George Zimmerman’s Brother Is A Racist Asshole


Heh. George Zimmerman’s Brother Not Really Helping.


George Zimmerman’s brother, on Twitter this afternoon:


Oh, I see what you did there. So the reason two Georgia teenagers allegedly committed this horrific crime is because they’re black? That’s the only reason?

And you wonder how a black kid carrying Skittles and ice tea would get shot for no reason in a Florida neighborhood.

By the way, Robert Zimmerman’s Twitter feed is a veritable cesspool.


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12 responses to “George Zimmerman’s Brother Is A Racist Asshole

  1. yutsano

    :: blinks ::

    I just…I just can’t. Fuck that motherfucker.

  2. I’m going to avoid the obvious Dylan joke here and just say that if one really wants to be wary of criminal demographics, one should avoid men.

  3. Aren’t things getting worse ? The great divide is now so stark and clear.

  4. democommie

    Racism seems to be a congenital condition in the family.

  5. SiubhanDuinne

    What kind of conversations took place around the Zimmerman dinner table between the kids and their father, a JUDGE?

  6. Well, you could look at this different ways. Most of the people who murder people in the United States are white men; so, open season on white men. Or you could say that, by far, the most common characteristic of people who murder are that they are males, so, open season on all men. Certainly those in the age cohort of the brothers Zimmerman.

    • deep

      Well, OF COURSE, the media does an exemplary job of reporting on crimes and making sure that both races are equally represented… not. Wasn’t there a study a few months ago by media matters showing how disproportionately the media reports Murders versus other crimes? I’m sure in some more racist demographics their reporting on certain minorities probably gets disproportionate attention too.

  7. democommie

    Being a judge (Hello, Alabama Chief Justice, Roy Moore) is no bar to whackadoodleishisness.

    • deep

      Ever read Bonfire of the Vanities? I remember the judge in that book hurled a big loogie at a van full of convicts.

  8. democommie

    I could be mistaken but I believe that the “Magistrate” positions are appointed and we all know that FL is not immune from political cronyism.