By All Means Let’s All Stay Mad At Bob Costas

Jesus Christ.

Someone in our gutless media needs to let me know when the appropriate time to discuss this arrives. Probably never.

Also: Mythbusting on gun ownership in Israel and Switzerland … a good read …


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  1. deep

    you said it Beale.

  2. Eykis

    The President should say something serious about gun control. He’s been accused of taking everyone’s guns since before he was ever elected. Time to DO SOMETHING NOW.

    • You’ve probably already seen this by now ….

      Whether it’s an elementary school in Newtown, or a shopping mall in Oregon, or a temple in Wisconsin, or a movie theater in Aurora, or a street corner in Chicago — these neighborhoods are our neighborhoods, and these children are our children. And we’re going to have to come together and take meaningful action to prevent more tragedies like this, regardless of the politics. This evening, Michelle and I will do what I know every parent in America will do, which is hug our children a little tighter and we’ll tell them that we love them, and we’ll remind each other how deeply we love one another.

      He said something similar when Rep. Giffords was shot.

      I’m reminded that the NRA is holding its annual convention in Nashville in 2015. I’m definitely NOT going to be here.

  3. Rick Rockhill

    just how sick is this?!?!?!? i can’t imagine how it would feel to drop your kid(s) at school and never see them alive again…. something HAS to be done – dunno what, but it has to be addressed. the feaux news folks/fleaparty/repugnicans will have a field day when President Obama speaks on the issue.


  4. themadkansan

    *sputters incoherently*
    *is whipsawn between horror and inchoate, spittle-flecked rage*

  5. Mary L. Wilson

    SB, it has been my passion since 1987 to work toward ways to stop gun violence. A family member killed himself after killing another person. These gun NUTS are insane. And I do not believe anything will change because our country, like Costas said, is in a ‘gun’ culture. There are many things that can be done….each State MUST have stricter laws, extensive BACKGROUND checks, wait periods, extensive lists kept of gun purchases and HCPs. Each gun owner should be mandated to take thorough GUN SAFETY classes. Guns used in crimes should be destroyed, melted, NOT auctioned off so that another idiot can buy it. Over 4 million New guns made and sold each year, and there are estimated to be over 320 guns of all types in circulation or owned in America, legal and illegally. I challenge Ron Ramsey, owned by the NRA to cancel his latest ‘guns everywhere’ bill. Colleges protested this NRA effort to the extent he had to remove ‘schools’ from his list.
    Apparently the shooting today in CT was a CRAZED person, who KILLED his mother, and most of the children dead were HER students. When WILL BE THE DAY to talk about preventing another terrorist killing by gun nuts in America?

  6. Joe

    With you, I understand why President Obama would say today is not the day, but first thing Monday morning he and every member of Congress need to get working to overcome the gun lobby’s tight reign on this bloodbath. With that, I’ve written to both of my senators and my rep telling them to take the lead. It must stop!

  7. Min

    I just want to cry.

  8. democommie

    Southern Beale:

    My neice and her family moved to the area near that school about 10 months ago. She and her family were about 15 miles from where it happened. She is alright and her kids are alright but I can only imagine the fear that parents in that area feel at having to send their children out the door next monday.

    The gunzloonz are already saying that it’s because there weren’t any guns at the school and people shouldabeen strapped and yada, yada.

    You know what happens when people are armed, they shoot other people. It’s not a question of “if”, but one of “when”.

    Gun safety is an oxymoron.

    • God. I’m glad your niece and her family were not involved. Yes, of course the loons are saying we need MORE guns. That’s always their default position. It’s completely illogical.

      • democommie

        A freind, Dave von Ebers, put a post up about this at his place (

        and I left this comment.

        I got rage. I got rage against the NRA and their toadies. I got rage against the idiots who prate on and on about their sacred 2nd and the RIGHT that shall not be abridged. I got rage against a congress and dozens of state legislatures are too cowardly, too greedy for the lobbying dollars, too wedded to the idea that being elected is more important than doing their fucking JOB–to provide for the common good. I got rage for people who lie and say that gunz will make you safer. What I don’t got is a magic wand, beans, potion or anything else that will right a wrong, raise the dead, unmake a horrible crime against society.

        The truth is that I don’t WANT anything magical. I want people to take an interest in the conduct of their government and take responsibility for their actions and the actions of those people that they help to elect.

        I don’t want the impossible. I want the possible, and I want it now.

        I’m an atheist but if I believed in GOD, I would beg a curse from him, upon the heads of the NRA, to afflict them with the fear, pain and sense of loss that their irresponsible jingoism has brought into a Connecticut classroom.

        Wayne LaPierre is likely to be sitting at a posh dinner table tonight, having some nice food and wine, maybe smoking a good cigar. I hope that reprehensible piece of shit is fully aware at some point in his life, and has time to ponder it fully before he dies, that everything he has is purchased with the blood of the innocents.

        The obscenity that is the murder of 20 young children and six adults in a Connecticut school is not, as so many gunzloonz like to say about the increasingly frequent mass shootings in this country, statistically insignificant. It is truly an abomination, one made possible by the propagandizing of the NRA, a whore to the firearms industry and a congress that for far too long has ignored the problem inherent in having no coherent federal firearms policies.

        The cowards who demonize those of us who call for safe and sane use of firearms, including regulating them, will, I am quite sure, not be out bragging about boxing the ears of the anti’s tonight. No, they’ll skulk at their keyboards for a day or two until Weenie LaPutrid gives them some fresh red meat and then continue on the road to Armageddon.

        If I had prayers for the innocent I would offer them. But all I’ve got is the rage

        Further to this. We need to stop NOT wanting to be involved in the politics of insanity and the politics of the gun. Lack of involvement is what got us here.

  9. I was bawling my eyes out as I watched Pres. Obama on TV. He should do something.

  10. Today a psychopath attacked school children at their school with murderous intent. He wounded 22, but there were no fatalities.

    This happened in China, where, due to the lack of readily available guns, he had to use a knife. It’s still a huge tragedy, but the parents of these children will be seeing them in recovery rooms, not morgues.
    I am not making this up. Google it.

    Also note, you almost never read about drive-by knifings, or innocents getting caught in the cross-stabbing.

    Yes, people kill people. Guns simply make it a whole lot quicker, easier, more efficient and indiscriminate.

    It’s why we don’t go to war wielding swords.


    • Yes, the NRA loonz like to use the “but knives are dangerous too” argument. The reality is, they are not nearly as lethal. I have a good friend who was attacked by her date in high school. He stabbed her, raped her, and dumper her in the woods to die. She crawled to a farmhouse for help.

      If he’d had a gun she’d have been dead.

      And by all means, let’s stop ignoring mental health treatment in this country too.

  11. In the midst of this tragedy I also hope someone pauses for a moment and remembers there are babies in Baghdad. There are babies in Tehran. There are babies in Gaza. There are babies in Kabul. There are babies…

  12. democommie


    Yes, but that subject is argued about on different threads.