Just Another Responsible Gun Owner Defending His Property

This is the predictable result of the NRA’s fearmongering, folks:

(CNN) — Neighbors of Jimmy Lee Dykes say he was supposed to have been in court on Wednesday, facing charges that he’d shot at them during a December argument over the dirt road that separated their properties.

Instead, he was holed up in an underground bunker dug into his yard in Midland City, Alabama, surrounded by sheriff’s deputies, state troopers and police.

Also inside the bunker, authorities say, is a 6-year-old boy seized from a school bus at gunpoint Tuesday afternoon. The bus driver, 66-year-old Charles Poland Jr., was shot and killed, but school officials said Wednesday he saved 21 other children on board.

Jesus. TPM identified the man as another one of those anti-government “survivalists.” Other reports list the child as autistic.

This is what happens when you have NRA loons like Wayne LaPierre fearmongering about the loss of freedoms since Obama was elected.

Oh, and in case you missed it, here’s another “responsible” gun owner protecting his property:

Sailors and his wife, Brenda, were at their home on Hillcrest Road when they heard a “ruckus” in the driveway, said attorney Mike Puglise. A neighbor had recently been robbed and Sailors was wary when he spotted two people in his driveway getting into their car.

According to Puglise, Sailors grabbed his gun as he headed outside, firing a warning shot into the air. He said he fired at Diaz only after Diaz accelerated his car toward him.

“He thought he was going to get run down,” the lawyer said.

But the police report indicates that the vehicle was leaving Sailors’ property when Diaz was shot. Lilburn police said they found his red Mitsubishi at the end of the driveway. Diaz was slumped over the steering wheel, blood covering his face and, the incident report states, struggling to breathe.

The Colombia native who attended Gwinnett Tech and worked at his brother’s cargo shipping business was pronounced dead the following morning from a single bullet that entered the left side of his head and fragmented, causing severe brain damage.

The young people had pulled into the Sailors’ driveway by mistake; their GPS had directed them to the wrong house. They were looking for a friends’ house, and the group was going to go ice skating. Instead, tragedy.

This is the problem with a gun. It ends the conversation. Sailors may have felt threatened by seeing a car full of Hispanics in his driveway. His neighbors may have been robbed recently. But that gun empowered Sailors to shoot first and ask questions later. Now his ass is in jail, where I hope it stays for a long, long time.

By the way, a shockingly large number of these cases come from the South. I wonder why.


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7 responses to “Just Another Responsible Gun Owner Defending His Property

  1. deep

    This wouldn’t have happened if Diaz was armed! MORE GUNZ FOR ERRBODY!

    Better yet, if his girlfriend was armed she could have shot back for revenge! That’s the ‘mercan WAY! FUCK YEAH!

  2. Eykis

    The NRA needs to be silenced. If the Congress and MSM would just STOP putting Wayne LaPeeonHimself “up for show” the rest of the idiots would not be playing into the fearmongering idiocy spewed by the NRA and its PAID lobbyists~

  3. i do wish obama would take their guns away already. they keep tellin’ me he’s gonna do it. what’s taking so long?

  4. Barb_in_GA

    “Now his ass is in jail, where I hope it stays for a long, long time.”

    Actually, his ass is out on bail.
    This incident happened about 5 miles from my house. Local reports were full of what a good man he is, how many mission trips to Central America he’s been on, etc. No excuse. He shot and killed a young man who was sitting in his car, backing out of his driveway. :shakes head: Cowardly old men with guns….

  5. Mike G

    Clearly we need to ban ice skating to avoid more tragedies like this.

  6. Min

    BTW the bus driver who died protecting those children was a member of the Alabama Education Association. Just another union thug who was only in education for the paycheck.

  7. I can’t stand this kind of news anymore. Damn it.