A Cavalcade Of Responsible Gun Ownership

Check out the amazing collection of stupidity and Darwin Award winners that is the Accidental Shootings Tumblr.


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6 responses to “A Cavalcade Of Responsible Gun Ownership

  1. My husband, just for laughs, is going to wander over to the gin show here in Knoxville today. I BEGGED him to be careful!!!!

  2. Ooops that came out GIN…..instead of GUN. Freudian slip or fact….

  3. democommie


    You’re talkin’ Tennessee GunzFREEDOMNESS here.

    There’s no reason to think that there won’t be any gunz at the gin show or vice versa.

    Dear Ms. SouthernANTIGUNZ Beale:

    You are aware that in the same four day period that those few, tragically unforseeable instances of gunz inexplicably going off (prolly find Sorostalin at the bottom of it, though) that about between, almost 27,350 people used gunz to STOP criminulz. I know it’s true ‘cuz Gary Kleck and John “The dog ate my computer’s hard drive” Lott said so.

  4. Tsk, tsk….. * shakes head * * sighs* What can I say….

  5. I’m sorry if this seems dark, but…

    Two guys playing “Quickdraw,” and one accidentally shoots his buddy in the torso? That’s fucking hilarious! I’m still giggling.

  6. greennotGreen

    If cars accidentally drove themselves into pedestrians on as regular basis as guns accidentally discharge themselves, Obama and all of God’s angels wouldn’t have been able to rescue Detroit. But because the gun manufacturers are immune from prosecution, they are free to continue to manufacture these self-firing killing machines…either that or a lot of gun owners are idiots. One or the other.