Good News Friday

Your weekly progress report:

• NASA says we’re not all going to die on December 21.

• Even science skeptics believe global warming is real now.

• Ronald Reagan may have his name plastered over every public building in America but have they named a dinosaur after him? I think not. (And people, if ever there were a president deserving that honor, it’s Ronald Reagan.) However, they really did name a newly-discovered species of dinosaur after Obama. I bring you the Obamadon gracilis, so named for the president’s broad smile, not any particular policies right-wingers might find out of date.

• A previously unknown Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale has been found in Denmark’s National Archives. It’s a “somber fairy tale about a lonely candle who wanted to be lit.” So. Yay. I think.

• A reproductive health bill has passed the Philippines’ House of Representatives, over the objections of Catholic bishops.

• Marriage equality appears headed for a vote in Scotland.

• Atlanta’s city council passed a resolution supporting marriage equality, and Mayor Kasim Reed has also announced his support of marriage equality.

• Offshore wind energy projects get a big boost from the DOE.

• UT Austin withdraws its fracking research after bias in the science was uncovered by independent reviewers.

• Charlie Crist is officially a Democrat.

• A federal judge ruled that North Carolina’s “Choose Life” license plates can’t be sold unless a pro-choice option is also available. I seem to recall this issue coming up in Tennessee, but courts denied our similar logical argument.

• The highly endangered frigatebird has returned to nest on Ascension Island 150 years after it was wiped out by feral cats.

• A judge has halted the Keystone pipeline in Texas … for now.

• Doctors used a disabled form of the HIV virus to cure a young girl’s cancer. Okay we can all officially thank the gays now (/sarcasm).

• TV commercials officially have to stop screaming at you starting yesterday.

• Construction workers discovered an ancient agricultural farm beneath a Jerusalem street.

• From a commenter, U.S. Rep. John Barrow donated 79,000 frequent flyer miles to injured troops needing to travel for medical treatment.

Good News, Tennessee Edition:

• FedEx Chairman Fred Smith came out in support of raising taxes on the top 2%. Funny, seems like just last spring that local clown Arthur Laffer was telling Tennessee’s state legislative leaders that Fred Smith was gonna pack up FedEx and move ’em out of state if we didn’t repeal the state’s inheritance tax.

• Zipcar is coming to Knoxville.

• Bicycle sharing comes to downtown Nashville.

• Nashville’s Warner Parks get their own iPhone app.

And this week’s cool video is The Mayan Calendar explained. Happy New B’ak’tun to you!


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14 responses to “Good News Friday

  1. democommie

    Southern Beale:

    The guy in the video? Alton Brown for science geeks!

  2. Jim from Memphis

    Here is another Good News article concerning some top Democratic Senators and Obamacare:

    • From the link:

      “…the health-care-industry lobbies that supported this subsidy-and-mandate-laden bill… “

      Which ones would those be? I seem to recall the healthcare lobby pretty singlehandedly funding the opposition.

      Here’s what the Democratic Senators really asked for in their letter:

      WASHINGTON — Sens. Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken have signed a letter asking Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to consider delaying the implementation of a forthcoming health care reform tax on medical device manufacturers.

      The letter, originated last week by Klobuchar and North Carolina Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan, says device manufacturers “received little guidance about how to comply with the tax — causing significant uncertainty and confusion for businesses.” They want Reid to support including the tax in a deficit reduction or tax reform package associated with the year-end “fiscal cliff.”

      They want a delay, not repeal of the tax. To allow manufacturers more time to figure out compliance.

      Once again Jim you prove what we’ve all been saying: the more right wing news you consume, the less you know.

  3. About that news from the Philippines and reproductive bill passing…. that was a feat… I came from the Philippines… the Catholic Church there is very powerful. There’s no separation of church and state and 90% are Roman Catholics….

  4. Mike G

    TV commercials officially have to stop screaming at you starting yesterday.

    This, obviously, is Nazi Commie Sharia law being imposed by a tyrannical government on the corporate heroes denying the God-given liberty to blast infomercials at whatever volume the free market determines will sell more plastic crap.

    • Not hardly, the government still has 300 million shares to sell on the open market. But the point wasn’t for the government to make money, anyway. That was never the point. It was to save thousands and thousands of jobs and keep dozens of related industries which served GM (many here in Tennessee) from going under. It was to prevent the Bush economic meltdown from turning into another Great Depression. I’d say it was definitely worth it.

      If the government was interested in seizing businesses just to turn a profit I imagine they’d nationalize the oil industry. That would make us, what — Venezuela? Don’t think we want that.

      • Jim from Memphis

        According to the report, “The Treasury has said it expects to lose $24.3 billion on the $85 billion auto bailout.” That is assuming they sell the 300 million shares for around the same price. It is not like GM stock is going to get anywhere near the $50+ needed to break even on those shares. Also, the auto bailout went to more than just GM, so the expected loss of $24.3 billion covers the loses at Chrysler as well.

        And I thought the government was claiming we would make money on these bailouts… The CEO of GM picked by the Obama Administration thought so –

      • Wait I thought the government claimed that Iraq’s oil revenues would pay for the war and then some?

        Thank you for highlighting the difference between a Democratic administration’s investment and a Republican ones.

        “Ye shall know them by their fruits …”

  5. Oh, dear, that’s why Jim from Memphis was gone for so long from that earlier thread. He had NOTHING TO COME BACK WITH.

    Now he’s got a new dead horse to beat (oooooh, is that one of Mittmoroni’s stallions?)

    Yeah, GM, cost gummint billllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllionz.

    Wait, what’s this:

    “The announcement comes exactly four years to the day that President George W. Bush announced he would rescue GM and Chrysler with a $17.4 billion bailout in December 2008 using the $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program.

    Oh, so, I get it. Bushco was gonna give GM and Chrysler $17.4B which if both companies had gone under (a very real possibility at the time) the gummint woulda been out that cash + whatever they had to spend to keep people in Detroit from going over and burning down Grosse Pointe and anything else that caught their fancy–everybody in Detroit is a fucking savage mau-mau unionist, right, Jim. Or is that just attitude of all those “free market” commentors on that thread?

    Oh, I almost forgot. Allathem jobs at GM and the companies that they did business with woulda been gone, along with the tax revenue from the “little people” that get fucked up the ass so that people like you can be in a position to say:

    “And yes DC, my wife and I are quite close to the $250k income line. If the economy rebounds just a little bit more than I would guess we could easily pass it by $50 or $60k in the next few years. $250k is not that much money when raising a family with 3 school age kids.”.

    You don’t suppose, do you Jim, that the fact that the “Detroit
    Auto News” is run by USAToday might taint their view a bit?

    Oh, wait, no, all the media is liebral.

    I realize, Jim, that my impertinence (never mind that I don’t twist my tweed cap in my hands or tug at my forelock as I ask the Laird’s indulgence in the matter of my 13 yo daughter’s raping his son) in these little, “dialogues”, will not stand me in good stead in the New Gilded Age but, then, I somewhat doubt that you’ll be a member of the gentry in any case.

    • Jim from Memphis

      Just because Bush proposed giving money to the auto companies does not mean it was a good idea…. but to be honest it is good news that the loss is only 24 billion. I expected it to be much worse. And hey, the added billions bought Obama a lot of union votes and alot of the money will come back to the Democratic party through union contributions, so you can’t really blame Obama for taking all he could to pass out to his buddies in the unions. And GM did in fact go through a bankruptcy, just one controlled by the Obama administration such that unions got most of the money and creditors got shafted. But hey, who is to say hundreds of years of bankruptcy law was right before Obama got into office?

      As to the source of the article, do you think the newspaper just made up the Treasury projection on the loss?

      • Jim, what’s your point? That the GM bailout was a bad idea? Your boy Mitt sang that tune and it cost him the states of Ohio and Michigan. So keep singing that tune, it’s a solo performance. Once again the GOP is on the wrong side of a winning issue for Democrats.

        If you’re trying to say that the GM bailout is a budget buster, you’re full of shit. Bush’s wars and tax cuts for millionaires have put this country in a bigger fiscal mess than a program that saved thousands of jobs. We all know Republicans are fiscal phonies. If they really cared about cutting the deficit they’d love the fiscal cliff & the mandatory across-the-board spending cuts that comes with it. But they don’t.

        The GOP doesn’t give a crap about the debt, Jim. If you seriously think that then you need an intervention. They’re all about stealing money from old and poor and giving it to rich people, defense contractors, and Wall Street. Wake up dude you’ve been had.

  6. democommie

    “And hey, the added billions bought Obama a lot of union votes and alot of the money will come back to the Democratic party through union contributions, so you can’t really blame Obama for taking all he could to pass out to his buddies in the unions.”

    Gosh, Jim, I’m going to try to be polite here.

    You’re a lying sack of shit. Go fuck yourself, please.

    You give away your bias right there in there, in that sentence that is bullshit from start to finish. What you say there is that the unions engineered the bailout–they had pretty much fuck all input. See if you can find the photographs of the union guys taking a meeting with Tim Geitner in Gstaad or Lucerne.

    It looks, btw, like your boy, Mittmoroni took a little profit from the bailout of the auto industry. Well, fuck yeah, he’s a businessman–just like you. If you can’t make a buck when other people are gettin’ hosed, what kind of KKKapitalist are ya?

    A quick google or six shows me where Jim is getting his news; such unbiased sources as Michelle Malking, The Blaze–ah, this could go on all day.

    “And GM did in fact go through a bankruptcy, just one controlled by the Obama administration such that unions got most of the money and creditors got shafted.”

    Oh, I’m sorry, Jim, I should have been a little more clear I guess. When I said, “Bankruptcy”? I meant a REAL one, not a chapter 11, fuck the guys you owe money to as long as the lawyers get rich. Nah, I was thinking chapter 7, GM sold off to the highest bidder who would prolly just let the workers go on teh welfare and sell off the pieces–isn’t that something that your boy, Mittmoroni specializes in?–oh, wait, I forgot; Mitt likes to do that with HEALTHY companies.

    BTW, Jim, do you happen to have a copy of that filing and ruling, I seem to have misplaced mine. I can’t remember seeing where the union muscled GM into anything, but I’m sure you have the chapter and verse on that.

    “As to the source of the article, do you think the newspaper just made up the Treasury projection on the loss?”

    Of course I don’t think that, Jim; the Auto News is owned by Gannett, not Rupert Murdoch. No, I believe that Treasury is making their best guess and that the Auto News is putting the Rightard spin on it–and that is what they’re doing. Sorry, Jim, you may be dumb enough to eat a chocolate dipped turd and think it’s an O’Henry bar, I’m not.

    I’m a former union guy, Jim. I certainly can’t speak for my brothers, but just from me to you, “Fuck you.”. If not for unions no middle class, no health coverage, no paid holidays, no 40 hour workweek, no retirement for workers–well, pretty much nothing is what the average worker received for his work before the unions. I know that would be fine with you but, forunately, you didn’t get to make the rules.

    You really might want to consider moving to some free market paradise like, um, I can’t really think of one.

    • Actually, the unions got screwed in the bailout, screwed on pensions. But that was a popular line with the Malkintents and Glenn Beck crowd.

      Jim, like the rest of the 27% you need to start getting your information from another source, because you’re making an ass out of yourself.