Good News Friday

Yes, lots of good news. And not just Mitt Romney losing all four of his home states and Paul Ryan losing Wisconsin. (Um, conservatives? I don’t want to hear any more gloating about how Al Gore lost Tennessee, ‘mm’kay?) Or the fact that Karl Rove just blew a couple hundred mil of his best friends’ money, the kind of thing that usually ends one on adrift on an ice floe in a climate change-rising sea. Buh-bye, Karl. Also, buh-bye Joe The Plumber.

But there were a lot of other important votes Tuesday night. In addition to gay marriage and pot legalization there was some other progress made, as well. Not everything was good news — I can’t believe California didn’t approve that GMO labeling bill, that was stupid. Don’t cry for me when your kids grow up to be Teenage Mutant Ninja Children. But whatever.

Here’s a roundup of some other good stuff:

• A record number of women were elected to the U.S. Congress.

• Montana voters overwhelmingly approved a ballot initiative banning corporate personhood.

• California voters overwhelmingly voted to raise taxes, with money going toward schools and to get their fiscal house in order.

• Liberal Florida firebrand Alan Grayson won his House seat back.

• Florida’s Amendment 4, a massive property tax reduction which would have drained local government coffers, was defeated. A whole bunch of other wingnutty constitutional amendments also failed in Florida, including an anti-Obamacare measure, one lifting a ban on public funding of religious groups, and a measure limiting abortion rights.

Minnesota voted down a Voter ID referendum.

• The town of Longmont, Colorado voted to ban fracking.

• Los Angeles County passed a measure mandating condom use in porn films.

• Michigan voters repealed the fascistic Emergency Manager Law and also said no to Proposal 5, which would have required a two-thirds legislative supermajority to increase taxes.

• Also in Michigan, the homophobic Tea Party mayor of Troy was recalled after just one year in office.

• Voters in Puerto Rico voted for statehood. I love this. Where will we put the extra star on the flag? Can you imagine the wingnut freakout if President Obama gets to redesign the flag? The conspiracy theories and the tortured angst? Oh, what fun that will be!

• Voters in three municipalities voted to increase the minimum wage.

In Non-Election News:

• Nakoula Basseley, aka Sam Bacile, the “Innocence Of Muslims” filmaker, has been sentenced to one year in prison for probation violations unconnected to his film.

• The largest solar neighborhood in the Southeastern United States has been built in a former Hurricane Katrina-ravaged New Orleans neighborhood.

• Three 14-year-old schoolgirls in Nigeria have invented a generator that runs on urine.

Good News, Tennessee Edition:

• Knoxville is a finalist for the Bloomberg Mayor’s Challenge.

• After coming to national prominence over the struggle she faced trying to get her Voter ID, 97-year-old Dorothy Cooper was able to cast her ballot in Tuesday’s election. What an inspiration.

• Former Tennessee State Senator Andy Berke, a pro-choice Democrat, has officially picked up qualifying papers to run for the office of Mayor for the City of Chattanooga. There will be an event in Chattanooga next week to kick off his campaign. If Mayor of Chattanooga doesn’t sound like a big deal, well, remember that was the last gig held by current U.S. Senator Bob Corker.

This week’s cool video: where the debt came from, brought to you by Math.


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9 responses to “Good News Friday

  1. deep

    Los Angeles County passed a measure mandating condom use in porn films.

    Too bad pr0n is not made by mainline production companies anymore but any eejit with a cam phone and a 2-bit hooker.

  2. Mary L. Wilson

    Those were definitely ALL Friday winners, my friend. And I am proud to say that along with the ‘cities’ of Nashville and Memphis, the ‘City of Knoxville’ voted for our President Obama (‘course that bit of news was buried on page 7A of the News Sentinel), but still, our local hard workers did a super job with phone calls and local events as well.
    AND the FEMALE vote made a big difference around the country, where we will now have 20 U.S. WOMEN as Senators…super!

  3. Of course I voted for California State Proposition 30. Nobody wants nine percent sales tax, but I’m not ready to give up on public education just yet. Taxes are a helluva lot smarter way to pay for improvements to schools than are bond issues. I think the old rule of thumb was that issuing bonds roughly doubled costs over time. Like hanging on to a Visa card balance and only paying the minimums for two to four years.

    Today’s bond deals seem to go anywhere from four to twenty years. I think my local bond issue had a ten year term. This can quadruple or more the real cost crippling future generations. We could have voted in a one-time parcel tax of ninety dollars a year for five years that wouldn’t have even increased property taxes two years ago. San Diegans couldn’t see it. It failed miserably. The little city in the country, Poway, recently made a scandalous deal wherein one hundred million dollars today for the Poway School District will actually take one billion to pay off over the next twenty years. Insane. Ten to one.

  4. All Good news. Thank you hostess and all you commentors for fighting the good fight. BTW…I got away with my Jill Stein vote in TN. Unfortunately the Greens fell well short of their goal but doubled the tally from 4 years ago. Onward through the fog.

  5. Amanda Reed

    I just read the list of the largest individual donors and organizations for both parties, wow, all that money the Republicans spent and still did not win. Interesting.

  6. That video is a hilarious excuse for “math” given that federal spending under 4 years of Obama was higher than what was spent under Bush in 8 years.

    Bush acted like a moron liberal when it came to spending, but Obama significantly ramped up the Bush-era spending, no matter how much you try and deny it.