Travel Blogging v.2

Another image of subway graffiti:

NYC Subway Graffiti, 53rd & Lex

NYC Subway Graffiti, 53rd & Lex

I remember back in the ’80s when the New York City subways were covered in graffiti. The cars in particular were like works of art, covered from stem to stern with brightly colored tags and graffiti art. You don’t see that anymore.

We’re home now. Air travel remains the usual exercise in dehumanization and authoritarian oppression. I still eagerly await the day when I can walk to my gate without taking my fucking shoes off.


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2 responses to “Travel Blogging v.2

  1. I imagine that you are glad to be back home.

  2. alan

    I fear that the only way you will ever walk to the gate without removing your shoes will be to travel barefoot. But, the likely response by the TSA will be a probing investigaton between your toes and of your soles. They will be looking for toxic toejam.