First Draft Tuesday

North Dakota’s Anti-Woman Dystopian Horror Show.


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2 responses to “First Draft Tuesday

  1. Mary Wilson

    Yes, and Amen…although I could not find the definition of “dystopian” in my Thesaurus, I know it means hypocritical, ignorant assholes. And if more women and their advocates for independent rights to choose would write similar articles, telling truths about the horrorible choices women are forced to make about delivering DAMAGED, disabled, non-viable fetuses, it would give all women and girls courage to keep standing up and defending their/our rights to decide what is BEST for us/them.
    I do appreciate this one, SB. Women are so clueless, so uneducated to the very REAL fact that, if faced with this horror show that they will have NO hope, if every State passes bills like this one…and the TN Legislator is littered with seats full of these same domineering, judges of women.