Oh, That Pesky National Debt!

Yes, Republicans, DO tell me about your concern for the national debt. I’m all ears:

US’s $60bn Iraq rebuilding effort ‘achieved little’

The US rebuilding effort in Iraq achieved little despite $60bn (£40bn) spent since the 2003 invasion, a US auditor for reconstruction has said.

In his final report, the inspector general for Iraq reconstruction estimated the US wasted at least $8bn.

Stuart Bowen put the “limited positive effects” down to corruption, poor security and insufficient consultation with Iraqi authorities.

The eight-year war in Iraq cost the US about $800bn and nearly 5,000 lives.

This is what happens when you elect people who don’t believe in government’s ability to do anything right. For example:

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki told Mr Bowen there had been “misspending” of US money.

The US-funded rebuilding programme “could have brought great change in Iraq” but fell short, he said.

Osama al-Nujaifi, speaker of the Iraqi parliament and the country’s top Sunni Muslim official, said rebuilding projects “had unfavourable outcomes in general.”

And Kurdish official Qubad Talabani told auditors: “You think if you throw money at a problem, you can fix it. It was just not strategic thinking.”

Senator Bob Corker, the top Republican on the Senate’s foreign relations committee, said the report’s findings were “appalling” and that lessons must be learnt to avoid repeating mistakes in Afghanistan.

Yes, Sen. Corker. The lesson I’ve learned is to never, ever, ever, ever vote someone into government when the key plank in their party’s platform is that government is the problem. This outcome was entirely predictable.

Also, it appears the BBC has fallen into the U.S. media’s habit of only quoting Republicans. I’d like to know what the top Democrat on the committee thought. We are, after all, in charge of the Senate. Anyone?


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8 responses to “Oh, That Pesky National Debt!

  1. Nothing like bringing along a little extra cash when you’re on vacation. I like to bring tens and twenties with little paper numbers stuck to them. I took six bills on my honeymoon. It can really get you out of a jam fast.

    The federal government sent 218 million notes to Iraq for general distribution amongst the good guys. A staggering 12 billion dollars, weighing 363 metric tons. Mostly in $100 bills shrink-wrapped and stacked on pallets flown in on the big C-130 transport planes.

    It was okay, because it was the republicans who were in charge, and everybody just gave all the money away to their friends who were the good guys anyway.

    • Yes I remember my Congress Critter Rep.Jim Cooper coming back from a trip to Baghdad and sounding the alarm about pallets of cash just sitting there, no oversight, nothing. But no one listened to him because he’s a Democrat and therefore Not Serious.

  2. Mary Wilson

    And we also need to consider that the Bush Brothers, Neil and Jeb, made millions by promoting their revolutionary schemes to re-build public education for Iraqi children, with NO accountability, no records kept. These ‘education programs’ are what Jeb is now promoting as his exceptional ‘ideas’…charter schools, virtual classrooms (watching TV from HOME), and of course the shameful ‘scholarships/vouchers programs. Yep. The Bush/Cheney team put this country in HUGE debt in money and treasured lives lost…now The Dick says he wouldn’t change a thing. No damned wonder.

  3. deep

    One of the few issue that I agree with Sen. Paul on. That and drone strikes. Now if only he’d remind himself that if he’s going to anti-gubbermint, he needs to oppose regulation of vaginas.

    • I think what mistermix wrote is well worth a read. Rand Paul wasn’t really protesting the real issue, but rather some invented tin-foil hat conspiracy born out of crackpot Libertarian Ruby Ridge fantasies. And none of these assholes had a problem with any of this stuff when Bush was forcing confessions out of “American Taliban” John Phillip Walker Lindh. Just like his dad Ron Paul was right about the war for all of the wrong reasons, Randy may be right on principle but has no fucking clue why. Truly a case of a blind squirrel finding a nut.

  4. The eight-year war in Iraq cost the US about $800bn and nearly 5,000 lives.

    Yeah it is too bad about the dead, isn’t it? A lot of people hurting as well, physically and emotionally. As far as the money? I’m gonna thumbnail it at three trillion U.S. dollars plus another one and a half trillion servicing that debt interest only for the last ten years. I called one trillion back in 2006. If the war was fought at max capability for seven years, that’s already over one trillion dollars just in its stated cost to keep everything going at $12B+/month. I guess the surge would balance out any problem with my reckoning. Then there are all the hidden and unstated costs, the depletion of our equipment, ammo,and fuel supplies, transporting it all from San Diego to the Persian Gulf, the cost of supporting the troops and their families, their medical treatments, enlisting one million new soldiers, eating up the lion’s share of the bloated $700 billion annual budget for the Pentagon year after year. And everything else I couldn’t even think of if I had a year to research it all.

    Amazingly, Obama began reducing the federal deficit his first year in office!

  5. I was never quite sure about the WMDs before the invasion, but I was sure that the Cheney Bush administration with mess the whole thing up by running it as a political experiment. Read “Imperial Life in the Emerald City: Inside Iraq’s Green Zone” by Rajiv Chandrasekaran for details.
    “Yeehaw!” is not a foriegn policy.

  6. Mike G

    Republicans: the party that says government doesn’t work, then when they get elected they make it come true.