TN Sees VA Racism, Raises It

Hello, Blah People! In case any of you started getting uppity now that Obama got his second term and having a black president is the new normal, Tennessee would like to put you in your place.

Let’s start with Memphis, where the chairman of the city’s parks and neighborhoods committee decided to school everyone on what a great guy Nathan Bedford Forrest was:

“When he came back from the war he promoted the progress of black people in this community,” Boyd said. “He promoted black people. He gave them jobs in places he owned businesses.”

That’s the same Nathan Bedford Forrest who co-founded the Ku Klux Klan in Pulaski, TN. Well done, Mr. Boyd! You made a Memphis Councilwoman cry.

Of course, we in Nashville have no reason to gloat. We have a privately-funded park adorned with a hideous statue of Nathan Bedford Forrest right where everyone driving south on I-65 can see it — people like this poor lady who works in Brentwood and found a racial slur scrawled on the hood of her car while she was at work on MLK day.

Tennessee, still racist after all these years.


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8 responses to “TN Sees VA Racism, Raises It

  1. Eykis

    Excellent. Thank you.

  2. Mary Wilson

    Dear Sister…while my heart is broken when I hear and see blatant examples of racial hatred in our State, I try to take my joy in the good days…when people, patriots, citizens, families…come together here in a spirit of unity and equality. Monday, here in Knoxville I helped lead our Knox County Democratic Party entry in our Annual MLK Parade…along a 2-mile route along our MLK Avenue here in East Knoxville…in our Entry alone, we represented diverse folks, walking and handing out candy and hand-made small gifts made by two of our volunteers. Our KCDP has supported excellent white and black candidates for public office in the recent past…recently elected the first female Mayor of Knoxville. I also attended a pot luck dinner that night sponsored by the Campus Workers Union and additional Union groups. And Sunday I attended services at a Black Missionary Baptist Church where the Pastor’s sermon was not just about racism but about prejudice, bigotry, attempts to divide us as people…and there is unconditional love in that house…thanks for letting me share a story of coming together in Celebration of Dr. King and of our President.

  3. …Things like this make me think that ol’ John Brown had the right idea…


  4. Excelleny post. Don’t have time to

  5. democommie

    Didn’t General Forrest also get back into the farmin’ bidneth? Something I read about a “plantation” he had after the war…

  6. Two summers ago when the teabagger Islamaphobes were marching to the courthouse with petitions to stop construction of the Murfreesboro Islamic Center, my wife and I went to join a counter-protest at the courthouse. As a photographer, I thought it might behoove me to take a camera and record the encounter. What struck me most about the entire surreal event was the fact that on the lawn of the courthouse, amid all of the protesters, politicians, and clergymen, stood an historic marker letting us know that Nathan Bedford Forrest had led a cavalry raid around Union forces at this site during the Civil War. There we were countering a parade of intolerant bigots who were carrying signs bashing Islam, and at our backs was a sign celebrating the exploits of the founder of the Klan.

    And for the record, I grew up in east TN only fifteen miles away from a sign that greeted folks entering the town of Crossville from the east with this happy notification: “Don’t let the sun set on your black ass in Crossville”…

    That sign was there until the early 70’s, btw.

    (heavy sigh…)