Wingnut Bait, Christmas Edition

Did you get your First Family Christmas Card yet? Yes? We got ours at the Beale household about two weeks ago. For those of you not on the Soros-approved Holiday Muslim-Mas Socialism Distribution List, here’s a look:


Isn’t it adorable? It’s First Dog Bo, prancing in the snow in front of the White House. I opened my card and my first thought was, “What? No manger scene? No virgins or angels or Christmas trees? Why does Barack Hussein Obummer hate Jesus!” Actually, no. I thought, “Wow what a cute card.” But I have a brain.

Others, unfortunately, decided to go all “war-on-Christmas” over Card-gate, mainly the hysterics at Fox News (I know, it must be Tuesday, right?). By the way, the card was painted by an artist from that bastion of Commie secularism, Des Moines, Iowa.

And lordie, I haven’t got to the message inside the card:


Again, no Christmas, no Jesus, just “the season.” Oh, the horror!

Now, the reason I mention this is not because wingnuts are having hissy fits, which is as predictable as the sun rising in the east. No, I found it interesting because I thought, “Obama’s messing with them.” He is! POTUS knows the wingers are gonna get in a tizzy no matter what he does, and he probably also knows that this “War on Christmas” phony baloney BS is not something anyone with a brain gives a shit about, and it just makes conservatives look more unreasonable and extreme. It does! And here he dangled this nice little piece of wingnut bait out there and guess who bit: some wackjob named Todd Starnes, who last made headlines calling for the Feds to investigate “South Park.”

Okay, so now that it’s official that Obama has replaced Jesus with Bo the Dog, here’s a video of Bo giving the White House decorations his seal of approval:


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10 responses to “Wingnut Bait, Christmas Edition

  1. Eykis

    Great column. Really enjoyed it. Thanks and Happy Ho Ho~

  2. democommie

    Nah, if the BIC (Black In Chief) had REALLY wanted to mess with their heads somebody would have put up a creche with the Baby JESUS being made out of a sausage wrapped in bacon–and let Bo go find it and eat it, on camera.

  3. SiubhanDuinne

    Mine came a few days ago. It’s taped to my office door, right next to the card from Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter. My co-workers are impressed šŸ™‚

  4. I got one , Too ! And my sister , too ! ! I forgot to post that on my blogsite. next time then, before Christmas .
    Cheers and happy Holidays !

  5. ThresherK

    Is that snow real, or Photoshopped? If it’s real snow, how do we know it’s not from a ski resort style snow machine rented with a kajillion taxpayer dollars?

    (Just a heads-up on what may be tomorrow’s wingnut cause du jour.)