Rep. Jimmy Duncan Hates Democrats More Than He Loves Tax Cuts

Hey good middle class people of Lebanon Knoxville, Tennessee (sorry my research said this guy was from Lebanon which is outside of Nashville, but I was kind of in a hurry): your Congress Critter Rep. Jimmy Duncan voted to raise your taxes! (Or to be clear: didn’t vote to lower them. The tax increase happens automatically.) Why? Why would Jimmy Duncan do such a thing! He’s a Republican and Republicans hate taxes! Hate ’em! Hate ’em more than a rattlesnake in a sleeping bag. Hate ’em more than a greenback backed by a promise and a puff of air.

So why would Jimmy Duncan do this to the God fearin’ people of Lebanon Knoxville, Tennessee, who just returned him to office for two more years? Apparently there’s one thing Duncan hates more than taxes: Democrats.

Watch it:

Thank you, Jimmy Duncan! Because hating Democrats is always more important than serving your constituents. You have earned your place at this year’s inauguration night “how can we obstruct the Democrats” dinner.


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32 responses to “Rep. Jimmy Duncan Hates Democrats More Than He Loves Tax Cuts

  1. Jim from Memphis

    The House has already passed a bill supporting the tax cuts for the middle class. Why do the Democrats in the Senate hate the middle class by refusing to pass these tax cuts?

    • Maybe because the House plan they passed way back in August extended tax breaks for wealthy people who don’t need it? Maybe that’s it? And according to your link the Senate also passed a plan back in August, which increases taxes on earnings over $250,000 IOW the wealthy people. It raises $100 billion. So why doesn’t the House pass THAT plan since they’re supposedly so dang worried about the debt? Huh?

      You know, Jim, the reason the “Bush tax cuts” expired is because the fiscally irresponsible Republican Party NEVER PAID FOR THEM. NEVER. The only way the tax cuts could pass Congress back then was to insert a sunset provision, making them automatically expire so the debt doesn’t soar. And for some reason no one ever wanted to let them expire. Like we all didn’t see THAT one coming.

      The “Bush tax cuts” were designed to expire to keep from burdening our grandchildren with a debt that paid for today’s tax cuts for rich people. So let them die. As they were supposed to do.

      • Jim from Memphis

        If the “Bush” tax cuts (which were extended by Obama so why are they not the Obama tax cuts now?) need to expire then let them all expire. What I am against is the notion that we can just “tax the rich” and expect everything to be hunky dory with the budget. There is no tax rate that will balance the budget without serious cuts in the spending. And yes, military spending needs to be cut – alot. That still is not going to be enough to balance the budget. If everything was an economic paradise under Bill Clinton, then I suggest we set the tax rates to Clinton levels and the budget to Clinton’s last balanced budget and eliminate any new spending/programs approved since his last term. Then, any new proposed program/spending should be required to be paired with new revenue to pay for it. Any proposed cut in revenue should be paired with an equal cut in spending. The Republicans would be fools to pass a tax increase bill that does not also contain significant spending cuts. The Democrats will never agree to real spending cuts and will end up spending any new revenue on more welfare programs landing us right back into a deeper debt pit.

        And yes DC, my wife and I are quite close to the $250k income line. If the economy rebounds just a little bit more than I would guess we could easily pass it by $50 or $60k in the next few years. $250k is not that much money when raising a family with 3 school age kids.

      • If the “Bush” tax cuts (which were extended by Obama so why are they not the Obama tax cuts now?

        I’ve wondered that same thing. Let’s call them the Obama Tax Cuts. Oh wait. That doesn’t fit Republican framing of Democrats. Guess that’s why Obama Tax Cuts hasn’t stuck. But it should.

        What I am against is the notion that we can just “tax the rich” and expect everything to be hunky dory with the budget.

        Nobody said that. Who ever said that? Stop getting all of your news from Fox News. Democrats are open to budget cuts, especially that most bloated, excessive part of our budget: Defense. We already spend more on defense than the countries with the next 13 highest defense budgets combined. It’s insane. And Republicans recoil in horror at even talking about taking the Pentagon’s gold-plated toilet seat away from them.

        So yea, I am against the notion that we can just “cut spending” (except Defense!) and expect everything to be hunky dory with the budget. That math does not compute.

      • And yes DC, my wife and I are quite close to the $250k income line. If the economy rebounds just a little bit more than I would guess we could easily pass it by $50 or $60k in the next few years.

        Okay so you DO know that you’d just pay the tax increase on what you earn OVER $250K right? You get the concept of marginal taxes, right? RIGHT?! You’d pay another 3% just on that portion over $250,000, say 3% of $50,000 if you make $300,000 a year. And you still keep the lower “Obama tax cut” rate on everything below $250K. Doesn’t seem like a huge amount to me. Not gonna take food out of the kids’ mouths.

      • Jim from Memphis

        SB – even if we eliminated the Defense Department ($712 billion) and taxed income over $250k at the Clinton levels ($130 billion or so – $1.3 trillion over 10 years) then that still leaves us with a budget deficit of ~$150 billion for next year. We will never get out of debt by only taxing the rich and cutting defense spending. Looking at the future of Social Security and Medicare you can see that the unfunded liabilities are going to destroy this country.

        Good luck collecting that much money from taxing “the rich.”

      • Social Security is a separately funded operation. The only reason it’s even discussed in relation to the debt now is because people only contribute on their first $100,000 of income. Eliminate the cap. Or just raise the cap. Problem solved.

        Medicare is another earned benefit. It’s not some gift, it’s something workers pay for.

        No one said “just tax the rich.” I already said that. You don’t want to listen, you want to stay attached to your stupid Fox News meme. No wonder my blog keeps putting you in SPAM.

        And I’d rather tax the rich then keep taxing the poor and the middle class.

        And finally, interest rates are close to zero right now. I’m not worried about the budget deficit “next year.” People should be worried about the budget deficit in 5 years, when the economy has started to grow again and interest rates go up. This is a future problem not an immediate problem. The immediate problem is jobs.

      • Mary L. Wilson

        JIM, I do not believe you understand this fiscal cliff fraud. If Congress or rather the TEA PARTY HOUSE does nothing, does not agree to the bill proposed, that will EXTEND the income tax cuts for those of us in the middle class, it will cost the average family over $2,000 more, money they would have counted on for their Christmas, to pay for food, clothing, gas and living expenses that they will NOT have now. And we DO definitely pay taxes…here in TN we pay 10% sales tax, gas tax, and other ‘taxes’ if we are working or not.
        And the original point of this post is to illustrate how our Congressman Duncan does NOT care about the people who live in Tennessee, and his District and those struggle every day. He hates Democrats and those who want to help America recover from the 18 years of GOP wars and Recessions.

      • Jim is desperately clinging to his long-ago-debunked free market fairy tales.

        If the Republicans gave a shit about the economics of Medicare (other than to destroy it, of course) they wouldn’t have passed a law actually making it illegal for Medicare to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies for cheaper drug prices. You know, you buy in bulk you get a cheaper price — unless you’re Uncle Sam! And that’s thank to the Republican Party, which filibustered every attempt by Democrats to change that.

        Phony fiscal hawks, indeed.

      • Jim from Memphis

        SB – you did not look at the projections for the expenditures on SS and Medicare. According to the CBO:

        •By 2020, in addition to payroll taxes and premiums, Social Security and Medicare will require more than one in four federal income tax dollars.
        •By 2030, about the midpoint of the baby boomer retirement years, the programs will require nearly half of all income tax dollars.
        •By 2060, they will require nearly three out of four income tax dollars.
        •By 2050, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid (health care for the poor) will consume nearly the entire federal budget.
        •By 2082, Medicare spending alone will consume nearly the entire federal budget.
        Can Higher Taxes Solve the Prob­lem? The CBO also found that if federal income tax rates are adjusted to allow the government to continue its current level of activity and balance its budget:
        •The lowest marginal income tax rate of 10 percent would have to rise to 26 percent.
        •The 25 percent marginal tax rate would increase to 66 percent.
        •The current highest marginal tax rate (35 percent) would rise to 92 percent! Additionally, the top corporate income tax rate of 35 percent would increase to 92 percent.

        So yes you can claim that just lifting the limit will save SS, but you would be wrong. It will push the problem down the road a little bit, but the programs have systemic flaws that must be addressed with reforms.

        You say no one is just saying “tax the rich,” but I have not seen any proposals on true cuts in spending that will get us anywhere near a balanced budget now or 5 -30 years from now.

        Mary – if the government is not willing to cut back on spending dramatically, then there will be no choice but to tax the poor and middle class more and more in an attempt to pay for all of this spending. The “rich” simply don’t have that much money to take.

      • OMG Jim you are so full of shit. Please stop copying and pasting stuff from your right-wing, “free market,” Koch-funded phony “think tanks,” like the National Center for Policy Analysis, where this BS came from. I AM SO SHOCKED. The Medicare crisis is phony, Jim. It’s a lie. And the Republicans have created this phony meme to voucherize a popular system which is guaranteed to increase costs, not decrease them.

        I can’t even take this shit seriously, Jim. Let’s see, NCPA’s last genius idea to “save” Medicare was MSAs. That was hilariously fun.

        Has it ever occurred to you that the problem is that you’re getting your information from the pigs at the trough? J Patrick Rooney wanted a big chunk of the Medicare pie for his Golden Rule Insurance Co. and funds this think tank “research” to come up with a conclusion favorable to his bottom line, because the free market is GOOD and the public sector is BAD. I mean, Jeez. That was our last trip down this road, back in the 90s. Funny how the scenery ain’t changed.

        These people have been WRONG about everything since forever. Let’s see, wrong on “Trickle Down,” wrong on Saddam having WMD, wrong on Bush’s Iraq War paying for itself, wrong on your free market fantasies, wrong on your “unskewed polls” leading to everyone scratching their heads wondering why the hell they lost the last election. Wrong on climate change. Wrong on Peak Oil (another famously wrong NCPA position). Wrong wrong wrong.

        You might need to start getting your information somewhere besides the people who have been lying to you for 20 years.

      • Mary L. Wilson

        Jim, the answer is that the President has ALREADY outlined and listed cuts to Medicare that will save over $1 Trillion…by cutting waste, cutting out fraud, indicting the crooks who have bilked our Seniors and disabled for YEARS…cuts like paying for memberships in gyms, elaborate electric wheelchairs, and more.

        At the same time, he provides Seniors help with paying their outrageous drug bills…in the Donut Hole NIghtmare created by “W” and his catering to Big Pharma. And the numbers you seem to cite seem to be based that our economy will NOT grow and the pool of contributors to the SS Trust Fund will decrease. This is not possible as more jobs are being created, the unemployment numbers are still falling. President Obama has a balanced plan; Boehner, Ryan and those who promote THEIR plan just do not have specifics nor do their numbers add up.

      • And as I said earlier, if the Republicans weren’t the party of corporate fat cats feeding at the taxpayer trough, we might be able to save even MORE $ on Medicare by allowing the govt. to negotiate for cheaper drug prices with the pharmaceutical co.’s. But the GOP made that illegal. Why? They must love Pfizer more than they love Grandma & Grandpa.

  2. democommie

    Dear Jim from Teabagistan:


    ” The House on Wednesday easily approved a one-year extension of all the Bush-era tax cuts set to expire in January, but in the Senate, presidential politics are complicating efforts to extend a tax credit for wind power.”

    Does not mean what you think it means.

    Did you notice the word, “all”, AT ALL, there in the first sentece? The reason that the GOP continues to control the house is because people without functional brains (go look in your bathroom mirror for an example) who can’t read plain english, continue to vote against their own interests. Or are you in the +$250K AGI bracket?

    Are you just gullible enough to believe that this comment:

    ‘“It’s time to put the rhetoric aside,” said Speaker John A. Boehner of Ohio. “It’s time to put the politics aside. I know we’re in an election year, but my goodness, raising taxes at this point in this economy is a very big mistake.”

    has anything at all to do with fiscal reality.

    Here’s the thing, Jim, if you’re too dumb to pour piss out of a boot and can’t do the math, I’ll help you out.

    People who earn over $250K/annum are gonna get socked with an additional tax, Extra tax, EXTRA TAX THAT LAYABOUT SCUM MAKING LESS THAN $250K AGI WON’T HAVE TO PAY. But, how much is it?

    This piece in the NYTimes:

    and this piece:

    by the same guys who wrote the first piece referenced makes it all seem a whole lot “WAR ON MIDDLE CLASS AND WORKING FOLKS” than your asshole republican rep might want it to be.

    Do you know how much money it will cost YOU, Jimbo. Or do you just want to make sure that when you are earning that sort of money (my guess is you’re not close to that level of income) you won’t be screwed by the welfare grifters.

    So, do a little research and let us know how the democratic tax plan will affect YOU and not the $250+ AIG person you might imagine yourself to be someday. Well, either that, or just keep parroting the nonsensical bullshit that comes out of Rep. Boner’s piehole and keep reminding us that you’re a teabaggist moron.

    Southern Beale:

    I do not think I used the words, “fuck”, “fucker” or “fucking” anywhere in this comment. Just trying to keep it classy.{;>)

    • The reason that the GOP continues to control the house is because people without functional brains (go look in your bathroom mirror for an example) who can’t read plain english, continue to vote against their own interests.

      Actually, one of the biggest reasons the GOP continues to control the House is gerrymandering. They sure as hell didn’t expect to lose so many seats this time around and have to actually spend money defending seats like Michelle Bachmann’s. If it hadn’t been for gerrymandering, I expect we’d have House Speaker Pelosi again.

  3. Nobody in particular

    TN-02 covers Knoxville, not Lebanon.

  4. Mary L. Wilson

    First, he represents the 2nd Cong. District, Knox, and surrounding counties. We have had the burden of his representing us for 24 years, and his Daddy before him for years, and his sister, now a member of our State Senate, and his son our County Trustee, involved in a ‘money scandal’ in his first 6 months in office.

    I know all the folks in that group, and got to see this video first! And the HOUSE is holding up the bill that would EXTEND the tax cuts for the MIDDLE CLASS ONLY, the 98%. The President is waiting to sign that bill. But he will not sign any bill that does NOT force the wealthy 2% to pay what they OWE.

    Duncan even voted against the Jobs for Veterans and everything that was positive that would have helped our State. We had a super Democrat who ran against him, but Duncan had a ‘war chest of over $2 milliion and has over $1.5 million left…the ‘family’ held a huge barbecue at our Colesium with a 200 member church choir and everything free.

  5. Mary Wilson

    Thanks, SB. I am glad this video got to your blog. He is from Knox County, east TN. But the video is true.


  6. democommie

    “And yes DC, my wife and I are quite close to the $250k income line. If the economy rebounds just a little bit more than I would guess we could easily pass it by $50 or $60k in the next few years. $250k is not that much money when raising a family with 3 school age kids.”

    Yeah, well, here’s where I have to just laugh and call, “bullshit”. You would have to be the most clueless fucking person on the fucking planet to say:

    “$250k is not that much money when raising a family with 3 school age kids.”

    I have a friend who makes over $.5M/annum. He lives on about a third of that and lives very well, indeed. When he had two children in school and was paying his ex about $5K a month in child support he was still putting a SHITLOAD of his earnings, pre and post tax both into investments.

    OTOH, I have several friends and at least three siblings who are doin’ okay, maybe $80-100K AGI. They have put their kids through decent colleges–both public and private, paid for weddings, helped their kids with down payments on houses and they are not in debt up to their asses.

    My next door neighbor is an E-5 (Sgt.) in the Guard. He pulls down several thousand year doing his drills and he has a full time job in the maintenance dept. at the local college. He might make $40K/annum, has a 7 yo, a 4 yo and a toddler. He’s getting by and if he had $250K a year coming in, he’d think he died and went to heaven.

    If you’re having trouble managing on $250K–which I don’t for a moment believe you’re making– a year then you’ve got a lot more serious problem than paying some extra taxes.

    So, if what Southern Beale says is accurate (and I have no reason to doubt her, she’s not a republican office holder) the difference in your tax picture with an “extra” $50-60K taxed at an additional 3%, you’re looking at what, $1,500 to $1,800 dollars? Why, that wouldn’t even pay for a single nice saddle for one of your thoroughbreds.

    I notice that you’re anxious to tell me that you’re a “playah” where the Benjamins are concerned but you don’t seem to know what the tax bite would be. Hmmmm, doesn’t really pass the sniff test. Tell me, what do you do to make that kind of moolah, Jim? Amway, used cars? I mean, I’m guessing that you’re your own boss, so you have time to spend on Southern Beales blog. We’ve got that in common. I make a lot less than $25K a year and, yeah, it’s a bitch to live on a LOT less than $25K but, somehow, I manage.

    • Here’s both side’s plans. Obama’s plan:


      Obama: Increase taxes by $1.6 trillion over 10 years, raised by permitting tax rates on individual income exceeding $200,000 and family income over $250,000 to return to Clinton-era levels of 36 and 39.6 percent, up from 33 and 35 percent now. Increase taxes on dividend income and reduce the value of deductions and exemptions for those earning above $200,000 and 250,000. Renew the 2 percentage point payroll tax holiday or a similar tax cut for workers. Return taxes on large estates to 2009 levels. Permits tax reform to replace the existing code so long as it maintains the $1.6 trillion tax hike.

      Obviously I don’t know how much of Jim’s income is related to stuff like dividends and whatnot, but yeah, we’re talking a modest % increase on a small amount of money.

      And by the way, how is “Extend all expiring Bush-era tax cuts on income, investments, married couples and families with children” NOT “giving people free stuff”???

  7. democommie

    Southern Beale:

    “And by the way, how is “Extend all expiring Bush-era tax cuts on income, investments, married couples and families with children” NOT “giving people free stuff”???”

    Oh you silly progressives! Returning the property that the IRS stole from those people is justice, JUSTICE I tell you.

    It’s only “free stuff” when you’re poor or oneathem “coloreds” like their president who promised all new cars and shit for voting for him.

  8. deep

    Aren’t the “true” Tea Party conservatives opposed to the massive defense budget too? Obviously the Tea Party is a “grass roots” organization with many different opinions etc, but I thought a core tenet was that ALL spending was bad including defense spending?

    (I know Ron Paul takes this position but his son does not.)

    • Mary L. Wilson

      Deep, you need to do some research on what the “TEA PARTY” really is, who funds it, and why it still exists. It was started and is now being paid for by the Koch Brothers. It’s one goal was and still is its pure hatred of our President and their goal is to “take back America”…that means they want Barack Obama to fail, especially his work to provide affordable health care for all Americans. They aren’t fiscal conservatives. They may use ‘religious conservatism’ to promote their hatred of women’s rights, gay rights, rights of people of color. They weasled their way into Congress in 2010, and here in TN as well. That is how we got stuck with Dr. DesJarlais, who claimed his ONLY goal in Congress was to “repeal Obamacare. They have ruined the GOP, and they caused Romney to sound so ‘conservative’ that he had NO CHANCE of winning.

      • deep

        Well, that’s what I was trying to imply with my generous use of air quotes. The Tea Party is often rather hypocritical because while they claim one set of goals and ideals they often go in completely the opposite direction like our “friend” Jim, above.

      • Yes, our Tennessee Teanuts were at the state capitol rallying against a state insurance exchange, which means we get the federal one. Huh?

  9. democommie

    Southern Beale:

    I was listening to NPR for a few minutes last night and was treated to your Guvernator saying that he was NOT refusing to set up a program as any sort of political statement. Right. In about the next breath he said that TN can do it better on their own, lying fuckbag.

    • I hear Gov. Haslam’s spine has been featured on a milk carton. No one has seen it since his first inauguration. The most cowardly politician the state has seen since I’ve lived here.

  10. tkmanion

    Hmmmm, Jim appears to have run out of canned talking points. Maybe he’s over at Mikeb302000’s taking up the cause of the beleagured LAWFUL GUNZ OWNERZ OF MURKKKA!

  11. Mary L. Wilson

    Thanks, SB, for re-posting this video, that exposes Millionaire Duncan’s disgust with us common folk. And an update on the son’s money troubles: Last week his ‘department lawyer’ and ‘assistant County Trustee were indicted for misuse of County funds and both resigned. But John the III was not touched, even though he knew he was doing wrong when he order this fraud to occur. It ain’t over, but the ‘family’ managed to keep it all quiet til after our Election here. Stay tuned!

  12. I guess Jim’s search engine broke.