First Draft Tuesday

I write about some serious, hard-core ratfucking by apparent anonymous “Republican operatives.” Watch your backs, Dems. Dirty deeds, done dirt cheap.


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3 responses to “First Draft Tuesday

  1. democommie

    Dirty deeds, for sure; dirt cheap? only if they’re like the former help on Michele Bachmann’s campaign–who were stiffed/

  2. Mary Wilson

    All I remember about Tucker is that his Daddy is a big shot on one of the Cable channels, etc is that his juvenile lack of any concrete intelligence on any subject is that he has bounced from one network to another. That he would end up at the Breitbart home of lunacy to me was just the end result of his lack of knowledge of any subject, except to take up the mantle of the late Breitbart, of gossip, inuendo, and myth.

    • Oh lordie you made me Google him. From Wiki:

      Carlson grew up in Carlsbad, an affluent resort town north of San Diego. He is the elder son of Richard Warner Carlson, a former Los Angeles news anchor and U.S. ambassador to the Seychelles who was president of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and director of Voice of America.[2] His adoptive mother is Patricia Caroline Swanson (born 1945), former wife of Howard Feldman and an heiress to the Swanson food-conglomerate fortune.[2][3] He has a brother, Buckley Swanson Peck Carlson.[4][5] A great-uncle was Sen. J. William Fulbright.[3]

      So, one of the plutocrats. Strange how some of these folks take a hard-right turn, whereas others (like the Kennedy kids) recognize the privilege into which they were born, and the obligation that comes with it.