Herein Lies The Problem

I’m sorry you accidentally murdered your son but maybe if we started prosecuting gun negligence the same way we prosecute drunk driving negligence shit like this wouldn’t keep happening:

Father Won’t Be Charged In Shooting That Left Young Son Dead

MERCER, Pa. (January 16, 2013)–A Pennsylvania father won’t face charges for the accidental shooting death of his 7-year-old son outside of a gun store, prosecutors say.

The Herald of Sharon reported Wednesday that Mercer County District Attorney Robert Kochems announced he won’t charge Joseph Loughrey, 44, in the Dec. 8 shooting death of his son, Craig.

Police said the boy was buckling himself into his safety seat in his father’s truck when a handgun accidentally discharged as his father got in the front seat.

Kochems says Loughrey had removed the magazine from the pistol, but didn’t realize there was still a round in the chamber when he tried to sell the gun at Twig’s Reloading Den in East Lackawannock Township.

When the sale didn’t go through, Loughrey brought the gun back to the truck, where it accidentally fired.

God I’m so sick of this shit. Just like magic, the gun went off! All by it’s own self! Seriously? No, the gun did not “accidentally fire.” It did not “accidentally discharge,” all by itself. Joseph Loughrey fired the gun, accidentally. Huge fucking difference. Love this reporter’s twisting of the facts here, don’t you?

There are no gun accidents. There’s negligent behavior resulting in inevitable tragedy. Unless the gun up and fired itself — in which case, sorry! You can’t sue the manufacturer thanks to Republicans! But that’s not what happened here.

If you get drunk and get in the driver’s seat of a car and kill your child in an accident, you go to jail. Pregnant women who have miscarriages are being sent to jail. But a gun loon can kill his son because he “didn’t realize there was still a round in the chamber” and he’s suffered enough.

The reason this makes me nuts is because these negligent gun discharges are behind the vast majority of shootings in this country. We get all upset over mass shooting incidents like Aurora and Newtown but those are comparatively rare. Instead we have idiots like this woman, who shot herself while fumbling around in her purse.

Stop pretending these people aren’t dangerous. They are. Prosecute. Prosecute. Prosecute.


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  1. democommie

    I call those things with gunz, “Stupidents”. It’s not just motor vehicular homicide that will get you jail time, btw. If you’re all by yourself, driving your car and a cop sees that you have a license plate lamp out, he can pull you over. If you’ve had several servings of alcohol and he decides to put your through the process, you’re fucked. Even if you don’t lose your license you’ll spend $K’s for lawyers.

    Shoot your kid, get a pass. How fucked up is that. After reading that the dad was divorced from his wife who has a girlfriend I got a bit cynical.

    I saw this:
    “Kochems declined to comment beyond his statement, which stressed his belief in a constitutional right to own firearms.

    ‘I own a number myself,’ the statement said. ‘Further, with the reduction of public safety forces firearms ownership may be becoming more necessary.

    ‘Persons who make the decision to own a firearm for personal protection must realize that their primary purpose in owning the firearm is to kill someone or something. They have an obligation to know how the firearm works not just on the day they purchase it but on every occasion that they touch it and always remembering its purpose.'” Read more:

    in the article that was in the UK’s Daily Mail, the british equivalent of the NY Daily News or other Murdoch properties in the U.S.

    The prosecutor is an ass..

  2. Excellent post. Did you read about the 3 year old that shot and killed his dad with a handgun? This was in the news just a few days ago. Lord help us all. The gun lobby will never let a bill pass to restrict gun ownerhship. I hate to use the word idiot- maybe “stupid?” 🙂 Oh well, all means the same thing. But why is the world are people so careless with guns? By the way, idiots signed a petition to the White House trying to get Piers Morgan deported because he called a NRA guy stupid. Now how stupid is that? ( I am referring to the petition, as stupid also).

  3. While we are at it, can we prosecute the doctor who is 600 times more likely to “accidentally” take your life?

  4. democommie

    Oh, Usagi, you guy, you useless guy.

    Doctors do get prosecuted when they’re caught breaking the law–with about the same frequency as other law breakers, of course they’re generally able to afford a decent lawyer, so the conviction rate is not everything it might be.

    And there’s that 800# gorillaphant in the room, the one that the NRA loves to not talk about it. The liability insurance. Weenie LaPutrid is big on lie ability, it’s just not the same.

    BTW, did you miss the part about the prosecutor saying that he could have prosecuted the guy but decided not to because…; oh that’s right, he never really offered up a good reason.

  5. Jim from Memphis

    SB – I agree with you. People that unlawfully shoot other people whether they meant to or not should be prosecuted.

  6. W

    If he’d shot some random stranger I imagine he would get some kind of punishment. But his own kid… You can make an argument that the guilt of that is more punishment than anything the justice system can do to the man, but he still needs to be prosecuted because that’s the only thing that will get through to everyone else who might do this.

  7. democommie

    “If he’d shot some random stranger…”

    Then he would have to use the “Stand your ground” defense.

    Gunzloonery means always having an excuse for the inexcusable.

  8. democommie

    Whoops, I almost forgot.


    “While we are at it, can we prosecute the doctor who is 600 times more likely to “accidentally” take your life?”

    requires a citation.

    Then we’ll talk about the difference between people dying while under a doctor’s care and 7 yo kids being shot in the chest at PB range by idiot fathers.