Rep. Marsha Blackburn: Worst Person In The World

Hello people of Middle Tennessee! What horrible thing did Marsha Blackburn do today? Actually, it’s two horrible things. First, she voted “No” on Superstorm Sandy relief. Yes, that’s right, you’d think after the 2010 floods that decimated Nashville (including parts of her own district) she’d have learned a thing or two about why people need this legislation. It

[…] allows FEMA to temporarily increase the National Flood Insurance program’s borrowing limit by $9.7 billion….

FEMA, shmeema! Who needs it! Well, actually, Tennessee needed it, and Blackburn had no problem accepting federal aid when her state got flooded. But the Club For Growth says no, and they seem to be calling the shots here. Other Club For Growth lapdogs from the Tennessee delegation include Scott DesJarlais, Jimmy Duncan, Stephen Fincher and Phil Roe. Why? Because they’re assholes. Also, free market and gummint bad and blahbeddy blah. Hypocrites.

However, Blackburn did put forth a bill to defund Planned Parenthood today.

Yes, you read that right. Apparently not offering aid to families who lost everything in Superstorm Sandy while defunding a provider of healthcare to low-income women is the new “pro-life” position.

Marsha Blackburn, I hearby declare you a horrible human being.


Looks like all the Tennessee Sandy “nays” who were in office in May 2010 begged for FEMA aid for their own districts.

What horrible, wretched people. Federal disaster relief for me but not for thee? Of course not. Sickening.


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8 responses to “Rep. Marsha Blackburn: Worst Person In The World

  1. SB, I can’t believe you just called Marsha Blackburn the ” Worst Person In The World.”

    Here’s my description: Worn out whore.

    • I generally don’t like calling women whores, actually. Even Marsha.

      • I suspect that many who have voted for her in the past wish now they could rescind their votes. Blackburn’s voting record is transparent. It’s in the eye of the beholder as to whether she is, or has represented the best interests of her constituents specifically, and the state and country as a whole.

        I generally don’t call women whores either. The rawness of a description sometimes gets attention. Not so much can be said for the continued political actions that define that description.

        I’m only one vote and I call it the way I see it. There’s a thin line between thinking it and saying it. Rush Limbaugh has seemed to carry a large following by using similar descriptions of people that have some affiliation with the Democratic Party.

        There’s no love in politics and I don’t speak to, or about the character of a person. Their actions speak for themselves. Speaking about the obvious is just that. The word “whore” could just as easily be interpreted as a verb instead of a noun.

      • I suspect that many who have voted for her in the past wish now they could rescind their votes.

        Doubtful. She just got re-elected easily in November. The people in her district are brain-dead Fox News robots. They see an “R” next to the name and vote accordingly.

      • Well, the robots had better re-grease themselves. Blackburn along with Fincher, in their collective Tea Party antics, just voted to do away with the Tennessee sales tax deduction.

        Of course in 2004 and as the editorial notes, Blackburn voted to restore the sales tax. Gotta love that representation.

      • That’s interesting. Of course the Teanuts voted against the fiscal cliff legislation, because OBAMA and SOCIALISM and MUSLIM and OMG. Doubt they even realized the sales tax deduction was in the legislation. All they needed to know is that the White House was FOR it so they must be AGAINST it.

  2. Mary L. Wilson

    Blackburn and Dianne Black are both betrayers of all females in this State. They have gotten wealthy by sucking up to the right wing billionaires who now own them and their power to vote against the folks who elected them. Black is so rich she actually laughed out loud when told she would have to pay her fair share of taxes, knowing she has hidden her money well. In fact, all our GOP congress critters have betrayed Tennessee, the poor, women who cannot afford basic medical care, the 98% of taxpayers. The Two Doctors in the bunch, Roe and DesJarlais voted against women and children and their medical care.

  3. Eykis

    I was finally gerrymandered out of Marsha the Moron’s district this year but it irks me to no end that she is continuously re-elected. Remove Ft. Campbell from her district and she would be toast. As far as Black the Bigot is concerned, what the hell is wrong with people in her district? Both hate Tennesseans and both hate women.