Good News Friday

Your weekly progress report:

• OMG. This is the best story ever. EVER. In the history of stories, this one wins every prize. It involves a homeless man, his beloved bunny, a horrible person, a bridge, and the “kiss of life.” Happy endings all around, I promise.

• Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., will introduce a bill repealing the legal immunity for gun makers and gun dealers which Republicans gave them in 2005.

• The superintendent of Massey Energy’s Upper Big Branch coal mine in West Virginia has been sentenced to 21 months in prison related to the April 2010 explosion which killed 29 miners.

• Charlotte, N.C.’s city council voted to allow automatic payroll deduction for public workers’ union dues.

• Wal-mart vows to buy more than $50 billion of U.S.-made products for its stores.

• The board of JP Morgan Chase cut Jamie Dimon’s bonus to just $10 million, down 50% from last year. Why?

That decision was driven by a desire to hold him accountable for some of the oversight failings that led to the troubled bet, according to several people close to the board.

Wow, accountability. I guess rewarding banksters for failures is so last year.

• A Utah school district has returned the book “In Our Mothers’ House,” which features lesbian parents, to the library shelves.

• A Colorado gun retailer has voluntarily stopped selling high capacity magazines and assault rifles, and says he’s got “no regrets.”

• New York state legislators reach an agreement on a broad range of reforms to the state’s gun laws.

• Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has ordered all Chicago pension funds to dump their investments in gun manufacturers.

• Illinois’ notorious Tamms supermax prison has been closed.

• A Washington Post/ABC News poll finds most Americans support gun control measures, including reinstating the assault weapons ban.

Good News, Tennessee Edition:

• Tennessee’s state Supreme Court will address — and hopefully overturn — an arcane piece of state law under which the victim of statutory rape is considered an accomplice in the crime.

• We’re not seceding, y’all.

• Congratulations to Vanderbilt University neuroscientist Kenneth Catania, honored by the National Academy of Sciences for his work, which is kinda complicated so go read the link and see if you can figure it out.

This week’s video is sobering. What climate change deniers said would never happen? It happened:


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4 responses to “Good News Friday

  1. deep

    OH, boo hoo, bonus cut to 10 million. I still don’t understand why these idiots receive a bonus AT ALL. It defies reason.

  2. Min

    I’m glad we’re not seceding. I shudder to think of the clowns who currently “run” Tennessee as a state attempting to run Tennessee as a sovereign nation.

  3. Mary Wilson

    All great and good news…and Min, the real travesty…ALL the dimwit, bat crap crazy members of our Legislature were RE-Elected who ran again this time…Curry Todd is still there, DesJarlais, Ramsey, Campfield, all those Muslim haters in Middle TN, the two WOMEN rich bitches who voted against Planned Parenthood, against Sandy Relief, and voted to not pay our country’s bills. So we can blame ourselves for NOT finding intelligent, competent, independent (of lobbyists) patriots with enough good character to run against these criminals who would sell their own grandmothers if instructed by the NRA, Blue Cross, or the ‘coal lobby’.