“No Charges Will Be Filed In The Case”

Just another responsible gun owner/concealed-carry permit holder:

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – A bullet placed in an oven exploded and wounded an unsuspecting woman who was making a snack Monday night.


Walker, 18, told police she went to her friends house and decided to make waffles in the oven when she became hungry. She said she preheated the oven and a few minutes later heard an explosion. That is when she noticed she had bullet fragments in her breast, thighs and knee area.

Police interviewed Walker’s friend about the gun. According to a police report, the friend told police the Glock 21 was in a drawer and the magazine was placed in the oven with four rounds in it.

The friend did provide police with the melted magazine which they had discarded in a dumpster.

Police found the gun owner had a concealed carry permit and that the gun was not stolen.

No charges will be filed in the case.

Dumbass idiot fucking gun loons. These people are irresponsible and should have their carry permit revoked and their gun taken away for a year, at least.

Who the fuck sticks a magazine in the oven?

This is what makes me nuts about our gun “debate.” Tragedies like Newtown and Aurora are awful but they are rare. Far more common is shit like this:

A 79-year-old Florida man accidentally shot himself inside the Super 8 motel in North Utica when he threw his jacket on top of the gun Monday afternoon, police said.

Or this:

DECATUR, Ohio — Authorities say a 9-year-old boy is in critical condition after being accidentally shot in the head.


Wenninger said Sebastian Schwartz got his father’s gun from the bedroom and was playing with it when a younger sister tried to take it away from him. That’s when it discharged, hitting him in the head.

Or this, or this, or this. Or this.

This is just a small sampling of the last two days’ worth of accidental shootings thanks to “law-abiding citizens” who cannot control their own weapons, but are damn sure they don’t want anyone else to control them, either.

It goes without saying: if y’all would control your damn guns we wouldn’t even be having this discussion. The fact that you can’t is the reason we are forced to keep having it.


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5 responses to ““No Charges Will Be Filed In The Case”

  1. Mary Wilson

    I KNOW, sister! And our Stacey Campfield’s “guns in trunks” bill is chugging right along, even tho’ businesses said NO WAY and Colleges’ Faculty and Staffs around the demented State say THEY DID NOT WANT more guns close to their employees or teachers and students. But ole Ron Ramsey MUST get this passes so he and Stacey can reap their big NRA bonuses for making Tennesseans much less safe!

  2. democommie

    What is truly amazing is that there must 10’s of millions of these stupidents happening annually. I’m basing that assertion on the frequency of events like the ones Southern Beale links to in her OP v the reported incidents of DGU’s* that though rare are only the tip of hte 1-1/2–2-1/2 million DGU’s that “authorities” like Gary Kleck and John Lott insist occur every year. So, it stands to reason that the number of reported gun stupidents is also but a tiny fraction of those that actually occur.

    * Defensive Gun Uses

  3. Luke

    And in related news of brilliance…….As if anything could possibly go wrong in this scenario:


    • democommie

      How long before someone walks in and shows him their gun and then cleans out the cash register, removes his holstered gun from his lifeless body AND gets FREE pizza? Win-win.

  4. Pam

    Anyone who has listened to Bill Cosby’s “Why is There Air?” knows what happens when you put a bullet in the furnace. Tink, tink tink, BOOM!