Meet the guy who just got elected chairman of the Tennessee Democratic Party.

They just don’t get it, do they? And they’ll just keep losing. If the Tennessee Democratic Party is going to look like the Tennessee Republican Party I really see no reason to support them.


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5 responses to “RIP, TNDP

  1. Mary Wilson

    I agree, sadly. If he does not publicly call for support for national laws to protect us non-gun toatin’ Tennesseans from the CRAZY people here, and if he doesn’t change his positions on women’s rights…I will not work for the TNDP any longer. I will put my energy in supporting local candidates for local and State office, period.

  2. Mary Wilson


  3. SiubhanDuinne

    I don’t know Garrison at all, but I was on Roy Herron’s mailing list forever after I sent a contribution to Act Blue (I think) back in 2010 that included him when he was running against Fincher for TN08. And I actually met him a couple of years before that, at an event up in Obion County, along with then-Rep. Jon Tanner. Seemed like a nice enough guy but I realize that’s not enough to make one an effective official 🙂

  4. Good post as usual. Interesting that some people think they can play both ends of the fiddle against the middle. Hypocrites continue on their merry way.

  5. Salt in the wound. Right after your friend Jim voted against the Sandy Relief Bill. Hallmark sympathy card.