Mitt Is Never Ever Going Away


OMG. There’s another one:


Mitt buying Cheerio’s? This is the weirdest image rehabilitation campaign EVER.


First there was Mitt Romney pumping gas:


Then there was Mitt Romney at Disneyland:


Then there was Mitt Romney at CostCo:


And now we have Mitt Romney at the Pacquiao-Marquez fight:


Am I the only one who finds all of these “he’s just like us” Mitt sightings a bit weird? The Las Vegas fight pic may be the outlier here, but all of the others seem like tone deaf attempts to humanize the Mitt-bot. The same kind of strange stuff we saw during the campaign.

You know, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit to learn Mitt was trying to keep the door open. Or if not Mitt, then Ann. They were that close, I can hear them thinking; with the national mood turning against those Tea Party crazies, Mitt could really have a chance next time!

I can hear Ann whispering in his ear: “Mitt, you could run as the sensible, moderate Republican you always wanted to run as! That you should have run as! But you couldn’t, because of the fringey, white trash base! There’s still a shot, darling! The country’s mood has changed! It’s still our turn!”

I mean, seriously. They’re that out of touch, that insulated from reality. And Mitt is the master flip-flopper, as well as the master of self-delusion.

Nope, a Romney 2016 exploratory committee would not surprise me one bit. Why on earth wouldn’t he, unless all of his Wall Street buddies decided they had better things to do with their money and told him to hit the road?


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14 responses to “Mitt Is Never Ever Going Away

  1. I’ve seen these posted on Facebook. Honestly, I thought they were all photoshopped. Seemed more likely to me than him pumping gas, I guess.

  2. onyxpnina

    Mitt Romney is no Richard Nixon. (Since I can’t use the example of Adlai Stevenson.)

  3. I find the idea of Mittens running again in ’16 to be nothing sort of exhilarating.


  4. democommie

    I think the photo of Mittmoroni at the amusement park is slightly MORE creepy than the ones of “The Gloved One” in similar circumstances.

    Photos of Romney where he’s “bein’ wit teh peeps” always have him looking like a jacked deer.

  5. deep

    Worked for Bob Dole in ’97. After he lost he became Mr. Viagra, and everyone thought he was “cool” and not the stodgy old codger they thought he was during the election.

    Of course, now he can’t even convince his party to vote for that International treaty on disabilities, so what chance will Mitt have in 2016? He won’t last through the primaries, unless they put out the same clown show they did this time.

  6. one of my high school friends actually saw mitt romney in disneyland and posted a really fuzzy out of focus photo of him on her facebook feed. i saw that just before the one on the roller coaster went viral. so he really was at disneyland.

    maybe some of them are fake, but i don’t think this is some image-rehab campaign because, rehab for what? the man has no political future. the GOP electorate never really liked him, they just convinced themselves he was acceptable because they decided he could beat the kenyan usurper. but then he didn’t, so now they will never get behind him again.

    i think what’s going on is just that after 6 years of running for president and deluding himself into thinking he would win, mittens doesn’t know what to do with himself. so he’s wandering around, doing different things until he figures it out. meanwhile, everyone carries a camera-smartphone with them everywhere they go and mitt is recognizable to almost everyone. so of course he is being instagrammed to death.

  7. These could be Mitt’s best times ever. Now that he has lost – hit bottom – he can do anything he wants without having to worry about what kind of impression it makes on anyone. It’s time for Mitt to enjoy his millions and find out what it feels like NOT to be a robot. I bet he dumps Ann in eighteen months; she isn’t much fun.

  8. democommie

    Mittmoronis back on the board at Marriott–don’t ever drink the hot chocolate, it may be one he didn’t finish.

    I don’t think Mitt knows that he’s hit bottom, his capacity for self-delusion is weapons grade.

  9. democommie

    Mitts buying two boxes of Cheerios and no lime Jell-O? It may not be photoshopped but it’s definitely not real.

    Back in the days before the NE Patriots learned how to win Super Bowls, one of their owners was Victor Kiam, the man who famously claimed of the Remington (Razor) Company, televised ads:

    “I liked the shaver so much, I bought the company”

    Mittmoroni could do a similar ad campaign, something like:

    “I liked the AMPAD Company so much that I bought it, looted its pension fund, outsourced its workforce to China, fucked its employees and THEN went to Walmart and bought some Cheerios!”.

  10. smikey

    I am betting that it is all part of a plan to make Mitt seem like a regular guy. Remember Rodney Dangerfield in Easy Money? Next year Mitt will be producing his own line of casual clothes and he will promote it as The Regular Guy Look!

  11. democommie

    “Really, please.”

    Please, what?