Vast Right-Wing Cesspool

If you haven’t read The Trials Of Nadia Naffe, then stop what you’re doing and go read it, now. It’s a long, in-depth piece that outlines in agonizing detail the collusion between the Republican Party, Fox News, conservative Sugar Daddies, and James O’Keefe’s smear operations.

Here’s a sample:

The idea for the next Project Veritas mission originated with John Fund, a Fox News contributor and author of the 2008 book Stealing Elections: How Voter Fraud Threatens Our Democracy. In January 2010, Fund emailed the Republican National Lawyers Association and other hard-right affiliates about an incriminating tip he received about the Massachusetts Service Employees International Union (SEIU) — Greater Boston’s brotherhood of janitors, health-care workers, and other mostly low wage earners. Fund’s “normally reliable” source, he wrote in an email that has since been made public, claimed the SEIU planned to help Democrats steal the special Senate election between Scott Brown and Martha Coakley. According to Fund, the union would accomplish this by chartering buses in the liberal and minority-rich neighborhoods of Roxbury, Mattapan, Roslindale, and Jamaica Plain. “If you’re black or brown,” he wrote, “they’ll rope you in and take you to the polls. Registration can be worked out.”

Shuttling voters to polls is perfectly legal, of course — but pretty soon emails were flying between members of O’Keefe’s associates, rife with speculation that the SEIU would try more nefarious ploys, like paying for votes and helping people to vote twice.

Such hypothetical shenanigans sounded like surefire fodder to Steve Friess, son of investment billionaire and Rick Santorum bankroller Foster Friess. The elder Friess is perhaps most famous for telling MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell that, back in his day, “gals” “used Bayer Aspirin for contraception.” To plug conservative causes, Freiss has a whole foundation that’s run by his son Steve, who relished the prospect of causing “image problems for SEIU.” With their support in place, O’Keefe jumped on board, and he brought Naffe along with him. Not only did she have her star turn in the Waters series to recommend her, but she also matched the request from Freiss for “black/Latina conservatives [who] could be wired for video, and get picked up on one of these busses.” Less than a week later, Naffe flew into Logan airport. Her first task was to snoop on an election-eve rally for Coakley at a Dorchester union hall.

John Fund? Foster Friess? Foster Friess’ son? It’s always the same characters in right-wing land, isn’t it? (By the way, that attempted SEIU sting was a big bust. The suspected fraud never existed and Brown won the election.)

Also, I don’t understand why Nadia Naffe never questioned the fact that these Project Veritas “stings” almost exclusively targeted minorities, the poor, and those serving them. Maxine Waters? Shirley Sherrod? ACORN?

I mean, I understand the Planned Parenthoood sting: conservatives hate abortion, and PP is identified with abortion, that makes sense. But ACORN? From the article:

His big score came in the fall of 2009 — O’Keefe’s decisive blow against ACORN, which at the time was among the nation’s leading advocates for poor and disadvantaged people. ACORN had also been historically integral in getting out the minority vote; after the rise of Obama, this made them the object of widespread conservative consternation.

That’s it? ACORN got out the minority vote? That what put them on O’Keefe’s hit list? Umm … isn’t that a little … racist? That strikes me as an idea rooted in a campaign office or party headquarters, not some young activist trying to make his name with a “gotcha” video attacking a notable liberal figurehead. Who had even heard of ACORN before this?

I’ve always been suspicious about why ACORN was even targeted in the first place. Who sent O’Keefe their way, anyway? Aren’t right-wingers always saying that non-profit groups like, well, ACORN should deal with the poor and disadvantaged? Not nasty old big gummint?

By the way, I meant to put this in my Good News Friday post, but last week it was announced that James O’Keefe will pay $100,000 to one of his ACORN victims, Juan Carlos Vera. O’Keefe’s accomplice, Hannah Giles, already paid Vera $50,000 last year.

I’m sure Foster Friess or PayPal cofounder/Facebook investor Peter Thiel, who gave $30,000 to make the ACORN videos in the first place, won’t mind chipping in. Because a community organization helping poor and disadvantaged people is just the most awful threat to democracy ever.


Anyway, go read the article. It’s an eye-opener.


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10 responses to “Vast Right-Wing Cesspool

  1. And batting for Herman Cain, Dr. Ben Carson at CPAC.
    “…the rich have always been philanthropic and that people are not going hungry on the streets — they’re always taken care of, he said”.

    P.S. R.I.P. Phoenix

  2. I’m sure Foster Friess or PayPal cofounder/Facebook investor Peter Thiel, who gave $30,000 to make the ACORN videos in the first place, won’t mind chipping in.

    …That’s a given. Money like that is pocket change, not even enough to be considered walking-around scratch for them.

    this shit just makes me sad.

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  4. deep

    Reading this part: ““I had always thought that — and I know this is horrible to say — I always thought these things happened to bad girls who went to bars and picked up guys they didn’t know,” says Naffe. “I knew James very well at that point, and I never would have thought that he would do that”

    REALLY!? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? You’ve seen that douchebag in action for YEARS before this and this came as a SURPRISE to you!? It’s like all of America being shocked *SHOCKED* that Seth MacFarlane said crude jokes during the Oscars. Really? Have you paid NO attention to his career up until now?

    • I know. It’s Rob Portman Syndrome all over again. “I never thought those sluts deserved any sympathy … until it happened to me!!!

      That’s why I said I found it strange that Naffe never questioned the douche’s constant targeting of black people. Also, how come no one EVER pointed out that ACORN was an organization serving the poor. Now, last I checked a key component of Right Wing philosophy is that non-profit groups should take care of the poor. But then they go after groups doing just that, and shut them down.

      Does. Not. Compute.

  5. Well, you know they don’t really care about the poor. After all, stupid decisions, or too many babies or being on drugs or just not being driven enough are the reasons people are poor. Why should anybody help them if they can’t help themselves?

    • deep

      It’s like high-school all over again. A bunch of adolescents who think they already understand the whole world and are already to pass judgment upon everyone. And yet Eric Cantor is 49 years old, Mitch McConnel is 71 and John Boener is 63.

    • deep

      oh, and relevant to this article… O’Keefe is 28 and Breitbart is dead.

  6. They like to pretend like they’re Pro-Life too, but that only lasts for nine months.

  7. democommie

    As has been said innumerable times:

    If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament.