I know Christians like to think they’re better than everyone else, at least the ones around here do. But is there some evidence that they’re healthier than anyone else? If there is I sure haven’t seen it. But Kentucky is poised to pass a “Christians-only” healthcare plan that singles out Jesus people:

House Oks Christian health care plan for Ky.


The proposal would exempt the Medi-Share ministry from state insurance regulations. A Franklin County circuit judge ordered the ministry to shut down last year at the Kentucky Insurance Department’s request. The bill in its current form would require members to sign a notice acknowledging they’re aware they may not have their claims paid.

The plan resembles secular insurance in some ways but only allows participation by people who pledge to live Christian lives with no smoking, drinking, using drugs or having sex outside of marriage.

Whew boy. First of all, this just reeks of a scam to me. Hey, let’s give insurance companies another reason to deny people claims! You missed Bible study on Wednesday! No bypass surgery for YOU! And let me say, the idea that people who don’t drink or smoke or have sex outside of marriage or use drugs are living a “Christian lifestyle” is just hilarious. Why not have a health care plan for vegans and exempt them from state insurance regulations? Seems like there’s actual evidence that a vegan diet is healthier than the gravy-slathered deep-fried fat balls most good Southern Christian folk I know shove done their gullets on Sundays.

But look, the whole dang point of being a Christian is not that you’re somehow better than everyone else and living a perfect, sinless life so you get the earthly reward of cheap health insurance. That’s not what the freaking Bible is about, people! It’s about a relationship with God. It’s about things like forgiveness and community building and welcoming your neighbor and caring for the vulnerable.

It’s not about being perfect and if you stumble you don’t get your insurance claim paid, and we get to do the personal responsibility happy dance.

Cripes I’m so over Jesus people these days. This just screams exploitation and grift to me. The marriage of faith and commerce is absolutely antithetical to real Christianity. Any sucker signing up for this is asking to get ripped off.


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  1. Eykis

    Kentucky, just steps away from being Tennessee in asininity~

  2. there have been plans similar to this for a long time. they may differ from it in some legal or other way, but i used to hear about them a lot. it was cast as a pooling of resources to help fellow believers and get help yourself in need. i don’t remember exactly how it worked, because i wasn’t interested, but what you describe sounds similar.

    • Well at least the state of Kentucky is making participants sign a disclosure saying they’re aware they may not get their claims paid. Seems like they had a problem with this particular plan that forced a judge to rule against it in the first place.

  3. democommie

    On the plus side if they lose all their money because the medical claims are unpaid and they get sued, well that’s money that won’t be going to help elect KKKristards to the lege.

    I was just over at Jim Voorhees blog and he said something about moving. I asked him if he was coming back to Tennesippi. I swear, y’all are gettin’ more KKKrazzeepants mofos in your gummint, by the day.

  4. Ivan Ivanovich Renko

    This just screams exploitation and grift to me. The marriage of faith and commerce is absolutely antithetical to real Christianity. Any sucker signing up for this is asking to get ripped off.

    But isn’t that a huge part of the conservative movement these days– GRIFT? From Sarah Palin to Karl Rove to these silly bastards, they’re ALL out for the get-over.

  5. Blondaura

    There are actually lots of lefty Christians in the blue parts of Tennessee, so please make sure you don’t lump us in with the Right Wing Crazy part of the Christian family. When you go on a tear against Christians, it’s good not to alienate the ones on your side.

  6. Charles

    And lo, Jesus came upon a sick man lying beside the road and the man called out “Heal me Master!”. Jesus turned to the man and asked to see his insurance card and the man looked forlorn because he had no card being a beggar. Jesus turned to his disciples and said, this man should have been more prudent and taken personal responsibility for his condition but instead now lieth beside the road as a taker wanting a handout. And Jesus moved on down the road with his nose in the air because he was a Republican Jesus.

  7. Mnemosyne

    no smoking, drinking, using drugs or having sex outside of marriage

    It’s funny, but I could totally qualify for this insurance except for the fact that I’m not a Christian.

    Not that I would, but I’m still amused.

  8. kosh III

    “no smoking, drinking, using drugs or having sex outside of marriage”

    So if the Doctor prescribes a drug for the patient to use then they no longer qualify?
    What does the Doctor do? Fan incense at them and chant?

  9. Mary Wilson

    SB and all, I used to shun anyone who used Jesus to make money. These scammers follow the “Osteen theory” that the more wealth you have or gain, the better, and they all ignore ‘what the Good Book says about what Jesus demanded…give away all your riches, help the poor, the hungry, widows, orphans…and follow MY examples of love and compassion.
    I do agree with Blondura. Putting all folks who claim to be ‘christian’ is the same mistake made as judging ALL women for wanting equal rights, all gay teens assumed to be ‘sick’ and perverted, all homeless of being lazy drug addicts….etc.
    No matter what religion you choose, each contains a central Being who promotes LOVE.

    • One has to define “love” in that context. I’m thinking of that “Christian Mingle” dating service that claims on TV that using them is “letting God choose your mate” They’ve been plagued by date rapes. Now unless they’re talking about a different God, I don’t think rape is love or that god is arranging them.

      Isn’t it about time that people learned to discriminate between the deity and those who sell stuff in her name?

      • Around here (probably everywhere but we see it here a lot) there are a lot of grifters using the Christian label as some kind of endorsement. You see worker’s trucks and whatnot emblazoned with crosses. HIS NAME PLUMBING SERVICE, crap like that. As if a Christian plumber will be better than any other kind.

        I find that point of view so offensive. It’s so arrogant and exploitive. Where’s the fucking humility, people?

      • we got one of those around here – a blatantly Christian home-security installation service…

  10. democommie

    “a blatantly Christian home-security installation service…”

    Boy, does that ever speak to a lack of FAITH! If they BELIEVED, then GOD would just make sure that they were okay, wouldn’t HE?

    • if god wants the poor to take their stuff, why are they fighting the will of god. doesn’t “god is in control” mean that, if the house is robbed, god means the poor robbers to have the stuff?