First Draft Tuesdays

Catch me over there, where I ask if I should change dentists.


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  1. onyxpnina

    You have an extraneous -1 in that link.

    Going to read it now.

  2. I’d change dentists. Who knows what someone like that might do. I’d worry about a slow Sweeney Todd.

  3. deep

    I think dentists are often ultra conservative by nature because unlike most other professional jobs these days, most have to hang out their own shingle, which means they need the business-person acumen that often goes hand-in-hand with Ayn Rand fantasies of the persecuted producers class.

    I should know, I represented some dentists back when I used to practice law in debt collection cases. They were scoundrels when it came to pursuing their debtors. And I’m not just saying that because they were tenacious, I mean they used dirty tricks to get people to pay and had no compulsions against bringing bad lawsuits just to scare people.

    It was hard when I felt schadenfreude because one of the defendants counter-sued one time for medical malpractice and violation of debt collection practices. I mean, as an attorney I wasn’t supposed to hate my client… right? (So happy when my boss told the guy off. Though sadly there were many other dentist clients that were just as bad. Lot of money to be made there, sadly, and by boss was a greedy greedy man.)

    • Flying Junior

      I knew from my core that there was something deeply wrong with the points of view that you put forth.

      To say that something is wrong with dentists is truly the essence, in your case, of stupidity,

      Sorry I didn’t recognize your sarcasm last time.

    • The only dentist I knew personally, not from the patient-doctor relationship but as the spouse of a friend of mine, ended up having a raging crack cocaine habit which he kept hidden for about a year. Ended up losing his practice, going in and out of rehab, etc. They got divorced, but last I heard he’d lost all his teeth, so I’m guessing he’s moved on to meth.