The Amazing Jeremy Faison Exemption


Jeremy Faison says he “misspoke”:

“What I was saying is routinely I have a gun in my car, and that’s not illegal in Tennessee,” he said in a phone interview. “It just came out wrong. I have a gun in my car we weren’t talking about me carrying a gun.

Oh. So when you said,

“One day I’ll probably get caught if I don’t get a permit, and I’ll get in trouble”…

… what exactly did that mean? If you weren’t doing anything illegal then why would you get in trouble?

I’m calling bullshit on Jeremy Faison. He’s a coward and a liar.


I find myself increasingly intrigued by the heretofore-unknown Jeremy Faison Exemption. I’d like to thank Rep. Faison for letting us know this exemption from state laws we don’t like exists. I feel like a ton of bricks has been lifted from my shoulders.

For example, it’s such a relief to know that I don’t have to worry about Jim Kyle’s Jim Tracy’s slut-shaming bill becoming law. Slutty ladies, if you need an abortion and don’t have time or money for a state-mandated ultrasound, just claim your Jeremy Faison Exemption! Grocery stores, you can start selling wine right now! Gays, go to the county clerk and demand your marriage license — and tell ‘em Jeremy Faison sent you!

Isn’t this fabulous? You can even hold a seat in the state house and no one will care that you’ve bragged to the press about openly ignoring state laws! Amazing, ain’t it? Which begs the question: if even members of the Tennessee General Assembly admit they’re violating state law and the leadership doesn’t seem to care, why the hell are you folks wasting our money and your time making these laws to begin with? Go home.


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2 responses to “The Amazing Jeremy Faison Exemption

  1. Eykis

    Thank You. I read this earlier and it seems they just do whatever they want – sickening and pathetic we have so many imbeciles in the statehouse.

  2. This exception only applies if it relates to firearms. Gays still can’t marry. But, if I went to the courthouse in order to marry my gun, then the NRA would throw me a parade!