First Draft Tuesday

The Paul Ryan budget, now with electrolytes!


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9 responses to “First Draft Tuesday

  1. He just won’t stop…… it’s distressing. He is being treated seriously even by the left and the media by talking about him incessantly.

    • Flying Junior

      One cannot help but notice that his position was strengthened by the sequester. I have no abiding love for anyone, whomsoever, employed by the defense (war) industry. I hope they can re-integrate into the legitimate economy very soon and get over their bloated salaries. As far as the impact to the communities where they live, I consider it minimal.

  2. Mary Wilson

    Egg-zactly, girl. Same ole crap, even same ole words. “I am protecting my bosses, the 1%”. The rest of the people in America do NOT MATTER to me.

  3. Eykis

    Same ole LyinRyan and his NON-WONK at all – Document of Destruction of Middle Class, Disabled and Seniors, because hey, the talking point is that Mittens and LyinRyan really won the election because “old white seniors” voted for them – they think they are in the Whitehouse, not the Shithouse~

  4. Flying Junior

    Please fix my typo or just delete the comment.

  5. democommie

    If I didn’t know better, I’d suspect that Mittunsaviour and Paulie Wingnuts are thinking about running again in 2016.