Good News Friday

It’s a travel week for me, so the round-up is a little light. Still, a small dose of good news is better than nothing, right?

• The Rhode Island state house voted to approve gay marriage. The bill now goes to the state Senate.

• The New Jersey town of Marlboro is offering residents a property tax credit for shopping locally. Cool idea.

• Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has lifted the longstanding military ban on women in combat roles. One question: will women register for the Selective Service now? If not, why not? We should. Not saying I’d want to, but fair is fair.

• After a New Mexico pharmacist refused to fill a birth control prescription citing his religious beliefs, Walgreen’s instituted new policies they say will ensure birth control prescriptions “are handled as efficiently as other prescriptions without imposing any burden on the customer.”

What a concept. Here’s an idea: tell those people who can’t fill a birth control prescription because it offends their religious beliefs to get another damn job. Seriously, this shit makes me nuts. Have you heard that the Catholic church claims a fetus is not a person in its defense in a Colorado malpractice lawsuit? Love how the church chucks its “pro-life” principles when it serves them. Who’s surprised? I’m not. This isn’t about anything but power and politics. /rant.

• A U.N. treaty limiting global mercury emissions has been signed by more than 140 countries.

Wind energy potential gets even more promising.

• New York City’s murder rate has plummeted.

Good News, Tennessee Edition:

• A Democratic state representative has proposed legislation banning mountaintop removal mining.

• Smyrna, TN’s Nissan plant, which manufactures the all-electric Leaf and its batteries, will also manufacture two models of Nissan hybrids and their batteries, as well. Green investment, it creates ripples across the economy!

This week’s cool video shows the Arctic blast moving across the continental U.S. I’m in New York City right now, and let me tell you: I have never experienced cold of this type, ever. That includes the winter I spent in Scandinavia back in the ’80s. People, this is unbearable cold. I just want to stay in bed and drink mugs of tea. Brrrr. What strikes me about this video is that it reminds me a lot of that movie, “The Day After Tomorrow” — you know, the one the climate change deniers mocked? Extreme weather is a feature of climate change and yes, that means ungodly cold as well as heat.

Stay warm, everybody.


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9 responses to “Good News Friday

  1. Good news, Indeed… except the cold in New York.

  2. deep

    to be fair, it appears the “not a person” argument was the hospital’s argument and not the local diocese. I doubt the attorneys are required to have their briefs reviewed by canonical lawyers before they submit them to secular courts.

  3. ThresherK

    Finally feels like winter-with-a-capital-W in CT. Not celebrating it, but hey, I’m a Yankee: We’ve been getting off pretty lightly until now.

    My new cat is coming to appreciate the fireplace and all the seasoned firewood which fell in the yard on Halloween ’11.

    The bummer is that there’s not enough snow to XC ski or even snowshoe.

  4. Mary Wilson

    YES, SB. You picked the one bit if great news about our TN Democratic Party in Action. Our Knox County, brand new State Rep, Gloria Johnson, has hit the ground running with her first bill, the bill to ban MTR in Tennessee. It doesn’t matter how bad this new Rep is outnumbered by the crazies, she will do a great job in standing tall (over 6 ft !) against those who just fill seats, collect per diem, and do nothing!!
    Of course the outrage at that Colorado Hospital should be used in EVERY lawsuit that tries to force women to follow Church laws instead of their own life needs. I am sure that the $15 billion in dirty profits that hospital recorded should come in REAL handy for the Church’s new lawsuits about pedophile priests…Bastards.

  5. democommie

    “New York City’s murder rate has plummeted.”

    It’s ‘cuz of Heller v McDonald and that other “We kin haz teh gunz” lawsuits that say that Chicago and Washington, D.C. and every other place in MurKKKa have to allow everbuddy to haz…wait, what’s that–they STILL don’t let everybody have handcannons in NYC? Fuckshit, goddamn commie bastards.

  6. I am laughing my a— off at some of the comments. Love them all. I am liking your blog more and more. Give’m hell (the rep and tea party-ers). In my humble opinion the Catholic church is filled with hyocrites just like the Republican party. Did you read the latest? Sara Palin did not get renewed by Fox news or she chose not to sign contract probably because the money offer was lower than what it had been in previous years.

    • Sara Palin did not get renewed by Fox news…..

      All together now: awwww!

      I think that’s just another sign that the Tea Party is dead. Establishment Republicans got a huge wake up call after the last election and they are backing away from the fringe nuttery.

  7. democommie

    If the Wasillabilly thought that FuckTheNew’sCorpse offer was too low, she’s gonna be upset with the rest of the people who don’t even bother to MAKE an offer for her services.

    I just heard about this:

    although it happened in October, 2008.

    There goes Ms. Sarah’s Red Dawn Cred, blown to hell, if you’ll excuse the pun.