They Won’t Ever Be Satisfied

photo-451-e1362947626984-140x140“Dozens” of Tea Party crazies “rallied” at the Tennessee State Capitol, not to protest Obamacare’s expansion of Medicaid as was the stated purpose of the event, but really just to protest Obama. Because the Teanuts will never, ever be happy as long as the Kenyan Usurper Nobummer Blackety Black Man is in “their” house:

DesJarlais spoke at the rally, which was sparsely attended. And in the crowd of around 100, most of the discontent was less with expanding Medicaid, and more with President Obama. Linda Tomasik traveled from Memphis.

The only reason I’m here is not to protest Obamacare. I’ll put it that way. It’s just because I don’t think he should be president.

Is this not hilarious? The last gasps of the disgraced Tea Party show up to hear disgraced Rep. Scott DesJarlaid talk about being “principled” in a protest of a president who just got overwhelmingly re-elected.

DesJarlais, of course, is the pro-life serial philanderer who begged his mistress to get an abortion. Yes, do tell me about how Tennessee needs to lead the nation in being “principled.” I’m all ears.

Also: There’s nothing like a pro-life doctor protesting providing healthcare to the poor. That, my friends, is the definition of fail.

I’ve said from day one that the Tea Party stands for nothing more than an inchoate rage at their cultural irrelevance, with a dash of fear of change. Doesn’t seem like the message has “evolved” in any way.


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12 responses to “They Won’t Ever Be Satisfied

  1. Min

    Probably because they don’t believe in evolution.

  2. Eykis

    I would not waste time, gas or parking money to hear any of their garbage, ever. DesJarlis, great choice Evangelibaggers.

  3. onyxpnina


    (PS: Can I just say I love “Yes, [blank], do tell me all about [blanking the blank blank]. I’m all ears.” as a recurrent straight line? It’s the delivery.)

  4. Mary Wilson

    Yes, of course. I support all the big words banded about here trying to describe a bunch of ignorant fools apparently led by the Big Cheese of ‘do what I say, not what I did in my sick puppy past.’ The GOP put that Doctor Dimwit back in Congress for NO OTHER reason than they needed another bat crap crazy to caucus with the rest of their own. We Dems DID have a quality candidate who tried his best to fight all the dirty money in that race. But the GOP cried and whined that THE DOCTOR Had changed…and the voters bought it. I would bet that in every county he represents, there are at least 3 hospitals that are going to FAIL because of their hatred. But they are willing to deny their own grandmas access to life-saving care because ‘Obama-anything’ HAS TO FAIL.
    NOT one of the GOP leaders had the balls/or vaginas to stand up and ‘repeal DesJarlais’….not one.

  5. It’s sad that so many people feel this way… the rage is unbelievable.

  6. democommie

    “Doesn’t seem like the message has “evolved” in any way.”

    I think that you’re being unfair.

    They have become so much MORE!

    So much MORE incoherent in their ceaseless attempts to be relevant.

    So much MORE indignorant, cubin’ down on teh BurninStoopit.

    So much MORE transparent in their racist hatred.

    NO, I’d saythey evolved, it’s just in the wrong direction.

  7. deep

    Further proof that their hatred of Obama is due to racism only. If not for racism they wouldn’t be thinking DesJarlais was some kind of paragon of virtue.

  8. SiubhanDuinne

    I so hope “DesJarlaid” was deliberate and not just an especially happy typo. But it’s good either way.

    • Y’know I saw that typo about an hour ago and I was gonna fix it and then I thought, “Nah. I like it!” I think I’m gonna call him DesJarLAID from now on, ‘cuz I just can’t seem to grow up.

  9. GregH

    Did I mention, “THANK YOU!!!” ???
    Even AFTER the revelations of his infidelity, philandering WITH HIS PATIENTS (!!!!) [Good bye, TN medical license!] and pressuring his mistress to get abortion all came out in the news, the Maury County Tea Party RE-AFFIRMED (!!!!!) their support of DesJarlais. I’m surprised the earth didn’t open up and swallow their next meeting a la the scene from “The Ten Commandments” at the foot of Mt. Sinai (probably their only point of reference for the Bible – truth be told).