You Have A Funny Idea Of Freedom

Armed teachers, bulletproof backpacks for kids and regular police patrols at elementary and middle schools: this is your idea of freedom?

America’s right-wing is insane.


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7 responses to “You Have A Funny Idea Of Freedom

  1. insane and unwilling to listen. people i know on that side of things keep talking about their gun rights as if that constitutional right should be unfettered, unrestricted, unbounded in any way. as if we haven’t been told since we were wee tykes that our right to free speech doesn’t give us the right to yell “fire” in a crowded theater or slander folks. and yet their right to collect arsenals of assault weapons trumps _everything_ else? it _is_ insane.

  2. My response to a “friend” who suggested heavily armed guards to patrol schools:

    Consider this, who will pay their salaries? And like all good conservatives you will want to pay them with peanuts so the people you will get to do the jobs will be the lowest common denominator.

    Crap how Y’all love to whine and moan about the stupid ****s they hire at the TSA to paw through your undies and pat your crotches, now you want to give those same minimum wagers assault weapons and have them “guard” your schools.

    • Am I the only one who finds it a little bizarre that the same teachers whom the Teanuts were labeling as Socialist, liberal, do-gooder union-loving leeches on the free market are now the very people they want to arm?

      They are fucking schizophrenic and need to get help.

    • Mike G

      My local school district is crying poverty, but somehow they found over $10k a year to run drug-sniffing dogs around the high school every week. So it’s unfettered “freedom” for gun owners (they only right they seem to care about defending is the right to own guns) and the big government Security State for everyone else.

  3. America’s right-wing is insane.

    Well, yes. (Or as I prefer to phrase it, having “interesting” neurochemistry, Wrong.)

  4. Mnemosyne

    If you still haven’t listened to David Blight’s iTunes U course about the Civil War, you definitely should. He has a really interesting lecture where he explains how the definition of “freedom” was different for Northerners and Southerners and it’s very easy to draw the parallel between liberals and conservatives.

    Short version: “freedom” for antebellum Southerners was the freedom to do whatever they wanted on (and with) their own property without intervention or social disapproval and the amount of “freedom” you had depended on your social status. In the North, “freedom” meant you were free from having others interfere in your livelihood, but there were social rules governing what you could do with your property and family.

  5. I spent a good part of my morning running down things in Googlevania and putting together part 1 of a ? parts post on the subject of gunz and why we can’t talk about them.

    One of the things I saw as I was putting the thing together was the overlaps between the CSA of the 1860’s and the WKSM* of today. I think it’s not accidental.

    I’m not putting the links here but you can get them if you want to, over at my place (

    My site is no SFW or **SFPWGTVWICFA”FA”. Other than that it’s giggling pink unity ponies, all the way down.

    * Wrongheaded KKKrazzeeass States of MurKKKa.

    ** Safe For People Who Get The Vapors When I Call Fucking Assholes “Fucking Assholes”.