Steve Gill: Don’t Let The Door Hitya Where The Lord Splitya

Nashville-based syndicated conservative talk radio host/Tea Party hero Steve Gill is quitting his radio show. All together now: Awwwwwww. You’ll love the reason why:

He said the growing corporate influence on radio also has made it more difficult for small broadcasters to thrive.

“When we started 15 years ago, radio was a different animal,” Gill said. “The way corporations work, it’s difficult to have a grassroots, listener-focused show right now.”

Wow. The guy who never met a tax or regulation he couldn’t slam, who devoted his career to selling free market snake oil, who promoted the Tea Party every chance he got? That guy? He appears completely oblivious to the fact that the very policies he promotes has created an environment of corporate consolidation, which actually suppresses free markets and free speech.


But sure, Steve. Remind me how the Muslim Brotherhood is behind the Murfreesboro Islamic Center, how we need to kill Julian Assange, or how Obama’s nomination of Hillary Clinton to be Secretary of State violates the Constitution. Or how high gas prices are Democrats’ fault. Dude, you were always focused on the wrong things. The foamy-mouthed, hate-spewing, fearmongering, bash-the-left stuff. Can’t believe WKRN hired him has a “political analyst.”

I mean, I could spend all day dredging up more of Steve Gill’s greatest hits, but I think you get the point. Gill is the worst sort of political hack who never missed a chance to twist a fact or gin up an outrage if it slammed liberals, President Obama, or any politician with a “D” after their name. Amazingly, people seem to be tired of that shit! Hoocouldanode?

The free market has spoken.

I’m not crying for Gill, he’ll no doubt benefit from Wingnut Welfare. But at least he won’t be spreading his crackpot ideas on the public airwaves anymore.

By the way, I dredged up this excellent 2009 piece from the memory hole. Mary Mancini saw it all coming. She predicted not just the decline of conservative hate ratio, but the destruction of the GOP brand overall.


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6 responses to “Steve Gill: Don’t Let The Door Hitya Where The Lord Splitya

  1. I hope you can give info on how Limbaugh’s show is doing. Is it getting stronger or what? I’m not hearing anything about this stuff lately.

    • I periodically check. I hear that his ratings have slid, that since the Dump Rush campaign sparked by his attacks on Sandra Fluke advertisers have fled, that in particular the $400 million he got (or whatever it was) has been a huge loss for Clear Channel and they’re scrambling madly to boost him up with their syndicators.

      I have no way of knowing if any of that is true or just liberal spin. I have friends with access to Arbitron ratings and Rush is still #1 but he’s carried on more stations than anyone else, too. Most of those hard numbers are protected, you have to pay to get that info unless you’re in the industry or a big advertiser, and the big advertisers aren’t out there shouting about what bad business decisions they’ve made.

  2. Mary L. Wilson

    From bits that leak from the industry, talk radio, it seems that Rush is so rich that he owns his own station and cable channel and is the shill for Murdoch and CO, indirectly paid from the Koch brothers, the ones who created the TEA PARTY. He is the indirect spokesman for Right Wing GOPpers but the ‘Party’ never corrects him or calls him out on anything.

  3. Now if we can get Steve Gill to take Phil “Illegal aliens!!!” Valentine with him, we’ll have a nice start on cleaning up Nashville’s airwaves…

    Seriously, the rest of America has no idea why people in this part of the state are so monumentally screwed up when it comes to disinformation and hateful rhetoric, but anyone who’s listened to either of those asshats on the air would understand: talk radio in Nashville is toxic for human consumption.

    And let me help you out with the Rush-Watch gap in your info… I listen to Rush whenever I haul our trash to the convenience center (fits the trip to put Rush on whenever there’s trash in the back of the truck) and can assure you he’s even more strident and deranged than usual of late. He’s crossing the Ann Coulter line in the sand, where every broadcast has to be more cynical and hurtful than the last.

  4. BTW, congrats on the Crooks and Liars link~!!!