IOKIYAR, Nudie Pitchers Edition

Since we’re picking on The Daily Failure today, I’ve just got this one extra thing to add:

It's Okay If You're A Republican!

It’s Okay If You’re A Republican!

Yes, Tucker Carlson, do tell me how Ashley Judd’s film nudity disqualifies her from the U.S. Senate. I’m all ears.

I really hope she runs, I do. The way Republicans are going apeshit over even the suggestion tells me she scares the bejeezus out of them.

My in-laws all live in Kentucky and I asked my mother-in-law if she thought Judd had a chance. She said yes, because Judd is more associated with Kentucky Wildcats basketball than Hollywood. And people in Kentucky take their college basketball very, very seriously. I’m not sure how you can go from years of cheering your team’s most renowned superfan to seeing her as the devil incarnate without something else to bridge the gap. And “Hollywood” ain’t gonna cut it, not when Republicans have lionized Ronald Reagan, Clint Eastwood, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Hell, they even sent Gopher from the Love Boat to Congress. If Republicans can make the leap from the screen to Washington, D.C., so can Democrats.

How Kentuckians Know Ashley Judd

How Kentuckians Know Ashley Judd

Suckit, Republicans. Ashley Judd is smart, articulate, educated, and she scares the shit out of you. Bwaahaaa.


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6 responses to “IOKIYAR, Nudie Pitchers Edition

  1. democommie

    “Suckit, Republicans. Ashley Judd is smart, articulate, educated, and she scares the shit out of you. Bwaahaaa.”

    and prolly WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY more pleasant to spend an hour or two with and I’m NOT talking about sex, just normal, clothes-on, human interacdtion.

  2. deep

    It still makes me a little sad that in order to be a serious contender for public office these days you must either be filthy rich, have a lot of filthy rich friends or already famous from some other endeavor.

  3. Jim from Memphis

    ““Suckit, Republicans. Ashley Judd is smart, articulate, educated, and she scares the shit out of you. Bwaahaaa.”

    I don’t know Ashley Judd, but her family is not that impressed with her as a potential candidate:

    • This from that esteemed journalistic source, the “Daily Caller … ” cough*cough* hilarious … try actually clicking the links and reading (or watching) those quotes in context, dufus. They’re saying that’s how the RW will frame Ashley, not that this is what they think of her. Judd said, “If it should happen, man, I’ll campaign with her …”

      What do you expect, these are the same people who gave us the Menendez failure. Okie dokie, Jim. Keep playing in your wingnut sand pile, the grown-ups are talking.

      How can we forget, Jim is the one who gave us Newt Gingrich’s heavily edited and redacted portions of the Obamacare bill to make it sound like the worst thing since Auschwitz. But if you actually looked at the bill and read what was left out of the elipses, what you got was completely different.

      You guys keep this shit up, really. You have zero credibility and every time you pull this shit it just worsens. Oh and as usual, Fuck off, Jim.

    • Mnemosyne

      Really, the Daily Caller is your source? Next time, give us a link to the Weekly World News — they at least have some credibility.