Some Accidental Shootings Are More Accidental Than Others

Yet another irresponsible gun owner’s negligence goes unpunished:

CHATTANOOGA — A Hamilton County grand jury has chosen not to indict a grandfather after his 2-year-old grandson accidentally shot himself with the man’s pistol.

The Hamilton County District Attorney’s Office had pursued a charge of criminally negligent homicide against Stan Nowell. The grand jury last week issued a no true bill, meaning they did not believe there was enough evidence against Nowell to take the case to trial.


Two-year-old Brennan Nowell shot himself on Dec. 20 after his grandfather left a .40-caliber semiautomatic pistol on a chair.

Stan Nowell is a pastor and a missionary who started Forgotten Child Ministries, an organization that helps street children in Honduras.

Well I give the DA’s office props for trying. By the way, here’s a picture of Stan Nowell from the Forgotten Child Ministries LinkedIn profile:

Stan Nowell

Stan Nowell

Here’s a similar case of gun negligence. Remember Jamal Woolford Sr.? He’s the guy who was in bed (possibly asleep, I’m not sure) when his 4-year-old son found his dad’s loaded .44 and accidentally killed himself. The bullet also wounded the boy’s mother. Woolford was arrested, charged, and put on trial, facing 100 years in prison if found guilty of all the charges. Here’s his picture:

James Woolford Sr.

James Woolford Sr.

Notice anything different? (By the way, Woolford was acquited of the manslaughter charge this week, but found guilty of reckless endangerment and other charges, including a cocaine charge unrelated to the gun incident. So he’s going to jail anyway.)

I know, I know … different cases, different states, you can’t compare them. But it does seem to me, just from perusing the headlines, that white people are not charged in these gun negligence cases as often as black people are. I wonder if anyone has looked into whether there is indeed racial disparity in gun accident convictions?


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4 responses to “Some Accidental Shootings Are More Accidental Than Others

  1. I think there is bias toward African Americans and the law. It also involves drug arrests and who goes to the pen and who does not.

  2. johnny aquitard

    Obviously the white guy was punished enough by Jesus for his negligence by the loss of his grandson.

    The black guy deserved everything they can throw at him because he doesn’t give a shit about his own kid, because those people never do.

    It’s so obvious. Duh.

  3. Research to determine if black people are treated differently? And society would do what with it, other than put it with all the other similar studies? Sigh. At least these days maybe it’s recycled into compost or toilet paper.

  4. There’s a tumblr for that:
    I wonder if these people get to keep their guns. Haven’t they proven themselves to be irresponsible enough to no longer be allowed to purchase these things?