Anne Boleyn’s Head

Peggy Noonan is a very weird lady. Noonan wrote a column scolding liberals and liberal Catholics for having the temerity to hold an opinion that differs from Peggy Noonan’s on the next Pope. For your enjoyment, an excerpt:

I once read an account of Anne Boleyn’s death. In the moments after she was beheaded her head was held aloft by her executioner, to show the crowd. Her nervous system was shocked, her neurons misfired, her head didn’t know it was severed from her neck. Her eyes blinked, her mouth moved crazily. Those critics who go on TV now to tear down what they don’t even understand: they are removed and unknowing. They are Anne Boleyn’s head.

Well, that’s an interesting characterization. I guess comparing us to Hitler no longer had the desired shock value.

Now that it appears Anne Boleyn’s zombie head has prevailed, maybe Nooners will shut her own yap.

Also, be warned: I have claimed Anne Boleyn’s Head as the name of my all-female punk rock band.


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6 responses to “Anne Boleyn’s Head

  1. Eykis

    Great name for your rock band – Peggyinton gets DRUNK really earlier or stays drunk all the time~

  2. Mary Wilson

    Since Mz. Noonan got fame and fortune by being Richard M. Nixon’s speech writer, I am sure she was responsible for his “I am not a crook” speech. She has remained in the ‘conservative GOP” spotlight becaues she continues to suck up to the other crazies in that party. She sounds like she is now aspiring to stoop so low as to be the ‘establishment’s Ann Coulter;.

    • I thought she was Reagan’s speechwriter?

      I read her book, “What I Saw At The Revolution,” a million years ago. It made me think being a presidential speechwriter must be the best job in the world, but it didn’t do anything to change my opinion of Reagan.

  3. I think your band needs a male trombonist


  4. Bob

    Assuming you will begin early enough, not play past my bedtime, sell beer, and not put me in a situation where twenty-somethings, thirty-somethings or forty-somethings that can’t hold their liquor will puke on me, I’d definitely pay money to watch a female punk band called Anne Boleyn’s Head. As long as there was medicinal marijuana and I didn’t have to slam dance because my back hurts now a days don’t you see. Your opening act could be an old dudes punk rock band called John Dillenger’s ………. oh never mind.