It’s Beginning To Feel A Bit Like Christmas

It was 70 degrees in Nashville on Sunday. And it was down to 27 degrees Monday night. That’s Nashville weather.

However, it’s finally starting to feel like Christmas. Without further ado, a touch of Christmas spirit on the ol’ blog to hold everyone over for a few days. I’ve got a deadline:


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  1. democommie

    That’s a good thing. I had written something else, but it went sideways (my preferred direction in blogging) and so it’s at my place where some of your readers won’t be offended–they don’t go there.

  2. deep

    I was explaining to my wife why we shouldn’t bother enrolling our kids in a skiing program. Case in poiint the local ski slopes (no where near mountains or northern climes ANYWAY) have not made snow yet. Meanwhile in years past, they were often up and running right after Halloween.

    If conservatives want proof of global warming they should just look at ski resort profits. Nice capitalistic way of proving that it exists.

    • Nah, they’ll just point to some warm winter Gramps remembers (or thinks he remembers) from when he was a boy, back in the winter of ought-nine or some such. It’s all “cyclical”!

  3. ThresherK

    Any good new tunes out this year for Xmas and holidays?


    Hi, SB! I have a nice item for you for this week’s Good News Friday edition.

    Rep. John Barrow donating airline miles to troops

    By Associated Press updated Monday, December 10, 2012 – 11:14pm

    AUGUSTA — Members of Congress rack up lots of frequent flyer miles traveling between their home states and Washington. One lawmaker from Georgia is donating his miles to sick and wounded members of the military.

    U.S. Rep. John Barrow was scheduled to visit the Fisher House at Augusta’s VA medical center Monday to donate his 79,000 frequent flyer miles to its Hero Miles Program.

    The program gives free airline tickets to wounded and ill service members who need to travel to undergo treatment. Officials say the program has donated more than 30,000 airline tickets worth more than $45 million.

    Barrow, a Democrat, won re-election to a fifth term in the U.S. House last month despite being a top target of Republicans. Barrow has courted veterans as a key constituency.

    Hope you can use it! Cheers,

    SiubhanDuinne (Judith M Costello)

    (sent from my iPad 2)

  5. democommie


    Commenting is moderated, when it wasn’t I spent far too much time delousing the threads. Let me know, here, if you have trouble leaving a comment.

  6. democommie

    “It’s all “cyclical”!”

    I think that’s what those dinosaurs were saying just before the mass extinction, too.