Rep. Steve Cohen Pwns TNGOP

Have you heard this crazy story about Rep. Steve Cohen, a progressive Democrat from Memphis? He was caught sending Tweets to a young college girl during the SOTU and the TNGOP jumped all over what they were sure was a scandal-in-the-making. They even called Cohen “The Weiner of the South” in their official statement, and devoted a hefty chunk of their Twitter feed to milking the “scandal.”

Funny story, turns out the girl Cohen was Tweeting was his daughter. What? You didn’t know he had a daughter? Cohen didn’t either, until three years ago.

So now the TNGOP has egg all over its face (and Twitter stream). Not surprisingly, they’d like everyone to just move along now, please! Bygones! And also, Tweeting during the SOTU is very bad, except if you’re a Republican trying to disrespect the President, which in 2009 they all did.

And then we have this priceless message from former TNGOP spokesperson Bill Hobbs, who wrote:


“Not knowingly, but still”? You gotta be kidding me.

Maybe Tennessee Republicans can pass a law requiring men to set aside a chunk of money on the off-chance they might have unknowingly fathered a child. Nah, that would just be silly — though not as silly as half the stuff Republicans have put forth in our legislature this session.


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18 responses to “Rep. Steve Cohen Pwns TNGOP

  1. Jim from Memphis

    So Cohen was hitting on this college age girl and it turned out to be his daughter?!? Isn’t that even worse?!? :p

    • Hah. Jim you do a really good self-parody. Kinda makes me wonder if you really believe the serious stuff you post over here.

      • Jim from Memphis

        I am serious in my views on financial and social matters. I am not that enthralled with the Republican party itself. They are the lesser of two evils most of the time when compared to Democratic economic and social policies. The actual politicians themselves are pretty much all worthless whatever party they belong to. I would never consider actually contributing money to an election campaign unless it was a family member or close friend running. Since I am not friends with any politicians, it seems unlikely :).

  2. yutsano


    (you knew that was coming right?)

  3. Min

    I wonder that Bill Hobbs can breathe, with his head stuck so far up his own ass.

  4. democommie

    Is this the same Bill Hobbs who used to post at various blogs around Nashville? What an asshole.

    • Yes. And the same guy who posted cartoons of Mohammed on the internet and lost his job as a result. But he got rewarded with a gig at the TN Republican Party. They like that sort of stuff.

  5. democommie

    Southern Beale:

    I wonder…

    People like Hobbs have no problem with doing something that muslims (jews, blacks, immigrants, women) find patently offensive. Do you suppose that they would be okay with JESUSporn? Y’know, like a three way with the apostles, that sort of thing? I mean, sauce for the goose and all that. Oh, what am I saying, that would be blasphemous and just WRONG; nothing like poking a little fun at uptight muslim whackjob religionists!

    • You know a major conservative battle is to fight against “political correctness,” because for some reason the idea of not offending other people or basic politeness is anathema to them. This goes back to the main problem with today’s movement conservatives, which is that they have organized in response to a psychological problem, not a political one. They’re still coming to terms with their cultural irrelevance, which is why they all come off as raging assholes.

  6. democommie

    “They are the lesser of two evils most of the time when compared to Democratic economic and social policies.”

    Yep, Jim is serious, even when he’s completely full of shit.

    So, Jim, you’re a libertarian, a Paulite? You want the gummint to stay the hell out of your business except for police, fire and military being well funded to protect YOUR stuff?

    • Jim from Memphis

      I expect the government to do its job as outlined in the Constitution. The document gives clear limited power to the federal government. I would be happy if they just stuck to those stated powers and stopped expanding them.

      • The same Constitution that counted blacks as 3/5 of a person and limited the right to vote to white, male, Christian property owners?

        Look, there’s this fetish among the right-wingers that somehow when the Constitution was written everything was settled and the people put a period after the last sentence. That’s just horsehit, the reality is the Constitution was never written to be the end, it was designed to be the beginning, which is why the amendment process was built in, and judicial review, and all that. It was designed to accommodate change, which is why it’s lasted so long because look at the fucking calendar, it ain’t 1787 anymore. For that matter, the Supreme Court decided you’re wrong way back in 1819 in McCulloch v. Maryland, giving the federal government “implied powers.” So crawl back in your time machine and take it up with them.

        I’m sorry you think change is scary but it’s part of life. Deal with it. Not all of the changes have been good, Prohibition was repealed, and things like giving the states the right to do bad things like sterilize certain citizens they deemed “unfit” was a very, very bad SCOTUS decision indeed. I’d also say the most recent SCOTUS decision codifying corporate personhood was incredibly bad for our country. These are interpretations of the Constitution that can be addressed (“fixed”) in various ways. The point is, the Constitution is a living document, not etched in stone. Grow the fuck up. Democracy isn’t a spectator sport.

      • Jim from Memphis

        SB – I understand the Constitution is a changeable document. I have no problem with Amending the Constitution as set out in the original document. So if you want things like Social Security on a federal level, then pass an Amendment to that effect. Otherwise, I think a program like that should have been left up to the States to set up and run if so desired.

    • Jim from Memphis

      SB – so only you and like minded people get to state that in their opinion some Supreme Court decisions were wrong?

  7. Hobbs has been a prominent wingnut crank for years, and the fact that he can hold a place in the state’s Republican heirarchy only underscores their blatant disregard for the state’s Democrats. Unfortunately, we live in a state where these asshats represent the vast majority of their peers.

  8. democommie

    “I expect the government to do its job as outlined in the Constitution. The document gives clear limited power to the federal government. I would be happy if they just stuck to those stated powers and stopped expanding them.”

    “Yes, I’m a libertoolian.”, would have required less typing, Jim.