A Tale Of Two Accidents

Two tragic and preventable accidents. Both result in death, caused by one person’s irresponsible, negligent behavior. In one, the person responsible is arrested for manslaughter and faces 20 years in prison. In the other, police call it a tragic accident. So sad, so devastating. Lesson learned.

I really don’t get why everyone agrees if a drunk gets behind the wheel of a car and the inevitable tragedy occurs and they kill their friend, there’s a penalty to be paid. They go to prison, sometimes for years. But if a gun loon who’s too fucking irresponsible to remember there’s always a bullet left in the chamber kills his kid in the parking lot of Twigs Reloading Den, that’s just a sad accident.

No. There are no accidents. Just inevitable, predictable tragedies, the likes of which Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey and the rest of gun loons here want to inflict on us with Tennessee’s “guns in parking lots” legislation. Because the NRA loons say people can’t commute to work unarmed. Where the hell are they commuting from, Baghdad? Kabul? Seriously?

Y’all need to stop giving these people a pass. You folks who say gun owners are always so responsible need to start laying the hammer down on those among you who are irresponsible. Because until you start doing that, your argument carries zero weight.

So you people who leave a loaded handgun lying around for your kids to find (and the inevitable occurs), or for your three-year-old to mistake for the Wii controller, or you think the church porch is a great place to disassemble your 9mm and shoot your friend in the leg, or you shoot your pastor’s daughter in the head because a church closet is the perfect place to show off your gun, I want to know that your ass is going to jail for a long, long time. If you’re that stupid and irresponsible and negligent, then I don’t want you walking or driving around me, armed and dangerous.

Gov. Ramsey and the rest of the gun loons in this state think we need to have a guns-in-parking lots bill? Let’s first start prosecuting the shit out of the negligent gun owners who kill and wound people because they’re too stupid to remember their firearms are loaded. Instead of just calling it “a tragic accident.” There are no accidents.


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  1. democommie

    Ooooh, boy. I’m guessin’ that as soon as a couple of the gunzloonznation dysintellegentsia get a whiff of this, they’ll come a’runnin’.

    mikeb302000 had this up at his place this morning and, predictably, the gunzloonz apologists are there in some force. I just left a little note that ought bring them in like sharks in a wading pool full of chum.

    I would not recommend leaving a footprint over there as they are some relentless stalkers.

  2. democommie

    Oh, btw, Bryan Fischer, of the AFA, has a post a few days back stating that teh gunz are covered in teh Wholly Babble. Raw Story has it here (http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2012/12/04/bryan-fischer-gun-rights-based-on-christs-teachings/). What a KKKristic Dominionist turd.

    • Yeah, most Biblical scholars agree that when Jesus said “turn the other cheek” he meant, with a loaded AK47 in your hand!

      Dumbass. Of course it’s been said a million times: whenever the RWNJ’s religion is at odds with their ideology, it’s always ALWAYS the religion which is wrong.

      • Ivan Ivanovich Renko

        It’s not THEIR religion that’s wrong, it’s some librulz misinterpretation of their religion is wrong.

  3. democommie

    Southern Beale:

    I’m sorry if I was unclear. I did NOT leave a note asking them to come visit here but just something to stir their never far from bursting into flames, burnin’ stoopit. I would never inflict those asshats on anyone that I like.

  4. Mary L. Wilson

    THANK YOU SB, THANK YOU! I have been ranting about this VERY subject for years. Of course I get hate mail when the idjets learn my address. But, hell, at least it makes ’em mad enough to at least THINK about the fact. And the FACT is that people do kill people with guns, careless ignorant dimwits with guns who do not know what the HELL they are doing, YES, there should be more equitable punishment so that the next fool might just consider he could KILL his kid by having a GUN near that child…or leave it on the coffee table after letting said child watch those extremely violent video games like the real life ones that appear to KILL enemies with their GUNS. My family member used a sawed-off shotgun to kill another person and himself in 1987. My children have never been able to visit his grave. Suicides and killing others scar family members and friends forever. And about that 7-year old boy. …his poor mother! This accidental shooter should be forced to take therapy for months and NEVER be allowed near a gun again. I call THAT equal justice.

  5. I guess if you want to bring in the diehards, you will have to cross-post at Mikeb30200’s blog. Thanks to a link from semi-commie, (no offense, just trying to be funny,) I just watched Bob Costas’ forced apology on NBC’s “The Last Word.” He looked so pained at the outset. The NBC brass told him he had to say something. But he more or less reiterated and reinforced his position, in a rather eloquent way, by citing incidents of violence relating to NFL stars. He is a good dewd who loves football and all sports. He is clearly mystefied by the right-wing takeover of professional sports that has taken place during his own career.

  6. Flying Junior

    Only so much of that I can watch, Yee-whooo

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