Something That Isn’t Supposed To Happen Just Happened

Guns-in-restaurants FAIL:

Police say a man accidentally shot his wife at a Lenexa restaurant when his concealed weapon discharged.

Lenexa police say the man had a small-caliber handgun in his pocket while dining at the Longbranch Steakhouse last week. Officer Dan Friesen says the man reached into the pocket and accidentally discharged his weapon. His wife was treated and released at a hospital for a wound in the leg.

Police say the man had a valid concealed carry permit and the proper training but the state likely will revoke his permit.

Likely? Likely?!


KSHB-TV reports the restaurant’s manager says the company is now considering banning customers from bringing in concealed firearms.

I should hope so. This is exactly what I said would happen which the gun loons swore would never, ever happen. And this is why I won’t eat at any restaurant allowing concealed guns. Fucking loons.

And speaking of gun loons, it looks like conspiracy nutter Alex Jones’ tinfoil hat was screwed on waaay too tight when he appeared on Piers Morgan’s show. If you haven’t seen the video of the gun lobby’s latest spokes-loon, it’s a must-see. So glad the crazies have crawled out from beneath the NRA rock so the rest of America can see how off the charts these people really are.


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13 responses to “Something That Isn’t Supposed To Happen Just Happened

  1. democommie

    Jones may have to amp up his schtick if Dr. James Tracy of Florida Atlantic University gets a little more coverage. He says that the Sandyhook Elementary massacere is a put-up job. He’s one of those people that will wonder why somebody punches his fucking lights out for making idiotic comments about things of which he knows nothing.

  2. When I was a little guy about six or seven years old, I am sure that my Dad could have trusted me to be his point-man. No way, come hell or high water, that gun would have shot my mommy while Dad had me by his side.

    I would never had let it happen.

  3. democommie

    Florida Atlantic is part of the State of Florida college system. The good doctor is an asshat.

    • Demo:

      Did you see this?

      One of the operators of a popular YouTube channel promoting high-powered guns and explosives was found shot to death last week in northeast Georgia.

      Keith Ratliff, 32, was found dead at 5:45 p.m. Thursday on Hayes Road in Carnesville, said Franklin County Sheriff Steve Thomas in a press release.

      Ratliff, of Frankfort, Ky., had been shot once in the head, and his death is a homicide. He had been dead for some time when the body was discovered, Thomas said. He was last seen alive Wednesday around 7 p.m.

      The GBI has been called in to assist in the investigation, and Ratliff’s body was taken to the GBI Crime Lab in Atlanta for an autopsy.

      Ratliff, along with Kyle Lamar Myers, who appears in the popular online videos, operate the “FPSRussia” YouTube channel, which has 3.4 million subscribers. Videos posted on the channel have racked up more than a half-billion views. According to YouTube, FPSRussia is the ninth-most popular channel on the website.

      Weird. What are the chances the guy was unarmed? Seems guns really don’t protect you after all.

      • democommie

        Well, maybe the FAU conspiracy theorist can explain how that one was done by ObamaFEMA nancybooted jackthugs.

      • deep

        yeah, wasn’t Sandy Hook the work of Gubbermint thugs trying to make the NRA look bad so Obammie can take away our guns!!

  4. democommie

    Meanwhile on the other, OTHER side of the looking glass that is bizarroMurKKKa:

    • I figured they’d blame Obama/ATF/DoJ/liberals/environmentalists/teachers etc. etc.

      I’m trying to figure out the thought process here. They have guns to defend themselves, but are “targeted” by “anti-gun” individuals, who murder them with … guns! And the pro-gun people aren’t able to defend themselves even though they have guns? It does not compute. But it never computes. Looking for logic in all the wrong places.

    • Hey, here’s ANOTHER one:

      LEBANON, Pa. — A mother of three who became a voice of the gun-rights movement when she openly carried a loaded pistol to her daughter’s soccer game was fatally shot along with her husband, a parole officer and former prison guard, in an apparent murder-suicide at their home.

      Nobody could have anticipated …. OH WAIT. Never mind.

      • deep

        Something that occurred to me recently, is that the gun nuts are probably right: more guns means less mass murders. What they don’t mention is the number of single to double murders will increase exponentially.

        After all it’s the reason the nation doesn’t hear about every homicide in urban centers every day. It’s because it’s one person (and that person is probably a minority.)

        That’s probably the NRAs plan. Get more guns, which means the deaths that occur won’t be so publc and people won’t be so upset anymore. Diabolical.

  5. democommie

    Southern Beale:

    And here’s one from your neck of the woods, James Yeage:

    who also appears to be lying about his credentials.

    “Something that occurred to me recently, is that the gun nuts are probably right: more guns means less mass murders.”

    Facts are not in evidence.

  6. democommie

    And Mr. Yeager has now had his carry license revoked by the TN Dept. of Public Safety. Bummer.