Here’s Obama Holding Up A Gas Station


I may owe Jim Hoft an apology. It seems “skeetgate” may have started with … wait for it .. the New York Times.

Here’s their original headline on the skeet story:

Liar Liar Pants On Fire

Liar Liar Pants On Fire

And here’s what they changed it to after the White House released the photo of Obama shooting:


Yeesh. Remind me again how the internet killed journalism?

Anyway, for those harping on about President Obama’s shooting form, here’s a picture of my sister, taken about 10 years ago when she was visiting from California. We brought her along to a shooting party some friends of ours have in Kentucky every December. What’s in season in December, you may wonder? Mistletoe, of course!



Maybe Marsha Blackburn will shut her yap now:

That Let Black People Shoot Guns?

So That’s What Happened To Barney The Dog

So, who’s going to be the first wingnut to claim this picture is ‘shopped? My bet: Jim (Dim) Hoft, dumbest man on the internet. Once he gets finished critiquing the president’s form, of course. It’s true: if Obama were to walk on water, Republicans would whine about how he can’t swim. (Editor’s note: the Skeeters have arrived! Perhaps Jim Hoft is only the 22nd dumbest person on the internet!)


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16 responses to “Here’s Obama Holding Up A Gas Station

  1. Ooooh ! When exactly was this taken?

  2. Love this pic. You are so right. Reps do not like the fact that he is black and they can not stand not being in totol control of the White House and the country.

  3. FCMackell

    A black man with a gun. Run for cover you skeet birthers!

  4. According to Wonkette, the Breitbartians are concerned that the boilerplate copyright protection language that goes with the photo is a nefarious plot by the Kenyan Muslim usurper to deprive them of their god-given rights to photoshop it.

    I won’t go to Breitbart’s site, so I’ll just have to trust Wonkette.

  5. Glad to see this. Though I do not support Obama, nor many of his positions where he has an actual record, it is still good to see a man taking up the shooting arts.

    While many might (correctly) critique his form, instead, I think it would be wise to celebrate the fact that the President has actually gone shooting. This photo is clearly one of the first times, if not the very first time, the man has gone shooting. That’s great!

    The more people we can get out to the range and into the shooting arts, the better. Now, if only we could get the President to shoot an AR15 so he can see how fun it is.

    As for the smart-assed comments by some, seeing a black man with a gun is something that only liberals fear. One of the greatest thrills of most shooters (myself included) is to see persons of all sorts of diversities on the range.

    • FCMackell

      “As for the smart-assed comments by some, seeing a black man with a gun is something that only liberals fear.”

      Number One: Shooting is not an art.

      Number Two: How do you know Obama has not shot an AR-15?

      • “Number One: Shooting is not an art.”
        – Oh, really? Really?
        I invite you to come to the range with me some time. The art of shooting has many facets and many types of “canvas” if you will. I’d be happy to let you see for yourself.

        “Number Two: How do you know Obama has not shot an AR-15?”
        Good point. There would be no way to know for sure. I’m simply making statement, chock full of calculated probability. The man has *clearly* not been shooting more than a handful of times in his life. Good chance that this fact, coupled with his irrational fear/hatred of “assault weapons” has prevented him from firing the Patriot Rifle of Choice.

  6. Mike G

    I demand to see the long form of the shooting photograph.
    Also, the picture was really taken in Kenya.

  7. As a fellow “blue” Nashvillian, I’m glad to have stumbled on your blog today.

  8. democommie

    Usagi can join the same club as that other feller that can determine what’s going on with someone just by lookin’ at the pichurs–who was that?, oh, yeah, Bill Frist.

    Shooting can be an “art” in much the same way that emptying bed pans can be an art–an activity or occupation which by virtue of being practiced repeatedly allows the actor to acquire a high level of proficiency. Int terms of it being a thing of beauty or a work that uplifts humanity–not so fucking much.

    That President Obama chooses to shoot a gun has as much effect on my opinion of him as does my checking that box on the 1040 designating that $3 should go the federal election fund has on my taxes–ZERO.

  9. democommie

    Southern Beale:

    I can absolutely see the photo as being a political tool; it works.

    Usagi sez:

    “Though I do not support Obama, nor many of his positions where he has an actual record, it is still good to see a man taking up the shooting arts.”

    so, it appears to have worked.

    OTOH, the photo ops that attempt to convince people that someone like Cheney, Rep. Boner or Rand Paul (or any of the 99% of the GOP that makes the rest look bad) is a functional human being, fail miserably.

    • Check out the hilarious comments from Skeeters on this “photoshop” story (and forget that the “no photoshopping” thing is a standard blurb the White House press office puts on all photos it issues.) A sample:

      One other thing. There is digital information encoded in the photograph produced by the White House. In it is a date code from August 2012, and data showing it has already been manipulated by photoshop as recently as last month. Photoshopped information from the POTUS? A lot like his bogus birth certificate, produced in 3 layers from different sources, different type faces.

      Lies within lies.

      Ha ha!!! Check the kerning!