aliiiiive! It’s aliiiiive!

Here are some links I had compiled through the week … will try to keep this feature going during the month. Got several requests. Peace out! And remember to VOTE!

• Post-Sandy, someone in the mainstream media finally dares speak the truth:

• FedEx launches second annual “shop small” initiative, part of its support of Small Business Saturday encouraging consumers to visit small shops in lieu of big box retailers.

• Want to help the recovery effort from Superstorm Sandy? You can now donate to the American Red Cross via Apple’s iTunes store. However, note those donations won’t be tax-deductible as Apple won’t share your personal info with the Red Cross. So if you want a tax deduction, go directly to the Red Cross. If you want to not be harassed with future donation solicitations? Donate via iTunes.

• Nine new species of arboreal tarantula have been discovered. Cuz who doesn’t want more of those?

• Man successfully sues telemarketing company. Sadly, this is in Britain. It appears to be enormously difficult for Americans to sue telemarketers for violating the Do Not Call registry.

• Chefs rally nationwide to support GMO labeling.

• Based on current growth rates, it looks like renewable energy will overtake nuclear power as an electricity supplier in the UK — and in just six years.

• Disney purchased Lucasfilm for $4 billion but instead of squandering the cash on hookers and blow, George Lucas announced he’s launching a massive “Bill Gates-style” philanthropic endeavor targeting health issues and education. BTW this is the second time Lucas has appeared in the Good News Friday roundup; back in May I mentioned Lucas’ decision to build low-income housing on his northern California spread, after neighbors rebuffed his efforts to build a film studio.

• Did you read Island Of The Blue Dolphins when you were a kid? Did you love it? It was one of my all-time favorite books, and it’s based on a true story. Well, they’ve found the cave the main character lived in for 18 years.

• Adorable baby hedgehog rescued from a potato chip bag in the UK. With extra-adorable photo:

Good News, Tennessee Edition:

• The Tennessee Conservative Union has called for Scott DesJarlais to resign.

• Drivers Service Centers will be open tomorrow, Saturday, across the state to help people obtain picture IDs to vote. And in related news, the Tennessee Supreme Court has ordered the Shelby County Election Commission to accept photo library cards as a valid form of Voter ID.

This week’s video: The Yes Men take on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce:


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17 responses to “Good News Friday

  1. democommie

    Ummm, chips-fed hedgehog; tastes just like fried chicken!! I actually held one of those little guys in my hand, he was about the size of a softball and as cute as the one in the photo.

    The TN Conservative Union has become demodemon possessed?

  2. democommie

    I googled that link for the TN Conservaturd Union’s denunciation of DesJarlais. It included this bit:

    “”Some partisans will say that if he was a liberal there would not be the outrage in the media. That is true. However, we Conservatives must hold ourselves and those who label themselves as Conservatives, like DesJarlais, to a higher standard and hold them accountable for their actions.”

    So, even when the guy is a complete fuckbag they’re gonna do the usual, “They do it too, only WORSER!!”.

    • “”Some partisans will say that if he was a liberal there would not be the outrage in the media…”

      Of course not, we all know “the liberal media” ignores sexual peccadillos when Democrats do them. Just ask John Edwards, Eliot Spitzer, Anthony Weiner, Ted Kennedy (they still bring up Chappaquiddick and the guy’s been dead how long?) Bill Clinton (impeached over Monica Lewinsky, and no Clinton public appearance is complete without RWers reminding everyone of it. Jay Leno can’t go three weeks without making a stupid Lewinsky joke), Gary Hart … all completely ignored by the LIEbrul media … or not!!!

      Of course the difference is, when Democrats are involved in a scandal there is a deafening roar of outrage. Calls for the person’s resignation, there are investigations in the House, sanctions, the perp is hung and pilloried before the facts are even out there. When Republicans are caught in a sex scandal, nine times out of ten they hang on to their seat, pretend nothing happened, even run for re-election and HOW DARE YOU MENTION IT IN PUBLIC, see the Republican is always the victim and the big mean Democrats are the bad guys for even calling this to peoples’ attention. See David Vitter, Larry Craig, John Ensign ….

  3. Mark Rogers


    I wish that Lucas had sold the ‘Star Wars’ franchise before he produced Episodes I-III. Apparently he is taking advantage of some serious tax advantages.

    There is a funny ‘Hitler gets the news about Disney buying-out George Lucas’ out there.


    The particular irony about the Tennessee Conservative (sic) Union discovering philosophical consistency is that back in the 1980s and 1990s they were frequently on the losing end of disputed with the Registry of Election Finance for disreputable and often illegal campaign tactics. It is refreshing to see their original discovery of Virtue.

    There is something to their point about the media’s questionable standards. Imagine if DeJarlais had hit his teenage daughter for dating a black classmate. Do you think that this would have been newsworthy?

    Well just a few years ago, a prominent wealthy Democratic State Senator in a nearby county did just that. There was nothing like the outcry that the DeJarlais story has generated. Nothing. He was not shunned by his caucus. There was no demand for his ouster.

    IT would seem that reasonable people {and in this case, the TCU} can agree that DeJarlais should go and that the media in Tennessee should do a better job of covering the malefactors in both parties.

    • Shorter Mark Rogers:

      “Both sides do it!”


      • Mark Rogers

        Not at all. Did you see me justify DeJarlais? No. I hope he loses. My comment was that the media clearly does not hold both sides to the same standards.

        Shorter SB,

        “It’s ok to be a child abuser and an elected official as long as you vote right {or should we say ‘as long as you vote left’} and it is ok for the media to protect you.”

      • “It’s ok to be a child abuser and an elected official as long as you vote right {or should we say ‘as long as you vote left’}

        Did I say that? Anywhere? Anywhere at all? In any way shape or form? Even hint at that?

        No I did not.

        You’re a liar and hack, Mark. Fuck off. How dare you mischaracterize my statement as in any way endorsing child abuse. That is lower than low. Get lost.

        I never heard that story about the prominent Democrat who allegedly committed racially-motivated child abuse. Why don’t you give some names and facts when you drop these bombs? I’d love to know who this Tennessee Democrat is. If this person exists, that is. I wonder if the media protected this alleged person because they’re a Democrat, or because they’re “prominent” and “wealthy.”

        Guess we’ll never know.

      • Jim

        “I never heard that story about the prominent Democrat who allegedly committed racially-motivated child abuse.” I think that would be because none of the major newspapers or media outlets covered it….

  4. Mark Rogers

    You distorted my comment above, and have done so frequently. Then you become outraged when I very accurately respond that you don’t seem to care about anything that the media covers up regarding Democrats.

    I never suggested that this was a ‘both sides do it.’ I clearly said that the TCU has a legitimate point that in Tennessee the media does ignore Democratic scandals unless the BI and the FBI walk into the Capitol and start arresting people.

    • You said “the media in Tennessee should do a better job of covering the malefactors in both parties.” That’s a “both sides do it” comment to me. You may quibble but that is a far cry from saying you protect child abusers out of blind partisanship. Again, fuck off if that’s how you’re going to behave.

      Oh Doug Jackson. He’s not a Democrat, anyway. He’s a racist, anti-choice, anti-gay, pro-gun loon that real liberals had wanted to get rid of forever. Mr. guns in bars himself. His policies are/were straight out of the TNGOP, even if he did have a D behind his name for some bizarre reason. Maybe that’s why no one got rid of him, because he gave the GOP the voting majority they needed for their crackpot legislation until they could stack the state capitol with enough real Rs. In March 2008 I write about his gun nuttery here, and yes I wrote this:

      …the only question I have is why the Report failed to identify Jackson as a Democrat.

      So don’t say I’m protecting any Tennessee Democrats out of blind partisanship. Tennessee’s Democrats are just lukewarm Republicans, most of them. They don’t get any love from me, most of them at any rate.

      You know, I’ve been very vocal about my disgust for Doug Jackson, and other phony D’s like State Senator Douglas Henry. I don’t agree with Henry’s anti-woman policies and his antiquated views about rape and I supported the person who primaried him. So don’t portray me as some kind of partisan hypocrite and I won’t have you characterizing me as supporting child abusers who call themselves Democrats, either.

      You know what else is interesting? You say the media ignored this Doug Jackson thing yet you give me a link to the oh-so-liberal Nashville Scene coverage of the situation. The Nashville Scene which you troll throughout the day to counter their “left wing spin.” Kinda funny that the only news outlet covering the racial aspect of the case was the left-wing Nashville Scene, huh?

      Finally: I didn’t even have a fucking blog back in 2002. You’re attacking me for not criticizing Doug Jackson back when I didn’t even have a blog? Nice.

  5. Mark Rogers

    For a bit more on the story,

    Key quotes:

    “The paper’s account didn’t explain why Jackson was so upset about the relationship. What didn’t make it into the paper tells the story. The Tennessean knew, but never reported, that the senator’s daughter is white and Ron Edmondson is black—half black, actually. His father is white.

    Tennessean editors thought that race wasn’t relevant. “The circumstances were murky, and we just didn’t feel, on balance, that we should include it,” says Tennessean managing editor Dave Green.

    The Edmondsons know better. Jackson “didn’t want his daughter talking to my son because he’s black,” Beverly Edmondson tells the Scene. “That was the main issue.”

    Her son agrees. He says Elizabeth Jackson has told him more than once that “her father didn’t want her seeing a black person.”

    And you wonder why people get so exorcised about media bias. I think DeJarlais is beneath contempt. But so is Jackson. The difference is that in one case, the local media bent over backwards to protect the guilty.

    • The Tennessean fails at journalism.

      In other news, water is wet.

      Please, The Tennessean is an incompetent rag. But they also endorsed Mitt Romney. So they’re YOUR incompetent rag, now.

  6. Mark Rogers

    It would be fairer to say that Henry Walker covered the Jackson mess from the perspective of media criticism, something that the Scene quit doing in no small part because there was no conservative media to criticize.

    I applaud anyone who is willing to speak out against what they see as the errors of their party. I take the same position about Republicans.

    We need more people doing what you did regarding the gun bill in regard to other issues.

    In that, if nothing else, we are in agreement.

    • Yes your side loves it when Democrats turn on their own. Of course you do.

      If only the right would call out the hypocrites in their party with as much vigor as the left does theirs.

      … there was no conservative media to criticize.

      Snort. And yet, The Tennessean endorsed Mitt Romney. Go Figure.

  7. democommie

    Well, maybe Mr. Rogers is right. All he would have to do is demand that other asshats like Marsha Blackburn and Governator Haslam stop leaving their slime trails all over your fair state and then I might begin to believe he had the sincerity, integrity and ethics of a used car salesman.

  8. They say confession is good for the soul. I think if I came into 4 billion dollars I’d probably squander some of it on hookers and blow.