Good News Friday

Happy Winter Solstice, everyone! From here on out, the days grow longer by one minute a day. Light has triumphed over darkness — again!

Some other good news from the week:

• The Mayan apocalypse has failed, says Australia.

• GM is moving production of the Camaro from Canada to Lansing, MI.

• Discovery has cancelled its “American Guns” reality show and fired Ted Nugent.

• Charges against Lt. Dan Choi have been dismissed. The charges related to a 2011 protest of the Keystone pipeline in front of the White House.

• Former Rwandan government official Augustin Ngirabatware was found guilty of genocide by a United Nations tribunal and sentenced to 35 years in prison.

• Instagram backs off its “all your images are belong to us” idea.

• A river otter has been found living in San Francisco.

• A coal mining museum has installed solar panels. Hilarious.

• New Orleans schools have rejected teaching creationism as science.

• Some forms of obesity may be caused by a bacterial infection, says science. A cure can’t be far behind.

• This amazing Frank Lloyd Wright house in Phoenix has been saved from demolition. I’m something of a Frank Lloyd Wright junkie so this is great news for me.

• MI Gov. Rick Snyder vetoed a bill allowing guns in schools.

• Women in the Armed Services who are victims of rape will have access to abortion health services, thanks to the Shaheen Amendment.

• Ireland will legalize abortion when a woman’s life is at risk. The move follows the tragic death of Savita Halappanavar, who died while suffering a miscarriage and repeatedly being denied an abortion.

• Hours after California’s treasurer said he would recommend that the state’s pension funds divest themselves of investments in gun manufacturers, Cerberus Capital Management said it would sell Freedom Group LP, the largest U.S. gunmaker.

Good News, Tennessee Edition:

• Tennessee House Speaker Beth Harwell has come out against the “arm our teachers” idea. Seriously, visioni some of out nuttier elements have for this country is truly insane. Everyone walking around armed in a constant state of fear? Please, move to Somalia if that’s your idea of awesomeness.

I found this week’s video on YouTube, it’s people doing awesome things:


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6 responses to “Good News Friday

  1. Mary L. Wilson

    Thanks, SB. A whole pile of GREAT news this week! I am so anxious which Legislators will vote yes on the “guns in parking lot vehicles” bill still push by Ramsey the Rodent. And I don’t know much about Beth Harwell, but apparently SHE cares enough about Tennessee to come out against the ‘guns in teachers’ hands’ fiasco bill. And Gov. Snyder has it correct…And super news for the Shaheen Amendment passing…

  2. Jim from Memphis

    See the Michigan vote to go to a right to work state is already paying off with new jobs from GM. :p

    • Actually, the Lansing GM plant is already a UAW plant so, another FAIL. But nice try.

      Sigh. Give it up, Jim. Just babble into your oatmeal somewhere else.

      • Jim from Memphis

        SB – I was joking hence the “:p” . But in the new right to work law, what does it matter if a plant is or is not already a union facility? People there would still have the right to not belong to the union and still work there right? And non union facilities could still vote to unionize if they want, they just could not force people to join the union right?

      • It’s a battle between the CAW and UAW.

        Right to work laws are better described as right to freeload. Because everyone gets the benefits of the union pay and other negotiated benefits, whether the worker pays dues or not.

  3. democommie

    Southern Beale:

    The piece in the union/right to work equation that fucks everything up is that once enough people don’t JOIN the union, the union winds up getting decertied–that’s what the oligarchs want, no unions. When the unions are gone, all of the advances in the workplace (or any that are left, at that point) will melt away.